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  1. Hey all...I've searched a bit...but just haven't found a definitive answer. I'm sure this has been covered lots, so I apologize in advance. Got an 07 for use mostly as a commuter about a month ago. I reached out to Jamie at DMR and will be getting his shock and will have him do the fork work. My question is regarding the F4/F4i forks. Jamie recommends just using the lower fork legs with VFR uppers because of the length issue. I didn't follow up with him to ask the next portion, but I will after some input from you guys. What is the length difference between the F4/F4i forks compared with the 6th gen vfr? Aren't some of you running the complete f4 fork? Are there clearance issues? I'm running stock forks raised 10mm currently and a little quicker turn in wouldn't hurt. I would imagine I'll wind up using the vfr uppers and f4 lowers. But it would be nice to be able to sell off the complete vfr forks to recoup some of the costs. I'm having a bit of a hard time justifying dropping $2k or so on a $3k craigslist special. But then I think I'll have suspension and brakes I like...and a really good long term commuter. And a quick note, I appreciate that some of you like the linked brakes. I'm sure I could learn to live with them, pretty sure Fast Freddy taught with them back in the day at his school. But I don't want to. Thanks in advance for the help!
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