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  1. In the 90 degree temps lately I notice when I get into heavy traffic the voltage readout is showing high 12's or low 13's when it's normally showing 14.4 or so volts. Once the bike is cool or the outside temps drop, the voltage reading goes back up. I didn't notice the starter seem to turn over just a little more slowly in this heat so I don't know if I should start thinking about a new rectifier or if it's in need of a fan to help get it cooler. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Would you consider selling one?
  3. Thanks, fellas. I'll get a closer look at the V and the coolant lines.
  4. I only went +1 in the back when I did the new chain and sprockets, not very noticeable (rpms are a little higher at highway speeds). Next time I'm going -1 in the front.
  5. My 2000 seems to run up to the high 220's (and gone low 230's) when it's 95 degrees outside and I'm in stop and go traffic. Hit the highway with traffic and it floats in the 190's when it's that hot out. When it's in the 80's or cooler it tends to run closer to 180-200 at speed and in traffic, respectively. I did a full system flush last year and added Red Line Water Wetter at the time, so I'm not sure if that really helps or not.
  6. Every time I get off my 2000 VFR, I get a good whiff of what smells like grass or leaves burning. Never any smoke. I've lifted the tank, checked the airbox, checked the battery compartment, and looked at the engine as best I can see but don't see anything. Bike runs great, so no issues there. Anyone else have this happen? Thoughts?
  7. Looks great - exactly what I was envinsioning. Hadn't thought of making a custom bracket/light. Thanks for the details and pics!
  8. Maybe my search skills stink, but I didn't find any posts about how to shorten the rear fender on my 5th gen. Looks like I could cut it carefully and move the light/plate up, but not sure. Any suggestions? I'm not looking to spend $150 on a fender eliminator, but I'd like to tighten it up a bit.
  9. Many thanks! I'll download the manual. I've found that the air temp reading has been accurate since I got the bike....until lately. Last night I know the temp was in the mid 60's but the air temp reading said 72 degrees. I thought I'd check it's location before I determined if I need a replacement.
  10. Where the heck is the sensor located on a 5th gen?
  11. I may need to test out a newer 600 or 1000. Then again, maybe I better not so I won't know what I'm missing!
  12. Just a question from someone who hasn't ridden a 600 or 1000cc sportbike. Are the pure sportbikes really that much faster overall than the VFR? From the specs I see, I would assume the VFR is about as fast 0-60 (if you're not counting tenths of seconds). But beyond that I'd assume that's where the pure sportbike would pull away from the VFR. Is that accurate?
  13. I have a centerstand but find that I only use it for washing the bike and doing chain maintenance. Rarely ever use it when I'm out someplace. If I had a separate stand in the shop I could see removing the centerstand without issue.
  14. Nice bike - I've got a yellow VFR as well. If you were so inclined, I'd be glad to make you an offer for that yellow rear seat cowl.
  15. Thanks - I did miss that. I'll give them a buzz.
  16. Gents - thanks for the international offers! The shipping looks ridiculously expensive, however. Must keep searching.....
  17. Anyone have a seat cowl in yellow for a 2k 5th gen they're willing to part with?
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