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  1. Started a thread about this bike, 2006 VFR800 Vtec but it has been since archived . A quick refresh as I need some expert 6 gen help. Then went in this direction Then here I changed a few things. The wiring loom has not changed that much, the multi wire earth blocks, grey and blue connectors have all been checked. All fuses checked The motor starts and runs. No flashing FI light. Headlight (when installed), indicators (look closely), tail and brake light ALL work. Idiot lights on the dash all work, neutral, high beam, etc the backing is illuminated The problem : the LCD display is blank, no speed, temp, fuel, tacho, nothing, The clock does flash 1:00 for a few seconds when switched on, then disappears. I don't know if its the Speedo, the ECM or the Speedo and the ECM. Any ideas ?? There's a carton for the answer!
  2. I'm thinking this interaction could be heading in a very similar direction.
  3. It appears that this battery (thred), helps unleash the "full factory power"
  4. I'll bite, It is better when naked, No ugly green coils hanging off exposed frame rails.
  5. Halfrider

    Getting naked

    Vfr 800 undressed
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