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  1. I noticed these past few seasons that the bike's exhaust fumes smell rich, a novelty as far as I can remember, I have owned this bike for 12 years.
  2. As part of my bike's midlife maintenance, I'd like to refresh its o2 sensors. Is it recommended to simply remove and clean, or replace altogether? If so, are there alternatives to costly OE units?
  3. I ended up postponing the installation of my new fast idle device, as the winter nears with ever colder mornings what I noticed is that the wax unit works as it should... when it is near freezing outside! I mean, it'll fire up and go straight to fast idle, where as mild fall season temps will produce a lazy start with fast idle creeping up over a 10-15 seconds. My theory is that a tired wax unit will not retract fully when cooling down in mild temps... bike is now in storage, will deal with this in the spring which won't come soon enough!
  4. Could a faulty air temp sensor or water temp sensor cause my lazy start issue in cold weather? I can get the motor to reach fast idle with a few cracks of the throttle, but something's definitely up... aside from that the engine idles nice and steady when hot and throttle modulation on/off is great, it really is a problem when cold. I know it's a minor annoyance, I just like my toys to work well...
  5. The spark plugs are new from last year, they were in bad shape and replacing them literally transformed the bike. Is there any benefit in first changing the coolant? It is on my to-do-list as I haven't changed it in years, perhaps it's worth doing that before messing with the wax unit. With regards to the core itself, is it a separate part from the whole assembly part number 16044-MCW-003? Thanks guys,
  6. The cooler temps are upon us and my bike now struggles to reach fast idle, it can take up to a minute to settle. Is that the telltale of a failing wax unit? Last year I removed the airbox to inspect my vacuum lines and found the rubber seal that's around the wax unit rod to be torn, though it operates its full range of motion. Provided a new unit is on the way, what's the procedure to adjust the nut on the rod? I see that this part was adjusted at the factory when assembling the bike and shouldn't be messed with, but what about a new part? Thanks,
  7. Bruckner


    Thanks! Just noticed your comment! Yes, the VFR looks great on the track! And sounds the best.. :)
  8. Bruckner

    Not mine

    I'd love to know what mods were done to the dashboard to make room for the CBR1000RR radial master cylinder.. Great looking exhaust! Regards, Bruckner
  9. Bruckner

    VFR 03

  10. Bruckner

    Fender eliminator

    Pictures for modification
  11. Bruckner


    beloved italian red 03
  12. Bruckner

    Chrome VFR

    Unknown owner
  13. Great stuff, I'll be putting this tool together this weekend. Is there a full writeup on the disassembly of airbox, or is the service manual good enough? Should the tank be taken off entierly? Regards, Bruckner
  14. For the members who understand Spanish, there is a discussion by Honda race engineers of the NSR500 and the Big Bang effect here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGSxjM6pfXE I wish the original English version was available.. fascinating stuff! Regards, Bruckner
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