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  1. Just to follow up. I have bled all brakes as per manual. There is something seriously wrong with one part of the system. On one bleeder connected from middle rear piston to rear brake there is no pressure going from lever to brake piston. I will dig into it and share the results.
  2. That is definitely going to happen, VFRness is in, meter is next. FYI: Tourmax are Japanese made spares. I have used their steering head bearings and fork seal kits and I like them. Hopefully the quality of Rec/Reg will match. Thanks for help.
  3. Here are the promised numbers Battery :12,91V (new) Idle: 14.36V Slow idle with lights: 13.2-13.3V (12.8V at 80° engine temp... All other readings same at 80°C engine temp) 3.5k revs without lights: 14,43V 3k revs with lights :14.38V battery after test: 12.99V reg unit is Tourmax
  4. Hi VFRD, I have a question regarding the linked brakes (no, I will not de-link). I have ridden the VFR after winter pause and I noticed something. If I apply the front brake first, than the rear brake and let go of the front... The rear brake lever falls down by a few centimeters as if there was not enough brake fluid. Normally I would not ask but I don't remember this happening before winter and the bike just had a fluid change. It is either a bad fluid change or my bad memory. The latter being slightly more possible. So can you please go out and try this on your 5th gen? PS: My thoughts are that this should happen because of how the secondary brake cylinder works but I need it confirmed.... You know... I sort of don't want to crash...
  5. Thank you, I completely forgot about "the Drill" article. Did the drill, it pointed towards Rec/Reg. I have consulted this with my mechanic who seconded the thought. I have just installed the new one and will measure the current after the VFR cools down again. However I think the problem is solved.
  6. Hi guys, My VFR has been perfect so far but today it left me stranded for the first time. Situation: I have the VFRness installed. 13.4V at idle is my charging current. I have done about 150kms after winter break. (trouble free). Today I washed the VFR and some symptoms appeared. 1) When I turned the blinker on speedo and tach died for a second (dead while the bulb of blinker was on for the first time) 2) Speedo and tach dead when I turned the blinker on every time the bulb turned on. 3) Speedo and tach dead every time I pressed brakes. - I stopped at the side of the road. VFR refused to start again. Pump primed but starter didn't move after the button press. After I pressed the starter button pump primed again as if I turned the ignition on and off. 4) My friend came to rescue me with a new battery. (12V-12Ah insted of 12V-10ah) bike started right away and finished the 12 km journey home without issues (lights were off). When I came home I tried blinkers again, no issues. New battery had 12,4 V (engine off), 13,1V at 1500 rpm The old battery had 11.6V and is now charging. My questions are: Why? What happened? Is there an issue with Reg/Rec? (it is charging now so how can that be?) Could it be water from the washing? Thanks!
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    Very, very good looking bike.
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