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  1. Removing Heat Shield Near Right Footpeg - Need Help

    It's a royal pain to remove. I took mine out without removing the rearset, and had to squeeze and scream at it to get it back in. If i ever have to do it again, i'll be removing the damn rearset...
  2. I guess it doesn't like the cold...

    £200! Bloody hell, that's expensive for a battery! I think i'll stick to Varta at trade prices (hooray for working in a motorbike shop...), even if i have to change it once a year due to the cold. I'd consider it if i was keeping the bike for at least several more years, but i plan to sell it mid next year for something (a lot) bigger (2014 Suzuki M1800R BOSS) But i'll totally consider a Shorai battery for that bike.
  3. Michelin Road 5

    Now over 100 miles on to my 5s and VERY happy with them. Not once have i felt less than totally confident in the tyres. Great feel, too. To me they feel SO MUCH better than the 4s ever did.
  4. I guess it doesn't like the cold...

    I shall take the advice. I've never lubed the cables, so that's needed! I regularly lube the ignition and other bits. I had suspected the battery, too. Guess it's time for another one. The bike is usually all good unless the temp drops to below -5, only then do i have problems. Be great if i had either a garage or even the luxury of a heated storage area! Can't do anything about the lower octane of fuel, 95 or higher is all i can get. Oil: I'm reluctant to change it for two reasons: 1. Oil & filter done in the last thousand miles 2. I can get 10-40 at work, but not anything 'special' like that. (Special being anything we don't sock in large amounts), so it'd cost me.
  5. We're having some unusually cold weather here in the UK, i know, i know... other places are colder :P Fun things my 5th gen has been doing these last few days: * Almost not starting due to the cold killing my battery * Throttle freezing in place (that's a first for me!) * Indicators barely working * Very low idle on start * Awful throttle response until warm It's so cold that the clear plastic solar charging window on my bike cover has become so brittle it's cracked open in several places. Winter wasn't this cold! I've now given up. Have arranged for a lift in to work tomorrow. I've ridden through a few winters, and i'm a year-round rider except when there's ice on the roads, but it's rare that it gets this cold. 'Feels like' temps are down to -12c / 10.4f and i can agree that it DOES feel like -12c! At least it *should* be over by mid next week.
  6. Welcome, and great to see you're taking good care of it! (minus the drops :P ) Don't see many blue ones. Stud removal: Honestly, i'd say just take it to a bike shop you trust. They've done that sort of thing a fair few times, have all the tools, and are liable if they do any damage in the process. If you get it wrong, well.. you're in for an expensive time. Brake callipers: I notice in the pics above this post you've had the calipers apart to renovate. Where the caliper mounting bracket joins the caliper via the two pins, you've used copper grease where you should be using rubber grease. Not a major problem, just resolve it next time you're working in the area for maybe a pre/post winter clean, or a pad change. Caliper pistons: Maybe the pic doesn't show it (or was before you did it), but the pistons are seriously lacking in copper grease. This is much more urgent. If you haven't done that, do so ASAP.
  7. Very poor rear brake

    Things to check/do: 1. Did you pull the pads out of the rear brake and check/clean the general area? Are there any seals protruding around the pistons? 2. Did you use all new crush washers when installing the new line/s to the rear? 3. Have you checked the condition of the rear hydraulic actuator? (cracks, leaks etc...) 4. Have you made sure that the rear pads are properly cleaned and that no grease or brake fluid has contaminated them? (if they were contaminated any more than 'very slightly' you'll want to just replace them). 5. With the rear pads out; Have you confirmed that the pistons move in and out properly and fully, with even motion? 6. Have you checked the condition of the hose linking the res to the actuator? It could be old and just bulging when you hit the brake, thus not transferring pressure fully.
  8. Michelin Road 5

    I've now had my Road 5s a week/30 miles. So far they feel pretty good. Better than the 4s, and don't feel like they need much scrubbing-in at all.
  9. Moving on

    I KNOW i'll miss my VFR after i sell it next year and replace it with an M1800R.
  10. different question on windscreen

    +1 to screens being a personal preference. You'll hear people praise and hate the same screens across all heights and use-cases. I thought i'd love the MRA touring screen i bought, but i hated it. Went back to the no-name short double-bubble i had before which is much better for me.
  11. Michelin Road 5

    I have a pair of Road 5s sitting at work waiting to be fitted during the post-winter clean next week. I ride in everything but settled snow, so i'll report back on wet/cold grip and how it performs with little warm-up (my commute is 10-15 mins/4-5 miles each way) I know this already: They look cooler than Road 4/3/2 tyres.
  12. Far as i know you're either spending real money on a proper solution, or wiring-in resistors, and replacing relays.
  13. Done / To-Do / Addons - Suggestions?

    Well, mine have been perfectly fine for the last couple years. They get inspected about 2 or 3 times a year at least. No signs of warping, cracking or any other issues. I ride the bike daily, all year.
  14. Parts fell off - where do they come from?

    THIS is what owners forums are good at! > Here is a handful of miscellaneous fastenings >> Oh? This is where they're from, and how to fix it.
  15. Hello & Intro

    I second that.

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