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  1. Rear Brake Issue

    You could drill that mount vertically and then safety-wire the switch to it, over and under the adjuster, and then look for a used part at your leisure.
  2. Lost a thread on VFRD?

    I meant a used one from a wrecker or similar, if you had to order one in. You probably have JDM importers in the UK getting shipping containers from Japan regularly.
  3. Lost a thread on VFRD?

    I never saw the thread but I would just get another engine/trans, maybe make the best of both if you are feeling game. I wonder what it'd cost to get a powerplant from Japan?
  4. New VFR ideas

    If it's stripped you may be able to glue in a stud pretty easily. This could be heated and removed for a different type of repair later if desired. Loctite red or cyanoacrylate.
  5. It's tough to get LED stop lamps that are bright enough, the stockers are close to a headlamp bulb in wattage, I think my old Mustang GT had 35w headlamps and that's the same as the high filament on the stop lamps. However that's what I'd like to get as I think the warmup time of LED vs. tungsten is helpful when seconds count. And they do when I decide to drop anchor.
  6. Most miles on a 5th Gen?

    It'd be interesting to see some compression and leakdown numbers on higher km VFR engines, however if performance, mpg and emissions are OK I'd see no reason to replace the engine. I believe one thing I usually see in engines with some blowby is that new oil turns dark quite quickly. I have compression and leakdown gear but no adapter for a VFR spark plug. No idea what that'd cost.
  7. Complete brake failure on a VFR800 5Gen

    I know, I was joking. There is no DOT 6.
  8. LED/Projector headlight housing.

    I added LED bulbs mainly to reduce the current draw but they are also pretty nice. I used the braided heatsink style so they fit well and I do not trust tiny fans like that long-term. These are the ones I installed: https://www.ebay.com/itm/H4-9003-600W-60000LM-CREE-LED-Headlight-Kit-Copper-Belt-Hi-Lo-Dual-Beam-Bulb-6K/352214622966 They cost $28 and there were many sellers. As with other H4 bulbs I had to trim two of the tabs off the bulbs so they fit the non-standard VFR socket (really Honda?) I am happy with the bulbs. -Joel.
  9. Complete brake failure on a VFR800 5Gen

    DOT 4, DOT 5, DOT 6... whatever it takes. It's one thing to skip maintenance, that's not smart of course but it takes a lot more commitment to ignore the brake fade that comes before losing your brakes entirely. Boiling fluid probably caused drag also which should have been noticeable.
  10. My Custom Tourer

    That looks like a blast to ride, I used to have a CBR1000F with helibars and heated grips and it ate up miles. Can you tell me if you had to extend brake lines or anything like that to get the handlebar conversion sorted out? I am considering doing one myself.
  11. Running rich

    If you are smelling raw gas you have a fuel leak out the bike, and it's between your legs. That might not end well. Injectors can drip or hose through to the intake and fuel pressure regulator diaphragms can leak as suggested but that but that fuel goes into the engine and causes the bike to run pig rich: black plugs, black smoke, etc. Different problem. Also bad, but less burny. If you are smelling raw gas the leak needs to be repaired before it burns up. The other condition should be fixed also as it is bad for the oil, cylinder walls, plugs, carbons up the valves, etc. 168F sounds cold, your thermostat is probably leaking. If the oil does not get up above the boiling point of water it will get sludged up.
  12. Warmup time/miles?

    Thanks, I had seen that suggestion elsewhere and looked hard at these hoses. Mine seem to be in perfect shape and so I am going to leave them be. Now that I understand the procedure I can get back in there pretty easily if a problem arises. People's writeups sure helped, it took some reading to locate the t-body boot screws and then to have the confidence to pry up the throttle assembly, it sure felt like it was bolted to something. Getting it back in was easy even though it was only 45F in my shop (I did not bother with turning up the heater) but I had sprayed the boots with WD-40 or the cheapo walmart alternative and the throttles went back in with a good press downward. I was ready to warm them up with a heat gun on low if needed. Marvelous little engine, power on par with a 1st gen Supra or GTI and yet so small and light.
  13. Warmup time/miles?

    Getting back to this, I just birthed the thermostat and at first I thought I'd bought the wrong replacement part then I realized the old one is a lot taller because it is stuck wide open. I also checked the valves, they are OK. I'm getting new plugs, putting it back together in the next few days after the parts arrive. In the meantime I have to put on a front tire and replace the fork seals. It'll be good to have the bike warm up properly, running too cool can cause serious oil sludge. Thanks for the tips, -Joel.
  14. Weak Starter

    Jeez bump start it and go ride until after the holiday.
  15. Weak Starter

    Hard to imagine owning an older bike and not owning a voltmeter and a battery charger. Have him check the battery voltage, charge the battery, jump the battery from a car... The solenoid can be jumpered as a test but I'd be afraid the buyer would turn that into a disaster. Sounds like they do not have a lot of experience solving the problems associated with a 20 year old motorcycle.

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