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  1. "The top speed is lower". This one kills me. Who and why does anyone need to go over 130 mph on a VFR, where and why? The 8th gen. has much more useable lower and mid-range torque. Looks are in the eye of the beholder. The VFR is an obsolete bike in the US thanks to Honda and people that aren't willing to buy new motorcycles at a profit to Honda. Just simple business on Honda's part. I don't blame them for dropping the model in the US. When price is the most important feature of a motorcycle, kiss it goodbye. Harley is having to deal with that now for a change and they're a "dead man walking" product. It already happened to VFR's. Enjoy what you have because they're not coming back in any similar form if at all.
  2. People that ride motorcycles are stupid, idiotic, societal misfits, have poor judgement, are not intelligent, are to be shunned, and will get killed very soon. Anyone else get this the second someone finds out you ride a motorcycle? It gets very old. It also gets very old how overtly these criticizers and others are obviously trying to kill us with their cages. Everyone has a snake, person that got killed on a motorcycle, and dog story to tell the world. Ever notice that? Congratulations for anyone else that has MBD! 😎
  3. Bent

    Tires on sale??

    Nope, none on sale yet but it's only January. Looks like old tires will be the ones to go on sale and they will go on sale...when is the question. I'll wait them out.
  4. Where the heck does one buy them for a VFR/Interceptor? The only place I found they were $295 a set. No thank you on that price unless there's an open ended guarantee which there isn't.
  5. Where can those "things" be bought? Looks enticing to own one.
  6. See, it isn't necessary to knee drag there. Drama and stunt riding on The Dragon is beyond dangerous after being on it, perhaps, too much. Crossing the centerline is is stupidity there. Good line, Switchblade.
  7. Bent

    Tires on sale??

    They're a no go for what I need. I can wait them all out.
  8. Bent

    May Need a Gen 8 Now

    The can would have to be ditched for me.....
  9. I have PTSD from driving automobiles after having what should have been three fatal wrecks for me. I WILL NOT drive near another cage and am uber defensive when driving. At least on my VFR, I have the power to get away from anything on the road. When there is no other vehicle around me, they can't hit me. I also NEVER ride on city streets. A motorcycle is purely rural recreation for me....not transportation. Good luck healing up!
  10. Kudos to you for getting back on "the horse". Hate to bring it up but it sounds like you had a strong basis for a civil lawsuit. I hate that stuff but I also don't like stupidity.....
  11. Bent

    Tires on sale??

    Nope. I've seached every on-line site multiple times and if you want something on sale there aren't any. If you find one with sales let us know. Looking for a rear Angel GT. Apparently, the sales haven't started yet but if they want to sell tires that's the way it will happen. Kind of dismal on tire pricing right now.
  12. Bent

    Ironbutt on my 2014 VFR 800

    That Corbin tail bag is one of two best tools with my VFR. It can hold a lot of stuff. The other best tools are my Pitt Bull front and rear stands. Not stopping often on a motorcycle is dangerous and risky IMHO.
  13. Bent

    She's gone.

  14. Bent

    She's gone.

    Ignore the jerks. They'll never change or add anything of substance here beyond negativity. Your numbers and likeability speak for themselves. 👍
  15. Bent

    Lost the Love

    I got home last night from a trip to South Carolina and in 850 miles both ways, I doubt we were on more than 50 miles of dry road. It was miserable. Welcome to winter in the Southeast.

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