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  1. Good. You can spend it on Black Monday. Collect it first.
  2. OH MAN!! Don't get rid of the BMW. The boxer engine is a torque monster that just goes and goes, and goes. BMW makes great bikes. After two of them and zero problems, I know.
  3. FWIW, the 5th, 6th, and now 8th gens. I have owned all had the fan come on at 221 degrees.
  4. That's an idea I would drop if you can see with your OEM set-up. The LED's on an 8th gen. are good for about two car lengths at night but the white light does alert oncoming better in daylight. Anyone used to riding a MC can tell when they're being seen. The OEM sixth gen. are MUCH better for night riding.
  5. Bent

    Where to stay

    Nope. Get an AirBnb. Motels in the area are ridiculously priced. Leaf peepers must have a lot of money or be stupid. I quit tents a LONG time ago.
  6. One of the things that will never happen is a motorcycle with everything easy to access and work on. Dreaming again.......
  7. I know how you do it. No criticism meant. I have slowed down condiserably though.
  8. That's still very good mileage. Don't know how people get over 3K on any kind of rear tire.
  9. Nice ride. Consider ditching that OEM bazooka muffler. Saves a lot of weight depending on the slip on you get.
  10. FromMaine is right. The hub doesn't need to come off. The job is, to me, a messy and PIA job but a shop would do it wrong for too much money. You can do it. I recommend using Honda sprockets. Just my opinion on that.
  11. Rubbed it down with Honda Cleaner/Polish and let it dry. Nobody has come along to wipe it off so I guess I'll have to do it.....
  12. Just got back from 4 days to and from The Great Smoky Mountains riding some of the most technical curves in the country while there. Total: 962 curvy miles the entire way from my driveway. The 8th gen. took almost all of it at high throttle and heavy engine braking with no ill results. Tough bike in the garage. Rode The Dragon too much. It's a dangerous place to be on...don't advise riding it any more. Too many incompetent Hog riders. It is what it is.
  13. I've run through a rising flock of wild turkeys twice. It's a miracle one didn't hit me in the head. Quite a surprise when they're hidden in the shoulder grass and you surprise them and they fly right into you. I ride slower through that area now.
  14. Damn! Someone told me you were kidnapped and the ransom wasn't paid.....
  15. Winter, that's just wrong right now!! I'm enjoying the beginnings of a beautiful Fall!! Going riding in the mountains soon while the leaves fall. To get more specific on chains, I find that overly tight chains cause poor shifting. Right now my shifting is perfect with that crisp "snick" making rev matching easy. I just changed the clutch fluid which can make a difference as well.
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