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  1. This is what you are possibly looking for. It can make your bike behave in all manner of crazy ways.
  2. I was cleaning out the garage and since there was some space I thought I'd snap a picture or two or four....
  3. I started a thread a year ago about this neglected 6 gen, it needed some love....... and after a bit love, blood, sweat, tears, and a bit of coin, ended up with this
  4. Started a thread about this bike, 2006 VFR800 Vtec but it has been since archived . A quick refresh as I need some expert 6 gen help. Then went in this direction Then here I changed a few things.
  5. I'll bite, It is better when naked, No ugly green coils hanging off exposed frame rails.
  6. Halfrider

    Getting naked

    Vfr 800 undressed
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