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  1. Got it, my Service Manual won’t be here for a week. Also, Is the MAP sensor the grey plug in or the whit one on the bottom of the air box. Thank you!! 😄
  2. Torn into things tonight. Tank needs drying out to clean out the light rust. Cleaned out our the air box. i watched a youtube video of a guy who had a black VFR that he bought to bring back to life. When he twisted the throttle fast the motor would die due to no air movement. He showed the two holes below and when he put his fingers on them it would die immediately. Guy stated in the video that the master air line was dirty. After the guy cleaned it (not sure how he did that??) his throttle response came back. I checked the hoses that were connected to those two holes and mine where clear? Am I missing something.. because my bike would putter when I would twist the throttle fast too. Just want to make I do what is needed with it open before I put the air box back together. Lastly, anything else I should check, remove or replace before I put the air box back together? Hoses look old but no cracking thanks
  3. Well that’s good, I’m still going to check all the great tips you all gave me when I tear into the bike. Should only get better
  4. Also, do you guys know the part number for your spark plugs you're running. I'm so sorry, I've been searching and the search bar gives some deep dive search results. - Read about both the normal and iridiums. Thinking of spending m ore on the Iridiums so i dont have to do this maintenance for a long time. Thoughts, Part numbers 🙂
  5. Hi, What do you mean by replace the O rings on the coolant connections to the water jacket? - Are these lyrics to a song LOL -- I looked at the exploded parts viewer and didnt see any o rings on the Radiator section. After seeing how fast my parts list is filling up I'm leaning towards keeping the stock hoses as they look decent no cracking from what i can see.
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the helpful tips. I feel like I'm drinking from a firehose.. 🙂 Video here at Youtube of me starting the bike cold.
  7. Hey guys, me again... 🙂 im ordering a service manual next week (unless you all have a free download somewhere) to tackle the coolant flush. Did a search but didn’t seem to come across any instructions with pictures step by step. Anyways thought I’d ask. Any recommendations on spark plugs for a stock bike? Also, should I replace the hoses for the coolant? They are 20 years old. Any suggestions are always appreciated. thank you!!
  8. Well, new guy airdog84 here. tearing into the bike now with my little technical knowledge but I’m having fun. looked in the gas tank and yep, dirty. See pics. what do you guys recommend? Thanks!
  9. Well took the bike down to Red Wing for a ride yesterday and the rear brake caliper locked up.. froze the caliper to the rotor and I couldn’t push the VFR. I waited on the side of the road after calling my insurance then my buddy said let’s try and roll it again. We rolled backwards and the caliper has released over the time we waited. Drove 90 miles home with no rear brake applied... 🥺😐. one more thing to add to the list.. bummer as in MN our season will be done soon.
  10. Thank you for all the helpful tips. im not a very technical guy, oil changes and spark plugs no problem but many of these other things will require a professional. Hey Max swell, do you have any MN mechanic recommendations??
  11. Hey Guys, New VFR owner from MN here. Bike has 17k and is in great shape. Biggest thing right now is that when it starts it requires the coke to be pulled fully then it starts and revs really, really slow. Once the bike is started it runs a bit stronger.. I need some help with this and will try to upload a video later today. Another thing is that when I blip the throttle after the start it kind of "flubs" almost like it's going to die... after it's hot there is no issue. --- Thoughts?? Here is what I know from the previous owner -Guy owned it 19 years and barely did maintenance himself -The Fuel pump and brakes were all replaced/bleed last year - Rear brake pedal feels like a block of wood.. It brakes alright but man you have to push it down hard. -Air filter and oil changed last year -Coolant was flushed a long time ago (maybe like 10 years) Other than that it's fully stock bike. I would love any tips, Must do maintenance, free mods that help etc. My goal is to keep it stock, just want it to run and start correctly. Thanks IMG_5122.HEICIMG_5118.HEIC -Airdog
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