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  1. Bikermike1

    battery or stator or both?

    How does the volt meter work, what do you look for as a warning?
  2. Bikermike1

    battery or stator or both?

    That’s a good price compared to OEM, the best OEM I can find is £260 from America on eBay. Anybody got any long term experience of electrexworld stator?
  3. Bikermike1

    battery or stator or both?

    Anth85 what stator and R/R did you buy OEM or after market? I also need both, i’ve seen after market for sale on Wemoto but not sure how good they are.
  4. Bikermike1

    VTEC 800 Engine whoose noise and stalls

    Hi Stathis I’m probably the other poster from another forum you are talking about. The problem you describe is exactly what was happening to me and a solution wasn’t posted because I never found one. The problem stopped as suddenly as it started, I’ve done over a 1000 miles since the last event and everything has been good. In the end I put it down to dirt or crap getting into the system.

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