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  1. Trouble with that is the bike would be out of action while the caliper were rebuilt. The bike is my way of getting to and from work 5 days a week. I had planned on putting this new set on that I bought and then refurbing my current ones which could then go back on. I might still do that but I'd have to buy another set the same as mine and sell these later ones.
  2. the ones @Lorne posted in the first 4 pictures is the ones I have. This is the photo from the listing the different is the right hand caliper has no off shot bit on the mount for the ABS sensor the in the one posted. The right hand one on mine is like this (image stole from another ebay listing), as you can see the the gold one the ports are in line, whereas the newer one the bottom one is angled away. It this angle that my brake line does not have the length to accommodate.
  3. so, it turns out they are different. Very different. The ones I bought whilst being advertised as from a 2010 bike and my understanding being post 2006 ever bike had ABS, this one has a different mounting bracket, with no space for an ABS sensor, and I couldn't switch the bracket round because the sliders where in slightly different places. So that was the right one. The left one is mostly the same, apart from the caliper is slightly different, which mean the bottom rear brake connector pipe would not go, it was slightly too short for the different angle the new one sits at. So old calipers back on, with the pistons cleaned up as best I could 😐
  4. very helpful thanks. I was reading ABS came as standard from 2006 onwards so while black the ones I've ordered will have been on an abs equipped bike. But that shouldn't matter anyway from what people are saying above. They arrive today, I just need to source a bleed kit before tonight when I can get them swapped.
  5. the pair ive ordered are black, the ones ive got are/were gold, will this matter or will i lose the ABS?
  6. I found some off a 2010 model, they will do nicely.
  7. Are the front calipers on the 5th and 6th gen bikes identical? Some of the pistons on mine are looking a bit worse for wear and one is definitely sticking a bit. I figured the best way to do it is to buy a replacement half decent pair since they aren't that expensive on ebay and I can look at refurbishing mine properly so I have a like new pair to go back on. But there are some well priced already refurbished items for the 5th gen for sale on there like this ebay link is that compatible with my 2003 vtec?
  8. ah yea, it has been down on that side last year when i was just getting used to it as my first bike. That has probably bent it and it's eventually gone. Replacement will hopefully arrive today.
  9. I'm kind of in the same boat, I'd like to replace the lot, partly for the weight reduction, partly to clean it up since the original doesn't look as good, but I don't want it to be much if any louder than stock.
  10. has anyone ever had one of these snap? This is the part I'm talking about. I noticed my footpeg was loose on my way to work. When I got there I found it was only being held on by the rear brake valve. I've just finished pulling it apart and bodging it back together to get me home. Proper replacement is on order.
  11. Getting Michelin Road 5s fitted rather than the Bridgestone, been reading that they are very good. The indicator was a corroded connection inside the switchgear, that has been resolved. Just waiting on the call to say I can go and pick her up.
  12. just had the call, rear tyre is advisory there is enough on it to pass but probably should be changed soon, the front tyre is dead. Im quite shocked at to be honest I thought it looked like there were loads of life left it in. Nevermind if I was changing the rear (which I would from an advisory) then I'd do them as a pair anyway. The indicator is probably the switchgear, they are going to look at it this afternoon. Their tyre supplier is shut today so they'll get a price for the same Bridgestone battlax bt023 that are already on tomorrow.
  13. to be 100% honest, I didn't think the 03 had hazards... all bulbs work normally, there is just this weird delay after the first flash on the left indicator.
  14. Just dropped her off for an MOT. First time I've had a bike tested, I know there is something weird with the left indicator, you flick the switch, it flashes once, then does nothing for 5 seconds before starting to flash normally. But when waiting outside another customer said the rear tyre was square. It looks fine to me but as it's my first bike I am now not sure and I'm now expecting a bill 😖
  15. Is it not a better solution to get it remapped to smooth out the transition?
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