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  1. The cush drive rubbers look ok; they are not longer attached together but gave the general area a good clean up and put them back in! Wandered what they affected! Much appreciated! Guilty as charged! I suspect a sponge and bucket may be a better option.. Learning more and more! This is an adventure.. one that may not need a hammer again 😝
  2. BusyLittleShop you legend. Got the bugger off. Put the nut on, gave it a belt and bing bang boosh! Lots and lots of corrosion.. the inside of the sprocket looking not so good nor the axle itself.. any tips to clean these bad boys? Also you nailed it on the head.. I use this bike year around and also washed it down a couple times with the hose Next part is to remove the caliper mounting plate.. also wont budge!! Wahoo
  3. Yes sir.. I have it done along with the manual.. I believe that it has corroded on as the full sprocket should slide off and the axle should slide out!
  4. Ok guys.. the chin adjuster seized so I decided to take I apart.. Took off the exhaust, broke the axle nut (with some great force and effort), removed the brake caliper and then I was stuck... The sprocket would not come off.. Using a piece of wood and a lump hammer (and a few days soak with penetrating wd40) and a few wacks eventually the sprocket came off.. wahoo! The unfortunate part is I am now stuck here.. I got a bigger wood and a bigger hammer and have given the axle a few more belts but nothing.. not a budge. Iam stumped.. any suggestions?
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