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  1. Hi landlover, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. landlover

    Norway tour

    Ear to ear smile!
  3. landlover


    Wow, thats what I am talking about!!!!!! The best weather to ride and scenery! Good for you, hope you enjoyed the heck out of it!!!!!
  4. Oil is the blood of a motor but for the life of me I can't read that much about motor oil, which does a better job of lubricating and when to change it, all I want to know. Probably why when I do research something about oil and keep seeing the same thing, winner winner chicken dinner!!
  5. landlover

    Temp readout

    Yeah, don't see anything on how to change the air and coolant temp either. Read the section and it just says, USA Fahrenheit and Canada Centigrade.
  6. That bike looks like it just came from the showroom floor!!
  7. Nice, always liked that generation, no nonsense, speaks loud and clear.
  8. Stay safe, so you can come home and enjoy and thank you.

  9. landlover

    My VFR

    2007 RWB VFR ABS
  10. Sounds like a great product, but have to ask you one question. When they design these bikes they know around how much power is going to the rear wheel and they put components that can handle that much power and a little more. With this supercharger the bike is going from around one hundred horse power to one hundred fifty horse power, that is a huge increase. Am by no means an expert but from what I have seen all the RR sport bikes do not have a single side swing arm and even in some brochures they mention dual swing arms are needed to handle the horse power. Sounds like a great product but these question should be asked, especially on a vehicle with only two wheels.
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