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  1. Guys, I'm aware from this and other forums that there have been problems with VFR harnesses/strange electrical faults/the ground wire on the Blue connector/the Orange connector/the main fuse holder/the RR/the stator etc etc. So I am doing the full electrical look-over. My question is regarding the ground wire connector block. I've seen it described as having twelve green wires, buried in electrical tape. I'm looking at an orange connector (perfect condition), with ten green wires, and not hidden but sitting with the blue and grey connector blocks under a clear rubber cover. Have I got the right one, or is there a second one to find ? Thanks in advance. ps Was going to do this procedure anyway, but the bike cut out on the road yesterday for the first time, doing about 40mph, the needle dropping to zero. I rolled to the side, keyed off and back on, and the bike re-started no problem.
  2. Hi everyone, Been lurking for the last couple of months since I bought my first VFR800, a 2006 A-6 VTEC with ~28k miles. Been riding bikes for thirty years on and off, and have done a lot of my own maintenance over the years. This is my first FI bike though. Really enjoying the bike, but having an issue which I will start a thread about. But for now, hello ! 😄 phonzie
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