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  1. Hi Marvelicious, thanks for your input and help, I've read many an over ride switch for the radiator fan, hopefully only changing over some types of sensor as long as they fit from model to model will be the biggest hurdle. Looking forward to that great unknown, I guess I'll find out when I try and start it.
  2. Hey Grum, thank you for your input, looked for an 8 gen manual with no luck,. Hadn't considered the neutral switch situation, need to find the third switch though. I am hoping the 6 gen throttle bodies will fit the 8 gen motor which will take care of the EFI sensors using my existing 6 gen ECM, now relocated ontop of the airbox under the petrol tank. Sprocket housing for speed sensor= right again. Considering also using the 8gen SSSA and rear wheel, shame I just had the wheels powder coated. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, The Discussion, I am after the collectives opinion on whether a 2014 gen 8 motor, can function on a 2006 gen 6 ECM, throttle bodies and wiring harness??? Why?, because I have modified 2006 VFR that's overheating, seeing air bubbles in the possibly to small radiator, think it's a blown head gasket and I picked up a complete 2014 bike for a song I've read that the basic architecture of VFR Vtec engines have remained mainly unchanged, I understand the 2014 engine should bolt into the 2006 frame, but the wiring loom and associated electrics has changed ALOT and I don't want to change the speedo, or need the self canceling indicators and traction control, hence the desire to put the 2006 throttle bodies and use the 2006 ECM. I can also use the 2014 front mount radiators Here is some pictures of things that I don't know what they are or need to incorporate into the 2006 wiring loom. All input welcome, thanks in advance Modifed bike 2014 donor engine bike 2014 bike has 2 cables under the clutch cover, 2006 has1 only, what is the other for? Not sure if the 2006 bike has similar connection on cam chain cover? 2014 bike has these extra wires to the bulked up RR ,
  4. I'll bite, It is better when naked, No ugly green coils hanging off exposed frame rails.
  5. Halfrider

    Getting naked

    Vfr 800 undressed
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