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  1. I knew i was taking the trip but now i'm officially partnered with Mission 22. Information on the ride can be found on my website. https://sandycreekmanor.com/warrior I think I'm going to buy an Insta360 One R or GoPro Hero8 and raffle it off at the end of the trip. I'm also going to approach local outlets to see if they have anything to donate. If anyone lives along the route, let me know if you'd like to get together for some of the ride or want to attend an event. If this goes well, heck even if it doesn't, my plan is to do a US-1 road trip next year from key west, FL to fort kent, ME. Here is the donation page so you know i'm not just making this up. https://mission22.networkforgood.com/projects/94768-sandy-creek-warrior-ride
  2. That's an interesting read. The bike is gifted but I'll have to pay my way for the rest. I've partnered with Wounded Warriors to try and raise some money. Now I've just got to figure out a logo. Anyone good with graphic design? https://communityfundraising.woundedwarriorproject.org/campaign/SCCWarriorRide
  3. Hey folks, I’m going to be taking a 2,741 mile road trip from Redmond OR to Rochester, NY this summer. My thought was to try and team up with a charity like 22 Until None or Wounded Warrior Project to organize rides and meetups along the way and raise money for them. I’m not really sure how to organize anything of that sort, not sure if anyone on here has experience with it and might offer some suggestions. I’ve sent an email out to the charities so I guess I’ve got to wait and see if this is the sport of thing they want to participate in. If not, maybe I can do it myself and set up a charity link through some social media site. The plan is to depart Redmond on the 13th of July heading for Sturgis. Spokane, Butte, Boseman or Billings might be reasonable locations for a meetup/ride along the way. After that I’d head for Chicago. Maybe Rapid City, Sioux Falls and Chicago would be places to set something up. Then there’s plenty of places from Chicago to Rochester along 80/90. What’s prompting this crazy endeavor? Well my dad is having his other knee replaced this spring and says he won’t be able to ride anymore so he’s passing the Valkyrie on. The paint job has a military (unfortunately air force) theme and, as a vet of Iraq and Afghanistan, doing something to benefit a veteran charity would mean a lot to me. If successful, I’d like to make this an annual thing picking a route somewhere across the country (US-1, Appalachian Trail, Pacific Coast Highway). If nothing else, I’ll try to document the journey for posterity if nothing else. Anyone live along the way interested in seeing some sights?
  4. If I may offer a few critiques on the video posted above from a bodywork standpoint.. 1. It's not a good idea to skip more than 1 grit. Going from 600 to 2000 is a big difference. Sanding creates a valley and ridge pattern, the next grit knocks the ridges down but doesn't get the valleys. With the right grit, you slowly approach the valleys. If you skip too much grit, you're hardly impacting the ridges but leaving deep valleys. This will impact the light diffusion in the final product. 2. I'd use a 2k clear coat. That evaporative cure stuff doesn't have staying power. It'll flake right off and come off in the rain. Spraymax makes a rattle can 2k. Press a button in the bottom and it'll release a hardener. This will create a durable, solvent resistant clear coat that will last quite a long time. 3. Just not a fan of the swirling sanding motion. If you can, get blocks from an auto store too, your hands are the worst sanding blocks. 4. Don't wax for probably a week after clear coating. You need to allow for off gassing. It's also funny he said you wouldn't need wax at the start then waxes it at the end.
  5. That was the plan, I've got access to some newer ones as well but I thought this would be nice to show the beginning. I have a 97 blade and did one in those as well. It was the feature bike but I know a guy in MA with a 93 and a local guy with a 954 and 1000 so I could show the evolution.
  6. That's what Facebook does with motorcycles if you post the add on mobile. It's just weird. The toggle switch is maybe for a r/r fan? I've also heard of people doing it for the radiator fan but yeah, that's a weird place for it. Guess I'll never find out since you guys have talked me out of wanting to kick the tires.
  7. Thanks for a couple folks for telling me classifieds can't get responses. There's an 83 available near me, 37k on the clock. Owner says it starts and runs and is asking for offers. I'm curious what the value would be. I think this would be a cool bit of history even if it spent most of it's time torn apart in the garage. I do write-ups and videos on motorcycle histories and was going to shoot a vfr one this spring so this would be a nice touch. Any suggestions?
  8. I've always heard that, even though the BMW is very refined and fill of features, they have reliably problems. A BMW car over 50k miles is a maintenance mess, I don't know what the number is for bikes but I'm betting a lot lower. I like the vfr but I do a lot of 2 up on it and I'd like it in a 1200. I hate the riding position of the st but the position of the CBR is a back breaker. The vfr is a great middle ground.
  9. who knew the carbon fiber sticker was structural
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