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  1. artpongs

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    Put me on the list for 5th gen. Was it Bill from Hawk GT forums taking this on? I need to catch up on all the forums been busy. Art
  2. artpongs

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    What rear hugger is that? Also, what is the full rear conversion consist of?
  3. artpongs

    Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    I still use my original gen 1 Gopro Hero HD
  4. artpongs

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Can then outlet just be the stock size please? That way I can run my Micron or Staintune as was designed. Art
  5. artpongs

    5th Gen Solo Racks - CLEAR OUT

    I need a solo rack but he stopped replying to my pm. Art
  6. artpongs


    random shots
  7. artpongs

    Machined fender bracket

    That is correct, back when I acquired the VFR and went ahead and did the delink. I may need another pair of the special washers. Also, the brackets I have, they take the space of the reflector that is removed correct? Art
  8. artpongs

    Machined fender bracket

    Hummm... I have a set from 4/13 what version were those? Any difference in mounting? How much, with another pair of the stepped washer? Upon further inspection, I need another set as the fender installed on my Hawk requires these too, they were installed with regular hardware from prior mechanic. Art
  9. artpongs

    Machined fender bracket

    Differences? Lighter? Art
  10. artpongs

    5th Gen Solo Racks - CLEAR OUT

    @wera803 what is the wire I see going up on your rack? Art
  11. artpongs

    Ducati supersport

    The Ducati apparently has an adjustable screen.
  12. artpongs

    Power Commander 2

    Burns I can sell you a really old laptop with a serial port for $20. You would need to find your own copy of windows for it though.
  13. artpongs

    Power Commander 2

    Well from what I understand, you just acquired the bike from the PO right? Everything set up on it as you received it? Unless he did a hack job, it should have the correct map, or fairly close one for it. How does it run? I understand wanting to know what is actually on the unit and moving on from there. Have you tried emailing dynojet to see what your options are for legacy product?
  14. artpongs

    Power Commander 2

    Get it professionally dyne tuned and you have your own custom map for you setup. Worth it. My mods are piper cross filter, micron slip on, and pc3. DMR suspension and brake delink. Art Art VFR800 Dyno.pdf
  15. artpongs

    Power Commander 2

    Are you making any changes to it? Should already be mapped by previous owner right? Otherwise I think you could pick up the PC3. Or get it tuned but not sure if dyno centers use the 2 or if they are compatible with all software. Art

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