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  1. Hi TT, This is very helpful, thanks! It makes sense in terms of the clear vs. black plastic. I do not care to much about the loss of the actual adjuster, and happy to hear that the function should still be obtained.
  2. I am seeking some expertise on my issue with the rear shock adjustment knob of my 2008 VFR 800. At one point it seems as though I did not tighten the outer screw, leading to the whole adjustment knob falling off, leaving only the metal rod and hexagon bolt left to be exposed. I managed to buy the knob (see overview here: https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2008/vfr800a-a-interceptor-abs/rear-shock-absorber-abs - no part number on the knob itself). Now, the tricky part is that I am not able to get the know onto the steel part of the adjuster it simply seems to be missing abo
  3. Hi there, First of al thanks for a fantastic forum with tonnes of great information! I was lubing my chain today and noticed that when turning the rear wheel on centre stand, from time to time there is some resistance. At the same time there is a squeeking sound, as can be heard in the attached video. Strange thing is, it is not happing on one wheel turn, nor one chain turn. I think the video gives a good idea about the issue as it is. If anyone could guide me towards what this could be, this would be highly appreciated. Regarding the shitty chain; yes it will be c
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