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  1. Anyone know what color code and name of this orange?
  2. The bike, originally, was intermittently not starting. Then, after one instance, the bike shut down mid corner (same day). 1. I checked starter solenoid, fuel cut solenoid, per the manual with my DM--apply 12V across two contacts--get beep across the others with my DMM (set in diode check)manual says I should see continuity and I do. 2. fuses (FI, bank angle, lights, fan, main et al). 3. Fuel tank/fuel pump plug had voltage to it and stopped when fuel cut switch fires. 4. No spark at spark plugs but I have 12VDC at all the coils. 5. Turn on bike, NO fuel pump cycling, neutral light and FI light on. after a few seconds Fuel cut relay starts clicking twice a second or so, hit starter , no joy. 6. IF I unplug the Fuel pump, neutral light on, FI light lights for a few sec and turns off (hear fuel cut relay click), hit starter, no joy. 7. checked bank angle sensor (checks OK). 8. Friend sent me a fuel pump assy...put it in and No joy, same as usual. Friend, Mapmaster, says to check all my ground leads (starting with Fuel Pump and cycling with Fuel cut soleniod, Engine stop solenoid and bank angle sensor for intermittent ground or high resistance (higher than an ohm or two). 9. I decide to pull the solenoids and re-check the grounds (look good low ohms) and decide to re-test them with power to the solenoids (not just the grounds). put 12V across a spare solenoid and closed contact resistance is 0.6ohm. Pull Fuel Cut Relay, apply 12V to fuel cut relay solenoid and measure contacts 0.5ohm. Pull Engine Stop Relay, apply 12V to relay, measure across contacts -- 10 ohms! it's ONLY 10 ohms...a pittance of resistance in the ignition/run circuit... 10. Swap out known good relay (0.5ohm) for suspect Engine Stop relay...turn on ignition, neutral light, fuel pump cycles, shuts off, hit starter, bike starts! 11. THROW BAD RELAY in TRASH. Shut bike off, start again! The manual does NOT say to measure the ohms of the relay--JUST look for "continuity"...so thanks MapMaster for asking me to look at ground for high resistance...or I wouldn't have thought of looking at the resistance of the close poles on the relays!
  3. Getting power to the fuel pump. All relays check good. No voltage at pump connector with kill switch... Will put some power to the pump next...I drained the tank and took the fuel pump out. Buddy has a spare, so I will swap them and check. Thanks. Matt
  4. Checked codes even no FI came on. Started yesterday...started intermittent...try 2 times, shut off, fired up the third. Rode it a mile or two, came home shut off, restarted, shut off, no joy. Let it sit, no joy, turned off, started up. Rode it another mile...quit in a turn one mile from driveway. Pulled over, no joy, let sit 5 min...starts up. Ride home, park, now it won't start at all...tried 5 times charged battery, tried again, no joy. Turn on bike and I hear the fuel cut relay (under right rear cowl) clicking on and off... (THIS JUST IN!!!) Fuel pump is not cycling! Matt Rot
  5. Looks like a trackday bike to me! Sweet buy! Just a little jealous.
  6. Hi zupatun, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Excellent...I think it goes to figure that the aluminum carriers are easily tweaked...putting the steel rotor out of true...not necessarily an easy fix...but easier on the wallet to fix.
  8. Looks like you'd need to do a de-link to the 2000, and use the CBR wheel as well (whole front end). Wondering what the Gemoetry looks like compared to 5th Gen Stock? https://www.motorera.com/honda/h0800/intercep.htm CHASSIS / SUSPENSION / BRAKES Suspension: Front: 41mm HMAS cartridge fork with stepless spring preload adjustability; 4.7 inches travel Rear: Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm with Pro-Link-mounted, HMAS gas-charged shock with 7-position spring preload and stepless rebound damping adjustability; 4.7 inches travel Brakes: Front: Dual 296mm disc with LBS three-piston calipers Rear: 256mm disc with LBS three-piston caliper Tires: Front: 120/70ZR-17 radial Rear: 180/55ZR-I7 radial DIMENSION Wheelbase: 56.7 inches Rake: (Caster Angle) 25.3' Trail: 95.0 mm (3.74 inches) Rake: (Caster Angle) 25.3' Trail: 95.0 mm (3.74 inches)
  9. My 2000 has 97K miles...I'm 245lbs, ride with full bags and get 40-42mpg in touring mode.. On gas in the twisties 32-36mpg.
  10. 1% HF and 12% HNO3 by weight could be painted on the welds...dipping the whole thing may not be necessary...
  11. Dave Thompson standing tall!
  12. I fitted a chain oiler almost excactly like this dude, but I bought a cheap Chinese brake fluid resevoir for $14 (made very well IMO), some fuel line, a primer bulb for a two-stroke chain saw and it now oils my chain from the underside poking through my chain slider 8-10" before it hits the countershaft sproket instead of the rear sproket. Less fling and simple as pie. This video explains it. The bulb sits near my right thumb...NOT MY VIDEO...
  13. zupatun


    Zupatun's new ride: Yamaha XSR700 in Raspberry Red--my SV650 replacement
  14. zupatun


    From the album: Zupatun

  15. zupatun


    From the album: Zupatun

  16. Hi zupatun, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  17. When I bought my current VFR the PO decided to slap on a chain from China just to see how it performed....let's say, not well. Only a few thousand miles on it and when I bought it...it went from OK to slack to the eccentric run ALL the way out and wheel base maxed out. That was about 1500 miles after I bought it. I had to drop by a Kawi dealer in mid ride and have them install a factory Kawi chain because on uphill portions of the ride the chain would slip over hthe front sproket...I thought it was the altitude and the carbs were leaning out...then I remembered this bike DOESN"T HAVE CARBS! so I put two and two together and WOW chain on the deck... Matt
  18. The first 10,000 miles on the Ohlins are very nice...but you KNOW when it needs a re-build. Matt
  19. I cannot help. However, please change your title to something like: "FI system malfunction/Fueling problems--HELP!" this way the problem is specific in your subject title...you should get more help that way! Matt
  20. You can buy a VFR clutch cover, or ship yours (but you will have downtime) if he doesn't have one in stock. Regardless you have to ultimately provide the cover. He made one for me and shipped today and I'll swap mine (2000) and ship mine back to him shortly after it gets here. Matt
  21. I just want to quote the Sargeant from Stripes, my favoritest big toe and best buddy, and say "Lighten up Francis"'es...
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