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  1. anth85

    Would this MPG worry anyone here?

    Nice thanks. I thought it would be about half that.
  2. anth85

    Would this MPG worry anyone here?

    I'm sure this has been asked loads, so rather than start a new thread I'm putting it in here. My VFR needs its first fill up in my ownership. Fuel light has just started flashing. how many miles does it have left before I am stranded? Nearest fuel station from work is 6 miles so I expect I'll be ok for that.
  3. anth85

    brake lights failed

    it was both stuck on due to that rear brake switch. They both work as expected now. I will keep an eye on it though.
  4. anth85

    brake lights failed

    sorted, rear brake switch was stuck on.
  5. ive had my vfr 2 days and the rear brake lights dont work. It's my first bike and I got a bit caught up in buying it that I didn't notice/check. Ive removed the two bulbs and both have dual filiments. Both are fine for normal running buy nothing for the brakes and the filliments look fine, i can reverse them round and they still only work on the headlights. The indicators work fine too. I can hear the switch on the front brake but nothing on the rear. Where should I be looking for diagnostics? I've looked after/fixed/serviced plenty of cars but this is my first bike. edit; just removed the brake leaver and shorted the swith wires out didnt help

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