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  1. Hi GP Paul, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. This more and more looks like sumpthin I'd better not miss! I won't know 'til we get nearer the date... Who's designing t-shirts? (My apologies if I missed it somewhere in the 15 pages.)
  3. ^What he said. Best/fastest/twistiest riding I ever did on 2001 VFR was on Road 2s - DH #1 and more. *And best mileage, too. I now use them on CBR. (Disclaimer: I am not now nor ever have been an extraordinary rider. I have chicken strips and always wear out the middle before the sides, but got down to 1/8" chicken strips on R2s.)
  4. Response to question about brake pedal - I adjusted as far as it would go, which is OK at best. The real thing to get used to is that the footpad is 1+ inches wider, so I have to kinda reach in for the pedal. I find that I tend to rest my instep on the upper portion of the peg just before brake use. Not helpful in a panic, I guess, but fine if I'm prepared; it's become habit now.
  5. Supplier page shows VFR options, too. Link to supplier: http://www.whaccessories.com/FootPegLoweringKit.htm $190 US, and took 3 months to arrive from Germany through the US supplier. They are well made, and the close-up picture shows they are adjustable for angle because of the interlocking feature of the pieces. The footpad angle is adjustable, too. The drawback is that they place the foot outboard by an inch which takes some getting used to. Also, the first set sent to me were incorrect (not enough space to install the stock springs), and it took an additional bunch of emails and 3 mo
  6. GP Paul

    My present ride - '08CBR1000RR

    Showroom stock to... I'll add pix as changes are made.
  7. GP Paul


    I've never seen a bike lean so hard in a corner! And without a rider! And on an indoor track! Simply astounding! Just kidding - hope she'll be OK with a little TLC.
  8. Hello mate - just cx'd the pics in your gallery of your old 5th gen - looked great! Where did it go?

    1. GP Paul

      GP Paul

      Hey I just found this!

      QuickSilver went to the great "cut off by idiot pickup-truck driver" junk yard in the sky. Sigh...

      Back in '08 a driver turned left in front of me and left no room to react.

  9. GP Paul

    Nelson, BC

    Aaahh, Nelson... Good times.
  10. Hey - you found sumpthin' with a sharper nose!
  11. Healtech (Speedohealer) makes one. Their website says that since it gets info directly from ECU that it's faster than others. www.healtech-electronics.com
  12. GP Paul


    My beauty 2001 that was totalled off in '08. (Pickup turned left in front of me.)
  13. GP Paul


    For clear lenses, check whitelights on ebay. I think there might be a whitelights.com. I had the full set- $300 about. Loved 'em, they were made to replace factory 5gen.
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