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  1. I figured there couldn't be too many other jstehman's with magna's out there!
  2. Man the green on that Kawi is gorgeous! 😲
  3. Uhhhhh.... I might be the only member! I found out after I bought the bike they didn't make yellow for the 6th gen. Apparently the PO repainted it. I checked the code under the seat and it was indeed supposed to be red. Now under normal circumstances, I'd probably be mad about this being a respray, but 20 or so years ago I saw a Yellow VFR in a Honda showroom and fell in LOVE with it. I didn't have the cash then and always pined for one. The one thing I was insistent on was that if I ever got one it HAD to be YELLOW. One day for S&G's I was browsing th
  4. I just realized that F150 is in every one of those pics. That truck brought bikes to my home in VA from VA, PA, MD and NY. Still have that truck and it's still running strong at 196,000 miles!😄
  5. Just curious to see what other bikes people are riding besides their VFR's. Aside from my Interceptor, I've got a Victory Vegas 8 Ball and a Vulcan 800 that is primarily the wife's, but I occasionally ride for a change. I had a Magna that was bobbed before that but reluctantly sold it a year or two ago. My little collection: 2002 VFR 2013 Victory Vegas: 1998 Vulcan 1996 Honda Magna (Gone)
  6. Okay last few things on this... I updated the last spreadsheet with the last changes called out. I'll replace the others so there isn't any confusion for anyone else who might find this information. Grum, maybe you can delete or replace the one in your post for posterity's sake. I donated! Everything is square now. All instrumentation and lights are working and the bike runs great! The numbering scheme I used in the spreadsheet was just a left to right rundown on the wiring diagram: Thank you again for your help! I'm su
  7. Hi revtmolo, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. Consider it done! I also shared this with my eight year old kid! THIS is what the internet was supposed to be for! Information sharing! Not all the craziness we see all over today!
  9. Grum, you are an absolute gem. Below are the results of my testing. (All wires tested both front and back of plug using ground at both battery and green wire) Power: Red/Green wire - 12.3v x2 brown blue wires - 11.6v (Key in ON position) Ohm testing grounds: Green - 0.0 - 0.2 Green/black - 15.6 I made a quick jumper and put it between the green and green/Black wires and the gauge cluster came back to life! So the green black wire appears to be the issue. Thank you so much for helping me to figure out the trouble here Grum! I can't imagin
  10. Updated version of the chart: Wire number Letter code Color Where does it go? 1 G Green Ground Wire 2 Lb Light Blue Right Turn Signal 3 O Orange Left Turn Signal 4 Bu/Bl Blue/Black High Beam Indicator 5 R/G Red/Green Fuse box Slot A - (Clock) 6 G/Bu Green/Blue Engine
  11. No, but I'm feeling a lot better than I did about it. If nothing else I'm headed in the right direction. For that I'm grateful.
  12. Awesome, thanks man. I'll update it in the AM. I'm hoping tomorrow will be Sunny so I have check this out. Weather has been terrible for the last week or so.
  13. No, at this point I was just working to identify what did what.b I assume I can just use Green as the ground for testing Red/Green and Brown/Blue wires?
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