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  1. Well Hello again gents, It’s winter here in MN and my bike is hibernating, however I still need help. - ready for the long story.... After having the rear wheel lock up on me after owning the bike for 1 week I decided to have a local mom and pop Honda dealer to fix my brake issue. 1. Shop tested the lines and could not get the PCV to bleed. I got another PCV on eBay, dissembled and cleaned per a post on this site.. thanks 2. Shop installed the new PCV and was able to replicate the locking rear wheel and get the PCV to bleed. 3. Shop ordered and replaced the SMC assembly. Shop Bled the lines again 4. Shop found that the bike was braking bit there was quite a bit of drag on the rear wheel. Hard to turn on the center stand after a quick 2 mile ride. 5. Shop rebuilt the rear caliper and installed new brake pads.... issue did not go away 6. I personally rode the bike home (getting to close to snow season) and it felt like the bike slowed down a bit off throttle.... got the bike home and disassembled the fairing (I need to replace dash bulbs and do a VFRness anyways) Help please.. - do I rebuild the front master cylinder and rear cylinder? - shop flushed 8 bottles of brake fluid in all that process so I believe the lines are good?? Really looking for a plan of attack for spring! thanks!!
  2. Update: so I was able to replace the PCV and get it to bleed. However, now the rear caliper is locking up and not releasing unless I loosen the bleed point on the rear caliper. I tried the blunt blow to the rear caliper in case it was hanging up - did not solve the locked wheel. I have been able to get the Secondary master cylinder on the front forks to bleed in the past. It has not been rebuilt though.. ?? Im wondering if I need to rebuild the Secondary master cylinder now? Wondering if that is what is causing the hang up of the real caliper on the wheel. Or should I rebuild the rear caliper as well?? I love love any advice guys thanks airdog
  3. Thanks Mohawk, do you know if there are instructions on this de link process?
  4. This is amazing and makes me think I might try this first and use the ebay as a back up in case. Terry, I’ve searched quite a bit on the forum for a discussion thread on delinking. Wondering what the process entails and if others have found it a valuable modification? thank you!!!
  5. I did the same part search myself. Thanks Terry found a used one on eBay for $36 free shipping. 1998 with 35k . Worth a shot I guess
  6. Thanks guys, im really hoping to learn for sure that this part is interchangeable between my 1998 model vs an 2001 or 6th generation before buying something. im also going to call mason city Honda tomorrow and see if Keith has the same luck as my shop as well. Here’s to hoping for new or a used one shows up 1998-1999 thanks again!
  7. The dealer told me that the 2001 was made different than the 98 and 99 models... But I have no clue if this information is accurate.
  8. Hey guys, I've done a ton of research now on the linked braking system for my 1998 VFR. After all the research and looking at my mechanical ability, I decided to have the local Honda dealer here in Minneapolis complete the brake flush... After 2.5 weeks of having the bike, the tech narrowed the issue down to the PCV valve. He was able to get all the other points to bleed fluid just not the PCV valve. HERE IS THE PUNCH TO THE FACE.. The dealer can't get the PCV part from Honda anymore... 😞 I asked the tech to get the bike as rideable as possible so I can come and pick it up. He stated to just use the front brake on the ride back from the dealer to my house. Real bummer is that now I have to pay for all the time they spent on it and it's still not fixed.. Partszilla says its discontinued as well. Any encouragement or thoughts would be super helpful. Winter is coming and I guess this bike is not meant to be ridden this year. Lastly?? What options do I have? De-link the brakes? hold out for a used one? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, Appears I've been paying a little too much for OEM parts. I'm looking for who you all use. I need to start pricing out a front 1998 red fender - mine is cracked. Thanks! Airdog
  10. Got it, my Service Manual won’t be here for a week. Also, Is the MAP sensor the grey plug in or the whit one on the bottom of the air box. Thank you!! 😄
  11. Torn into things tonight. Tank needs drying out to clean out the light rust. Cleaned out our the air box. i watched a youtube video of a guy who had a black VFR that he bought to bring back to life. When he twisted the throttle fast the motor would die due to no air movement. He showed the two holes below and when he put his fingers on them it would die immediately. Guy stated in the video that the master air line was dirty. After the guy cleaned it (not sure how he did that??) his throttle response came back. I checked the hoses that were connected to those two holes and mine where clear? Am I missing something.. because my bike would putter when I would twist the throttle fast too. Just want to make I do what is needed with it open before I put the air box back together. Lastly, anything else I should check, remove or replace before I put the air box back together? Hoses look old but no cracking thanks
  12. Well that’s good, I’m still going to check all the great tips you all gave me when I tear into the bike. Should only get better
  13. Also, do you guys know the part number for your spark plugs you're running. I'm so sorry, I've been searching and the search bar gives some deep dive search results. - Read about both the normal and iridiums. Thinking of spending m ore on the Iridiums so i dont have to do this maintenance for a long time. Thoughts, Part numbers 🙂
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