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  1. I'm thinking this interaction could be heading in a very similar direction.
  2. It appears that this battery (thred), helps unleash the "full factory power"
  3. Halfrider

    Will a 6th gen dash plug and play with a 5th gen

    Wiring diagram can/might make anything possible, I've had some good and not as good luck with small Chinese speedos.
  4. Hey Keef, am looking to get an 8cell antigravity for the 6gen junker above, small yet very expensive is all I've found, any recomendations?
  5. Hi Joe, unfortunately I have another project that I think will suit that pipe and postage from Australia may be a killer. I do have a set of these if your interested.
  6. Halfrider

    It just needs a little love.

    The paint came off the clutch cover when I was paint strippping, now that you mentioned it, it mighr stay thst way. That a CBR 929 complete front end.
  7. Halfrider

    It just needs a little love.

    Hard to beleive that this was once a pristine motorcycle off the showroom floor . I compression tested with a squirt of oil and it bumped up readings to @200psi on all cylinders, is that of any significance? Hey MarroonC, thanks for the offer, how familiar are you with these engines?, I am just past Hornsby. Black paint on the chain! Removed the exhaust, rear fat ass subframe and linked brakes, the bracketry for the link brakes was Honda at there over engineering best. Considered putting a Triumph 675 rear with undertail exhaust but then came up with this. Original seat, raised, diy subframe , fibreglass undertailand and 5gen staintune. I have a thing for 5 gens, clothed and naked.
  8. I picked up this unloved 2006 with 29k for $450AU, there is not many places on the bike which are not covered in red paint or black or white or some blue paint or a combination of all four. Unknown condition of motor, will still be good for parts, considering I bought just a rear tyre for $300 last week All fairings and headlight missing, fork seals leaking, brake calipers dangling of some string, tank has a dent on top that might pop out and many layers of paint, seat appears to be covered by an old wet suit. It has staintunes and near new rear tyre, I like the white wheel, might keep that. A couple of coats, a scrape then got out the pressure washer. Charged the battery, installed the radiators, changed the oil, sorted out some electrics, turned it over, and she fired up. And pretty sure it has a blown head gasket, lots of smoke, coolant level decreasing and milky coloured oil. Did a compression test, 2 at 110psi and 2 at 125psi. Easier to buy another motor but, has anyone changed a Vtec head gaskets? Rebuild is out of my league but would I be looking to do any other maintenance tasks if I change the head gaskets? Plan to go naked with her. Thanks in advance, all positive comments appreciated
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Once you have a monster seat and a tail light, the sub frame is just 4 bent tubes ,2 angles and a base. Here's some pics to help. Sub frame. Base with battery box. Base riveted to sub frame. I'll put up some pic's I'm sure a local could fab it together for you. S.V radiator is a lot easier to fit. Search zerfarton here, he modded an existing vfr sub frame to suit monster seat.
  10. Halfrider

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    I'll bite, It is better when naked, No ugly green coils hanging off exposed frame rails.
  11. Monster seat, home made subframe, sv 650 radiator, complete cbr929 front. Just enough room to fit standard size battery, ecm, fuses, etc, wrapped in fake carbon. Had to cut some tabs and pieces off seat.
  12. I thought $50 was not bad price for a fakrapovic exhaust until I saw this little beauty for $25. Hopefully it last at least a week and being fake carbon it fits nicely with the rest of the bike, just a tad small?
  13. Cheers keef, I'll keep my eyes open for a scorpion, saw a roo rooter in W.A, being carbon might be able to chop it up. Problem is always going to be with a pipe is that you can't hear what they sound like by looking at it. Quite an elite forum topic?, CF might be more knowledgeable!
  14. Hi all, I put this cheap pipe on my naked VFR because I liked its profile, but I don't like the sound, a bit to loud and tinnie So I put on a staintune, love the sound, deep and rumbly........... but its too long. So my question to the collective is, does anyone know of a pipe available with a sound similar to a staintune but shorter/smaller?
  15. Halfrider

    Getting naked

    Vfr 800 undressed

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