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  1. I believe the Micron can be opened up. If you look in the tail end you should be able to see a hex/allen screw an inch or so in on the left or right side. Its up to you but you may try to take some packing out or play around with the baffle, ie more holes or bigger holes. Or Get those WiLD Headers.
  2. I take my cage on my twisties runs and the weak point is not so much the speed (but it is. haha ) or tyre grip, for mine it is the brakes.. There is a loop of pure corners that's approx 40 klms and as I came to the end, which the last say 5-10k are down hill, a plume of brake smoke passed me by as I came to a stop. So for the twisties I'd say brakes, tyres, handling/suspension and then performance are the order for cages. Ymmv
  3. I just removed mine last wknd and installed block off plates and my set (50k+klms) definitely look like yours Carl. I had the PAIR disconnected for about 2 wks after the install of WiLD headers and also had about 10mls of water/condensation in the front 😯 Wow! those are clean Cogs, must be running sweeeet But that top right nut is filthy 😆
  4. Maybe ask a tyre place if you could have a 2nd hand one that's in half reasonable condition. You never know you might get lucky and they'll only charge fitting $
  5. With their unwillingness to help there shall be no NO reference to the dos hermanas 😆 . They will realise the W i L D Headers could have been their sales. 😈MWAHAHAHA
  6. Yep sounds weather related so NOP What are the rpms when the water temp is first displayed? should be close to idle level Probably not necessary, but I like to see the water temp displayed before taking off
  7. So I was thinking that these headers should be given a name, rather than some generic term and something that pays respect to the unobtainium makers. Wade industries, Lance and Darryl What do y'all think? W i L D VFR headers 🍻
  8. It's too bad the OP doesn't have a 6g, then you could have 1 in and 1 out and piss off and please someone at the same time 😆
  9. Just y'day I adjusted that "wire" bendy bracket that the knob hooks into. I don't know if it's supposed to be bent but mine was and it was impossible to get my fingers onto the adjuster as it was tucked in beside the fairing. Now that "wire" is straight and the knob is easily accessible and adjustable. Ymmv
  10. Nah, it didn't work mate. The little rubber nipple thingy on the stop that pushes thru a hole in the OE exhaust almost sheared off and has been separated now. I do have a solution for anyone who has the "complete" OE rubber stop and the OE 2 bolt strap clamp. You just need a little right angle bracket with a hole for a bolt of the strap clamp and a hole for the nipple of the rubber stop.
  11. ^2nd that I got a 2nd hander and painted it matt black and ended up with the orange peel look which actually blends in well with the seat texture and the plastic pillion handles
  12. I've never had my feelers down or my knee for that matter (& prob never will) on the vfr and am almost at the edge of the tire. The strips probably a 1/4" from the edge with some lite marks a little closer. So at what stage do you get touch down? Or the edge My bike is raised in the rear with 1/8" shim, hard side of suspension settings and standard tyre size and pressures YMMV
  13. Hi boOZZIE, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. Nope that didn't work. Smh Came back from a ride and it was about 1mm away from braking off. Zip tied to C stand 4 now
  15. Not to take anything away from Sebs mad skills, more so if I can find a cheap arse solution I'll try to... and I did. That's the original stop sandwiched between the jaws of the slightly modified ( ground the leading edge flat ) strap clamp
  16. Was the fuel pump the problem not starting or was it the kickstand off and in gear?
  17. I had to get 1 back into a fairing hole the other day. The metal bracket maybe easier. It is tricky and may take several attempts but what I did was squish it to get a section of the lip thru the hole. Hold that little section in place and slowly push and rotate the fat side of the nut to expose more of the lip thru the hole until it's in place. You may need to cus a couple of times as required😉
  18. Ok, so I've tried my Micron mufflers on but they be 1/2" short. It probably would have been alright if the Micron slip joint section wasn't slotted. So now to find a fabricator to do a wee little extension
  19. Is there any need to re-install the heat shield (moded) on rear set? No hot foot or brake line? o2 bung - there's a EFI shop near me and they stock em, maybe see if uv got a local shop
  20. Weeeelll, I've been going over the procedures and how toos - probably like the rest of us though - for a little bit now😉 so I thought I'd get into it. A couple of the harder install points were getting the o2 sensors out (tight) and clocking the flanges and getting the nuts started on the rears. Good luck with yours👍
  21. 😀Yep, getting that this afternoon , by the time I took pic it was getting a bit late to keep her running last night
  22. I couldn't help myself, I had to fire it up without the mufflers 😨
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