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  1. It's because of the extra forces and weight on the left side when you ride with your left hand on your hip.... taken from the "gixder forums".... 🤪
  2. THIS ^^^^^ From my '93 decades ago to my '04 a few years back, neither ever needed any valve adjustments. So with the project 2000 I have, and to quote a former President.... "not gonna do it".
  3. Most dealerships hold that 10 year rule. As others suggested, find an independant shop and in reality, will probably get better service, rates and proper attention for the bike.
  4. Any update on these kicks after the cross country trek?
  5. Busy last few weeks, a bit at a time. Rear shock resprung with Hyperco spring. Linkage and related bearings lubed. Used rear fender / undertray fitted. ECU located to correct positon also. All 3 brake calipers cleaned, serviced and rebuilt. Front brake M/C cleaned and serviced. Today will be rear M/C clean and service and clutch M/C and slave cylinder.
  6. How is the routing of the vent and drain tubes from the furl cap from bottom of tank?
  7. Meatball, just have to put it all together and see. Weird thing though, for sure.
  8. Negative IMO.... I'll take cleaning a bank of carbs any day over the VFR's throttle body location and process. 🤪
  9. I'll agree with injector woes. Sounds like my "00 before I sent the injectors for cleaning service. IIRC, 1 was at like 30%, another at 5% and other 2 were 0%. Now it starts and runs as expected.
  10. Random thought, but am I the only one doubting that "only 1200 miles" claim by the seller ?
  11. Your money and buying preference, but I'd shop pricing and such with other places versus Revzilla. Quantum has an entire pump and filter kit for these bikes for like $100.
  12. I had heard that also and asked the folks at Quantum previously, as my 2000 has their fuel pump and filter in it. Quantum guy said all their fuel pumps have an internal check valve that would not allow fuel flow by to happen.
  13. Keep in mind many OEM's use the FH020 unit from the factory. My friend got one from ebay off an Artic Cat ATV for like $45. Visit the Roadster Cycle website and jack offers great info and even some videos.
  14. I'll surely sell it and the hacked stock rear fender that goes with it.. 🫤
  15. Saturday, the fuel pump parts finally arrived and got that installed and tank back on the bike. Removed the rear fender / undertail pieces that has the hidden compartment so I can replace with a used stocker. While that apart, removed the shock to swap the stock spring for the Hyperco spring I found at work. Not as bad of a job as I expected, but could be easier TBH. Rubber bump stop on the bottom s shot and crumbled away. Turning attention to the brake calipers, found the P/O ( or his shady shop ) had used red loctite on the caliper bolts and even the slide pins. Lotsa heat, 6 point socket and breaker bar to get the bolts loose. People !!! And what fluid that was in the lines and guessing in calipers, is red ? UGH.
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