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  1. it looks good but I'm paranoid about spacers. Especially none hubcentric ones.
  2. well after either the previous owner (most likely), or the garage i bought the bike from turned the scott oiler upto full, I've had to strip it down and give it a good clean. New chain, front and back sprockets fitted at the same time. I've never had to deal with such much oily gunk in my life. Imagine taking a 2 finger scoop of copper slip out of a tub, well turn that black and scoop it out of the housing round the front sprocket. That's what I've had to deal with. Time for a shower or three. Looks a lot better now, not 100% but I ran out of rags. Question though, do you oil a new chain straight away or leave what it comes covered in for a few miles? Didn't have a chance to diagnose the knock, fuel tank is near full so a bit heavy to lift. I'll probably have time to do that tomorrow after I've done another commute and burnt a few litres. edit, shit, I've clearly had an inch downstairs, now little anth has a black oily mark, back in the shower I go. 😅
  3. anth85

    knock on rev

    I'll have a nosey tonight.
  4. anth85

    knock on rev

    I haven't unplugged the solenoid. I thought that was in relation to the PAIR system which I haven't touched.
  5. anth85

    knock on rev

    just to bring this back up, the noise is still there, slightly more muffled than before but definitely not resolved by putting the snorkel back in
  6. changed the oil filter over from the k&n went for oem honda and reused the oil since it's barely been used. Also changed all the brake pads to EBC Double H. Next on my list is a new chain and sprockets but that'll be next months wages.
  7. Ah balls. More oil to buy again then ☹️
  8. First oil and filter change done. Very little service history for the last 6 or 7 years so put some Motul 300V in with a k&n filter. The filter was only £2 more than standard but it was worth it just for the socket end for easy fitting and removal. First time is had the fairing off and those push pins were a nightmare! Also the bolts at the bottom front were wreaked. I’ve had to cut them out and cable tie it back together until I can sort something more permanent. Rear brake switch keep sticking on so I’ve greased it up and slackened off the spring, probably going to order a replacement though.
  9. anth85

    knock on rev

    Snorkel back in. I *think* it's solved it. It's certainly less pronounced but I'm not sure if it is fixed or if it is muffling it.
  10. anth85

    knock on rev

    well since the england match ran out quite late I didn't have time to do the snorkel. It'll be getting done tonight instead.
  11. anth85

    knock on rev

    haha it's fine. I sent sporkbikeshop an email to see which I needed and they said 3 pairs of the same which I was surprised at too. Going to watch the England match then go and fit the snorkel.
  12. anth85

    knock on rev

    thanks, final question I promise. Do all three calipers use the same pads?
  13. anth85

    knock on rev

    thanks, can you advise on which brake pads I should be looking at, last MOT had them as an advisory so I would like to get them changed this weekend? Are they the same for the 5th and 6th gens? I presume they are the same for the ABS and none ABS models? This one has abs.
  14. anth85

    knock on rev

    I'm not sure. It's my first bike and I am still learning what is normal and what is not. Snorkel will go back in tonight and I'll probably be able to tell on my commute into work tomorrow.
  15. anth85

    knock on rev

    Thanks @Grum I did remove the snorkel at the same time as the flapper. I’ll try refitting and see what happens.

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