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  1. babbits online is a great place to start. www.hondapartshouse.com. i wouldn't order anything from them unless you have to. they don't stock anything but they'll order from honda then send to you, takes about 2 weeks. i go there to get the part numbers and then just plug them in google. for the 5th gen, you'll probably need to stick to used parts on ebay.
  2. i'd like it to look more like a sport tourer and less like a... crane (the bird)?
  3. sanding body filler into shape is really pretty easy but you don't want your bondo to be thicker than 1/4" because plastic and metal expand at different rates with temperature (and you'll see a lot of that between fresh fuel or sitting in the sun). pound out the dents from the inside best you can. many dents can also me massaged from the outside if you hit the right spots (youtube). that dent puller is good for non-body line areas. just make sure you use a 2k urethane clear when you respray (spraymax makes a rattle can 2k) so it's solvent resistant. here's my CBR tank for example. tank was like that when i bought it so i have no idea how it happened. previous owner did a terrible job with the repair (bondo over 1" thick).
  4. that startup sounds fine. full "choke" on start till the engine hits 3k rpm then drop it. completely normal.
  5. Hairspray is the way to go. I've seen people use gorilla glue and swear a good hard twist cracks it to make it easy to remove. Never tried it myself. Soap doesn't leave it sticky. Hairspray lubes it on and then gets sticky. Great stuff.
  6. I thought the vfrness was for 6th gen vfrs, I didnt know it was compatible with 5th. I put in an after market r/r and added a computer fan. No problems in 20k+.
  7. At least they retained the passenger handles
  8. i've got to tear the front off mine this weekend to replace the switch set, starter stop. i'll take some photos/video if you don't get it ironed out.
  9. my 5th gen had 50k when i bought it and i paid $2100. It included a new in box corbin seat and unmounted NiB tires. Look for maintenance records and know you're in for clutch, shocks, lines but that's pretty minor stuff. the engine won't let you down.
  10. all that extra media in there probably filtered the air wonderfully! i know it looks terrible but i've got some fiberglass screen zip-tied over the intake on my bikes. you can't see it with the fairings on so who cares, important thing is no mice.
  11. pics or it didn't happen. also, i hope you cleaned up the shit prior to installation. 😂
  12. in my experience, machined or welded parts which don't require high precision are pretty easy for chinese manufacturers to make. the problems with buying from china come when they replace metal with plastic to reduce cost or when you're buying something complex. i'm a manufacturing engineer and we'll buy a lot of capital items from china or other low cost countries as long as the materials we want are there and the complexity is low. that being said, you can't trust any of their metal specs, CE/UL ratings or anything like that. I think handle bars would be fine.
  13. The rise listed is over 0, not over stock. Just keep that in mind. 2001 f4i is 43mm forks. 98-01 vfr is 41mm. If you find some 41mm, I've got a set of clipons with a 3/4" rise above stock, about 3.25" total, if you're interested. Here's a great chart https://www.kiwavmotors.com/en/faq/about-fitment/motorcycle-fork-tube-size-chart
  14. I wonder if either of these solutions get corroded in place
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