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  1. Thanks for the advice, I did order 5 new bolts and will just snug them hand tight. I would assume that the tension from the springs will keep these bolts from backing themselves out? Definitely won’t make that mistake again, coulda been cruising around right now had I just snugged them tight.
  2. Yikes that connector looks rough! Mine thankfully is still in good shape. Unfortunately my clutch spring bolts werent, one snapped installing new clutch. Got it out and new ones on the way. Can I just snug them down with new ones? I don’t want them to snap aswell, I was using a torque wrench and following the service manual step by step.
  3. I just got my clutch kit in for my 98 VFR 800 and everything was going pretty smooth. I got new plates soaked and installed in proper orientation, and of course after reading about it in two other posts, I had my first spring bolt snap off in the basket on me. I was able to get it out just fine. My only concern is that when my new ones arrive, they will snap too. Just now ordering them so hopefully they get here before Friday, I was excited because my clutch came early so this is just my luck. I used my torque wrench set at 9ft-lbs and it still snapped. The other bolts don’t look stretched, ho
  4. I am still waiting on my new clutch, will be here Wednesday. After that she will be buttoned back up. I’ve not cleaned her spotless but I tried pretty dam hard. I figure as I do things like rebuilding the suspension and redoing bushings and bearings is when I will get into a serious clean. Just polished all the plastics and got the wheels, frame, and swing arm shining again. There something about this bike, maybe it’s the fact that she’s a more comfortable streetable version of my old rc51. Maybe it’s just the red on black, single sided swing arm, and ahead of her time looks that just gets me
  5. Thanks everyone for the responses. I’ve had some time to work on the bike the ticking did seem to be solved by checking the exhaust. It does still tick just bit but it’s hardly noticeable. Previous owner did not have the slip on properly over the gasket. I also found a crazy amount of chain wax buildup on the lower motor and in the sprocket cover. Few days of cleaning and a bunch of simple green later and she’s pretty clean. Not sure how I didnt see all that when taking a look at it, it was horrible. I put everything back together today including the pushrod for the clutch, nice and polished.
  6. Hello everyone glad to be here, I recently bought a very clean 1998 VFR 800 with 36k on the clock. Hard to find them for cheap in my area while also being this clean. Came with stock windshield, exhaust, Honda service manual, another slip on exhaust, race cover, and a few other goodies. Sound like a good deal at $2400? Looked at another for $2100 with less miles but it sat for 6 years and the owner had to have the tank fixed from rust. Figure fork seals and things of the sort would be dry and go bad quickly making it more expensive in the long run. I only noticed two things I was u
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