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  1. JoelF

    New guy. help needed

    Hi, check the alternator stator connections, search for lots of helpful info: https://www.google.com/search?q=vfr+alternator+stator+wiring It could also be battery connections. If you wire in a voltmeter and reproduce the problem you might see the voltage cutting out. You can download a manual from this site also. Cheers, -Joel.
  2. JoelF

    Estimated labor to R&R transmission?

    If you are paying for labor IMO a used engine/trans assembly would be a better value as it can just be bolted in with no particular skill or ability. Probably find an engine for $350-$450 if you are patient or a whole running parts bike for $500-ish.
  3. I have had heated grips on a couple previous bikes, they were nice. Some suggest putting an extra throttle tube on the left side to insulate the bar from the heating element, I have not done this myself but instead glued on a section of heat shrink tubing to the bar to add some insulation with less worry about the tube coming off the bar, also somewhat cheaper unless you have a scrap throttle tube on hand. I am sure there is a safe way to mount a throttle tube to a left bar, I just never put my mind to it. BTW I am working on a bar conversion and might have a couple bar options up for sale pretty soon, VF1000F clip-ons (similar to VFR800 helibars) and SV650 helibars. -Joel.
  4. The only issue I have that a gear indicator might address is "am I in 6th?" but I could see a gear indicator being useful on the track... or maybe you just want to know your RPM approaching a particular corner and that'd sort it out. For the "am I in 6th?" question I am planning to better memorize RPM and speed in 6th and just correlate those before I try to shift into 7th gear. When approaching a stoplight I like to play "what gear am I in?", counting downshifts while dead-sticking up to a stop. Lately I have gotten that correct nearly all the time. I say "I think I'm in 4th" and click 3-2-look for neutral. If I find the appropriate neutral and get the win light then I done good. Multiple bikes, lack of experience, and goofing with the gearing make the game a little more interesting. *edit* I think what I see in 6th, stock setup, is 3500 - 50mph 4000 - 57-ish 4500 - 65-ish I have a 6th gen front sprocket so my speedo is off a bit but that's what should be seen on a stock 5th gen bike IMO.
  5. JoelF

    No headlights No fuel pump

    The ignition switch itself may be worn out.
  6. If the reservoir ran dry you might need to bleed at the upper banjo bolt, air likes to hide there.
  7. JoelF

    Most miles on a 5th Gen?

    It'd be interesting to see some compression and leakdown numbers on higher km VFR engines, however if performance, mpg and emissions are OK I'd see no reason to replace the engine. I believe one thing I usually see in engines with some blowby is that new oil turns dark quite quickly. I have compression and leakdown gear but no adapter for a VFR spark plug. No idea what that'd cost.

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