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  1. I know the X14 & 15 and RF1200 & 1400 have removable chin strap covers. Also the HJC RHPA 11 and new 12 has. HJC RPHA 1N chin straps are NOT removeable, which is odd for their "top tier" racing helmet.
  2. May be, but again, depending on who the "they" you were speaking of.
  3. Curious as who is the "they" you speak of? Most all the helmet brands have the removable / washable chin strap covers.
  4. To my knowledge, 5th fits 5th, 6th to 6th, etc. I have a set left over from my 2000. Will sent you a PM
  5. Learning moment.... perhaps look at the part numbers, from the whatever brand you ordered, to see if they show fronts and rear are the same part number ? Or check with the old pads on the bike now, to see if they fit front to back?
  6. THIS ^^^^^ After 5 decades riding motorcycles, I still love to ride but I'm to the point if it's cold enuff for heated vests, gloves, sox or seats, I'll be on the car with the heater on. But will say when I left the house this morning, temp was 45f and the heated grips on the FJR was rather comfy motoring down the 77 and 485.
  7. The 2000 I bought earlier this year had sat for 2+ years and bought knowing the 50/50 chance of it being OK or some issue(s). not Once I did the services and necessary upgrades and got it running, that's when it's rattle issue revealed itself. While I would really like to figure it out and get it sorted, I'm just not at the point of liking it that much to take the time, energy and effort to drop the engine. Meaning behind all my blab is be ready to "live" with the traits and characteristics of the mighty VFR. These are truely special bikes with a following like no other motorbike.
  8. Yup, on that 2000 I'm wanting to sell, seems I took it all off and capped the front and rear ports in about 40 minutes.
  9. Obviously, that is their "yeah we don't wanna do it" price. They redid my front FJR1300 seat end of last year for like $185.
  10. It's because of the extra forces and weight on the left side when you ride with your left hand on your hip.... taken from the "gixder forums".... 🤪
  11. Any update on these kicks after the cross country trek?
  12. Busy last few weeks, a bit at a time. Rear shock resprung with Hyperco spring. Linkage and related bearings lubed. Used rear fender / undertray fitted. ECU located to correct positon also. All 3 brake calipers cleaned, serviced and rebuilt. Front brake M/C cleaned and serviced. Today will be rear M/C clean and service and clutch M/C and slave cylinder.
  13. I'll surely sell it and the hacked stock rear fender that goes with it.. 🫤
  14. Saturday, the fuel pump parts finally arrived and got that installed and tank back on the bike. Removed the rear fender / undertail pieces that has the hidden compartment so I can replace with a used stocker. While that apart, removed the shock to swap the stock spring for the Hyperco spring I found at work. Not as bad of a job as I expected, but could be easier TBH. Rubber bump stop on the bottom s shot and crumbled away. Turning attention to the brake calipers, found the P/O ( or his shady shop ) had used red loctite on the caliper bolts and even the slide pins. Lotsa heat, 6 point socket and breaker bar to get the bolts loose. People !!! And what fluid that was in the lines and guessing in calipers, is red ? UGH.
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