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  1. all that extra media in there probably filtered the air wonderfully! i know it looks terrible but i've got some fiberglass screen zip-tied over the intake on my bikes. you can't see it with the fairings on so who cares, important thing is no mice.
  2. pics or it didn't happen. also, i hope you cleaned up the shit prior to installation. 😂
  3. in my experience, machined or welded parts which don't require high precision are pretty easy for chinese manufacturers to make. the problems with buying from china come when they replace metal with plastic to reduce cost or when you're buying something complex. i'm a manufacturing engineer and we'll buy a lot of capital items from china or other low cost countries as long as the materials we want are there and the complexity is low. that being said, you can't trust any of their metal specs, CE/UL ratings or anything like that. I think handle bars would be fine.
  4. The rise listed is over 0, not over stock. Just keep that in mind. 2001 f4i is 43mm forks. 98-01 vfr is 41mm. If you find some 41mm, I've got a set of clipons with a 3/4" rise above stock, about 3.25" total, if you're interested. Here's a great chart https://www.kiwavmotors.com/en/faq/about-fitment/motorcycle-fork-tube-size-chart
  5. I wonder if either of these solutions get corroded in place
  6. One could say ngk specializes in spark plugs and would be the experts where as Honda just dabbles in their use. Wouldn't ngk know better than Honda? The oem instructions would be for specific brand or brands of plugs, you may be using something they didn't write their spec for.
  7. They are on there extremely tight. i suggest the spline bit. i stripped both bolts with a torx on my cbr, the extractor only tore more material away. i welded a hex nut and that sheared off as well. ultimately i had to drill the bolts out clean the threads with a tap. either OEM puts red locktite on or the previous owner did. it was a bear. also, it only took about 5 minutes to get the triple clamp off.
  8. I've always heard that, even though the BMW is very refined and fill of features, they have reliably problems. A BMW car over 50k miles is a maintenance mess, I don't know what the number is for bikes but I'm betting a lot lower. I like the vfr but I do a lot of 2 up on it and I'd like it in a 1200. I hate the riding position of the st but the position of the CBR is a back breaker. The vfr is a great middle ground.
  9. I believe the ninja is the ex1000 and the other is the zx10r. I had been thinking of the ninja 1000 but I do t like the upright posture. I wonder if lower clipons would help
  10. Granted I don't know anything about BMW bikes but they're never a consideration because I assume, like their cars, they're parts are expensive and it's a pain to work on. Any owners out there who do their own maintenance / repair who can confirm/refute?
  11. Dry weight of the gen6 is 470#. Looks like I have to go for a ride today and see if I notice the same.
  12. What's the versys weigh? The posture of it seems like it'd be the opposite. I don't know how much more the vtec weighs but the 5th gen is pretty light. I cant say I notice a difference between the vfr and CBR as far as wind movement but they're about the same weight.
  13. I don't understand. Why do you have to get rid of it? Why not, I dunno, keep it and get another? What makes you feel you can't have it any longer?
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