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  1. Good thing these forks are getting rebuilt, the bushing looks worn. Plus the oil was a horrible colour, with metal shavings floating around.
  2. I ought to follow up on this. I had to enquire about it but after a query made to them, they are indeed discontinued and didn't have any in inventory. However, I have managed to source a fork cap, purchased from a company called PDQ Motorcycle Developments in the UK. The cap came off one of the staff member's VFR800, which he no longer needed as he had installed the forks and brakes from a VTR1000 Firestorm. Thank you for your help 🙂 N
  3. Hello there, I've been having a go at rebuilding the forks on my 2001 5th Gen. I've managed to be successful in dismantling the fork assembly, but the top cap on one of the forks was already rounded by someone else, and was also on ludicrously tight (I ended up having to go find someone with an air impact wrench to loosen it off, and even he struggled with it). Seeing that replacement fork caps are now discontinued at OE level, are there aftermarket options to replace these? All I know is that they are the standard 41mm Showa forks, so perhaps other bikes, not just exclusively Honda I imagine must have had surely the same one? Thanks in advance! N
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