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  1. Hi Jamesvfr851, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Got this from the UK site wemoto. Com What I have done is put heatsink paste on the back along with 4 ram heatsink plates fitting the volt meter today, I was supriced to find my origanal connectors where in very good condition so I have used the simple plug and play set up
  3. https://www.wemoto.com/bikes/honda/vfr_800_fi-y/00/picture/regulator_rectifier_-_alternative
  4. Any one used the Mosfet RM30505H?
  5. This is what I have ordered up, 2x USB cool fans for when at idle. But also going to rig up the outher r/r for later date.
  6. Well I think it's running good, not had any issues nor did the last owner, am just thinking how I can keep it working as good as it should.
  7. Hi all so have had my first vfr 2001 5gen for two weeks, and been reading all the r/r issues So looking to find out how to add a cooling fan and also if any one else has added hose running from the front of the bike to the r/r to help cool it? Hose idea I read on a form but the links are now gone. spoken to my mate which was a honda michanic and now a ducati one. So his answer was how long dose a light bulb last, or if its not broke don't fix it which I understand his fought process. Only thing is I don't want stranded in middle of no where. I do have a mosfet rectifier which I got of the newer cbr600rr and have the triumph part no t 2500676 subharnes and the 30amp fuse, so I could do the hole change of the r/r but I have read many mave had same issues with that set up as well. So am looking for ways to cool the r/r before I go doing the r/r change
  8. Looking to find out the price guys have paied in the UK for the majure service at the 32000 mile mark in the UK
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