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  1. Running fine for at least 15min just on the centre stand while having a chat to a family member. And had taken it out for 5min burn up the road prior to that. I did the flood prodecure maybe 40 times yesterday, would be lucky to get one little pop each time. Left the plugs out for 24hrs, came back to it just then. No difference.
  2. None of that, new high octane fuel, always chuck in between 95 and 98. Bike is well maintained etc. I had trial fitted a 954 tail and put the factory tail back on, along with stick coil conversion. Was working fine before and after doing both. I was wondering if i might have created an internal break in one of the wires that somehow shat it while it was sitting there in that 1 hour? I have a donor bike and changed ECU's, no change. Unplugged, sprayed and rexonnected a bunch of the connections around the subframe. Got a multimeter last night but not sure what to even look for. The stator plug looked a little brown inside but not melted or damaged, bike has 48xxxkm, but as said, spark is there on all 4, doesnt even try. The donor has a new stator and RR so i will swap them today. I have intentionally unplugged some sensors like MAP and turned on yet no code come up still, is that odd? Should bring up relevant code sensing fault/failure shouldnt it? Exhaust smells of fuel but if no codes are appearing when they should be, then maybe fuel isnt getting past injectors after all? It just seems like its lost its timing somehow, does pulse generator/CAS fail on these like RR?
  3. In my contained garage on a farm on a nice sunny windless day. Literally. No one interfered with it..There is no reason or explanation why it is doing what its doing. Think i wouldve noticed if there were rocks in the exhaust over the last 3 weeks.
  4. Doesnt run. Cranks over fine. Even got a donor bike and its not helping. Its like its out of timing, there is zero splutter, struggle, nothing. Yet there is spark and fuel, no codes showing. Took out spark plugs, near new, cleaned them up, left them out for a bit on a sunny day to evap the cylinders. Nothing. What the actual fack. 3wks of this shit now.
  5. So... i did the earth block cut and solder, and the other earth wires directly to the battery neg. I dont have a multimeter at the moment to test the other wires. Checked and cleared codes again, no codes left or returning now. Can smell fuel in the exhaust now and sometimes splutters, very poorly though 🤔
  6. Thanks guys, i haveng been able to put the suggestions to tbe test yet as the bike is 2hrs away from me atm but i have a feeling they will be the cure, cheers
  7. Hi all, I've been on and off here for a few years with different VFR's from 92 to 02, my current one a 98 model. Its been fine, nothing wrong with it, until today, for no reason really. Started in the morning no worries, then left it an hour, came back to go for a ride.. wont start. Absolutely nothing had changed or been touched. -cranks fine, plenty of battery juice -check spark, good -Hear pump priming, good -Check fuel hose from tank to rail, pressurised So obviously the injectors arent getting signal. Exhaust doesnt smell of fuel either. Did the jump wire for codes, came up with 2, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 which were MAP, baro, injectors 1 2 3 4. I visually checked the sensors and plugs, seemed fine (dont have a multimeter). I cleared the codes and it still wouldnt start. Only code that came back was #10 baro...thought the other codes might have been old, hence not reappearing 🤔 So Im a bit stumped atm and i have a Haynes manual i had a quick flick through but doesnt seem helpful with this particular problem.. literally never had a problem with it previously, 48xxxkm owned for 6 months. Any thoughts?
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