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  1. You’re input is appreciated. We’ll see what ends up happening.
  2. It may not be worth the effort but I was considering changing out the standards for ones that have a slightly larger area and with the rubber step area. Similar to the operator pegs.
  3. After some guessing and looking, I’ve found that the 2000 ST1100 has the same; foot peg pin, steel ball & spring, washer and split pin. That leaves only the click plate being different. It’s hopeful so far. I’m thinking if the tab on the peg from the ST will fit the bracket of the VFR it may just work. Anybody have an ST1100 of the 2000 era?
  4. Does anyone know whether rear pegs from other Honda models are drop-in options on the 5th gen? After just about ten years my wife is looking to resume co-pilot duties and I’m thinking maybe some pegs off something like an ST along with a seat upgrade would be welcome. I plan to look at the parts diagrams to see if the pivot pins are shared on any candidates. As well, I’ll take some measurements of the factory ones in case anyone here has something to compare towards. Thanks for any forthcoming responses!
  5. Even better! Thanks for that. I’m looking forward to having it back together and being able to appreciate the sweat equity each time I walk up to it rather than the reminder that it needs to be done.
  6. Thanks! I happen to be using kerosene on this project which has been stellar (unsurprisingly). The stand and switch is all clean and ready to go back into service. Now you’ve got me thinking about removing the center stand to clean it all up as well! What started out as a brake bleed has turned into actually handling the unsightly accumulation of chain lube that’s bothered me for so long. It’s a good thing. Thanks for the input on the grease and suggestion on the center stand.
  7. I’m in the middle of cleaning the rear swing arm, front sprocket & side stand of years worth of accumulated chain lube. The side stand pivot joint was covered and after cleaning it I’m wondering whether to install everything dry or with a light coat of grease. What have you guys done?
  8. Thank you very much for that reply! I will leave it be and proceed.
  9. Hey guys, I’m in the middle of a brake fluid flush and taking the opportunity to install speed bleeders this time. I’m looking at the diameter of the threaded portion of the PCV bleeder valve (still installed) it appears to be bigger than the speed bleeder I have to replace it. Because of this I thought to ask before removing it. I tried searching for the answer to no avail. Does the 5th gen PCV take the same size bleeder as the rest of the system? Thanks in advance!
  10. On my ‘00, installed a recently sourced factory screen. The original had developed multiple cracks in recent years. Additionally, installed a used low-mount Two Bros aluminum slip on. Up to now I’ve run the factory system all the while listing after a Staintune, GPR, etc. For $50 I couldn’t pass it up. Am I correct in thinking that I now have can options to use with the two bro’s midpipe as long as the prospective can’s I.D. plays nicely with the midpipe’s O.D, utilizes springs for attachment & the mounting bracket is addressed appropriately? I have to say that inte
  11. Very clean! I like the color you went with for the forks.
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