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  1. Hey, thanks for your very generous offer ! I think I will need one with a security feature. Unfortunately, I will have to keep it in a covered space next to my car. Wish I had a garage.
  2. https://eastidaho.craigslist.org/mcy/d/moose-1998-honda-vfr-800f1-interceptor/6966121338.html Yeah, seems extremely optimistic. Even more when you consider it's located in a remote part of Wyoming. For most potential buyers, that's way off the beaten path. Although the same bike on Cycletrader says 5500 obo. I don't understand the mentality of someone that buys a new motorcycle and only rides it 6000 miles over 20+ years.
  3. Looks really nice. If he would accept 3500, I think it's more than worth it. I looked at a pretty nice one yesterday and the seller was firm at 2500. But it wasn't nearly in the same league as that one. It looked nice for having 50k miles, but had chips on the wheels, a stain on the swingarm, and had never had the valves shimmed. Some ammo to use in your negotiation: there is a dealer in California with a 2001 with 6k miles and they're asking 4,000. So 5,000 from a private party seems like pie in the sky.
  4. The garage queen is nice. But 5000 seems really steep IMO. I saw a similar condition bike, a 2001 in Illinois with only 13k miles, sell for about 2000. I'm still kicking myself I couldn't get out to buy it in time. Also if you're interested, there is a 2014 in Las Vegas with something like 16k miles for only 5000.
  5. I am on a budget, although I could have afforded his full asking price. I first saw the ad posted on CL yesterday and was excited because it looked like a decent bike and was local to me, but yesterday, after I made arrangements to see it today, I started doubting it's the one because it was yellow. My last bike was yellow, so I'd prefer a red one. If this 2000 had been red, I would have bought it and bit the bullet to pay to get the valves adjusted. And the seller texted me this morning claiming "his phone is blowing up" and first come first serve, but since I called first, he'd wait for me to see it before showing it to anyone else. I didn't believe him, it seemed like a tactic. On the way over I told myself, I can overlook the color if I can get a good deal. And when he was trying to close me on it, he said how rare good VFR are. But I told him about the original owner 2001 with 13k I saw 2 weeks ago that sold for cheap. So deals are out there. There is another really clean looking one in another state I'm considering, and it's red but costs more than the yellow. The one really cool thing about the yellow one I passed on was the staintune exhaust. But seeing it today made me realize, I really don't want to get another yellow bike. I liked yellow on my last bike, it was something different, but I don't want to get two yellow motorcycles in a row.
  6. Yeah the bike started fine. It sounded good. I'm just OCD and would feel compelled to have the valves shimmed right away, before I started riding much. At 50k miles, I'd bet at least a few were out of spec. If I had a garage, I would consider tackling myself. But without a garage, I'd realistically have to pay a dealer to service it. And I know that wouldn't be cheap. So I offered 500 less than asking( $2500), but he was firm. It was still good to go out and look it over. Gives me a frame of reference. I have my eye on a few other bikes on craigslist, but they're out of state.
  7. I looked at a pretty nice 2000 this morning. It had 49k miles but looked clean. Only problem was the owner said he'd never shimmed the valves, and thought the engine had probably never been opened, but said he wouldn't worry about it until it had 100k miles. LOL Considering I'd immediately have to spend at least 500 for the valve work, and he wouldn't budge on his price, I passed. The search continues...
  8. It will be parked under covered parking, chained up. But I need something to keep the dust and dirt off. Any recommendations ?
  9. Is there any worthwhile difference between the early 5th generations and the later 5th generations ? I think I read something about the early bikes having a couple extra hp due to less emissions equipment ? Is that true ? Any other advantages/disadvantages to consider ? I'm considering a 99 and an 01. Both have about the same mileage.
  10. Thanks for the lead. I noticed that one earlier today. Looks pretty good in the picture. It's about 100 miles north of Seattle. I wonder if the seller would pick me up at the airport ? I'll think about it. I know this is the 5th generation board, but what's the deal with the 8th generation bikes ? I've seen a few used 2014s for cheap (not a lot more than some ask for 5th gens) and a dealer in Dallas Texas is selling brand new leftover 2014 VFR 800s for 6.4k. The cycle trader ad says he's got 9 of them. Seems insanely cheap for a new VFR 800 with warranty. But if it seems to good to be true... makes me wonder why there were so many left over.
  11. Yes, I definitely want 5th generation. Clean title for sure. Mileage, I'm open. Although I'd have a better feeling about one that doesn't have a ton of miles. And It seems like bikes with lower miles usually have better cosmetics. I'd prefer red to yellow. (Only because my Aprilia was yellow so I want a change of pace) They didn't import any silver 5th gens into the US, correct ? And absolutely no crash damage.
  12. Yeah, 6k seems really high for a 21 year old bike, even with low miles. I know the market for used sportbikes is pretty soft. Less people riding nowadays compared with 20 years ago.
  13. Well I'm bummed out. I decided I would fly out this weekend and buy that mint one with 14k miles but the ad got deleted. Guess it was sold. Not surprising, it was a steal for $2000. There is another like new, low mileage, 2001 at a dealer in California but they're asking twice as much, plus I'd have to pay sales tax + bs dealer fees. And there is a guy in Wyoming with a 98 with only 6000 miles but he wants $6000. More than I can justify. Maybe I'll sit tight until the weather gets colder. It's going to be hard to bite on something when I missed such a good deal. 😞
  14. After searching craigslist for an hour, I managed to find another 2001 in a different state (VA) that has the sticker in the "high position". I wonder if it's a production variance ? I haven't seen this with any other year. And I've found other 2001's that look just like Lorne's '98. Very strange. Also during my search effort, I found a 2001 with only 14k miles for about the same price as the local bike with 40k miles and dodgy sticker. It looks really mint, but not a lot of upgrades besides a slip on pipe. Only catch is it's about 1500 miles away. Decisions decisions...
  15. Thanks for all the very useful replies. I will check the frame and engine numbers. My concern is the frame was swapped at some point and the sticker reapplied from the original. Lorne, your photo lines up with all the others I've seen on the internet. The top of that sticker is always lined up with the "crease" in the frame. The one in the picture I posted looks fishy.
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