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  1. I have large hands. Not a huge, but not a small person either (6'1"). I reach in, and replace by feel...dont remove anything to get access. Matt
  2. Looks like a trackday bike to me! Sweet buy! Just a little jealous.
  3. Hi zupatun, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. No Frankenfork for me. I used 6th gen triples, F4i forks, fender and calipers with my 5th gen wheel. Matt in Haymarket.
  5. F4 and F4i forks are not the same. F4i forks total length are shorter than VFR forks. Also, the brakes from your VFR and fender wont work either. The F4 ('99-'00) forks are indeed 795 mm in length to the VFR's 800 mm (funny that). The F4i forks are 785 mm. The end result is that the fork tubes sit about 10 mm below the handlebar top edge, but more than enough for the bolt to clamp, the handlebar-to-fork mount being 33 mm in height. VFRworld threads are where I started my research: https://vfrworld.com/threads/vf4ir-the-project-begins.20085/ And https://vfrwor
  6. most excellent. Can't wait! Matt in Haymarket
  7. If I was just doing trackdays I'd just buy someone's twins race/trackday SV650. Handles similarly. I've added a Nitron rear twin clicker, Matris cartridges up front, aftermarket rearsets and woodcraft type handle bars. With the lower bars it sits very similar to my 2000 VFR. Torque is abundant for a small motor...and the light weight doesn't hurt. It is so much less ponderous than the VFR at slow speeds...It is my around town bike...love hearing up and heading out. Matt
  8. I've gone the other way. My run-around bike, and trackday bike is a Yamaha XSR700. it's small...reminds me of a Standard version of my old SV650 in my profile pic...but looks cooler IMO. I have a trackday setup for the bike too...much better than the VFR...over 100lb lighter..made my own CF fairing...needs tweaked.
  9. Excellent...I think it goes to figure that the aluminum carriers are easily tweaked...putting the steel rotor out of true...not necessarily an easy fix...but easier on the wallet to fix.
  10. Looks like you'd need to do a de-link to the 2000, and use the CBR wheel as well (whole front end). Wondering what the Gemoetry looks like compared to 5th Gen Stock? https://www.motorera.com/honda/h0800/intercep.htm CHASSIS / SUSPENSION / BRAKES Suspension: Front: 41mm HMAS cartridge fork with stepless spring preload adjustability; 4.7 inches travel Rear: Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm with Pro-Link-mounted, HMAS gas-charged shock with 7-position spring preload and stepless rebound damping adjustability; 4.7 inches travel Brakes: Front: Dual 296mm
  11. My 2000 has 97K miles...I'm 245lbs, ride with full bags and get 40-42mpg in touring mode.. On gas in the twisties 32-36mpg.
  12. 1% HF and 12% HNO3 by weight could be painted on the welds...dipping the whole thing may not be necessary...
  13. Dave Thompson standing tall!
  14. I fitted a chain oiler almost excactly like this dude, but I bought a cheap Chinese brake fluid resevoir for $14 (made very well IMO), some fuel line, a primer bulb for a two-stroke chain saw and it now oils my chain from the underside poking through my chain slider 8-10" before it hits the countershaft sproket instead of the rear sproket. Less fling and simple as pie. This video explains it. The bulb sits near my right thumb...NOT MY VIDEO...
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