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  1. 2014 RED, Standard VFR/Interceptor for sale. 17-18K miles, never dropped, crashed with zero marks, scratches etc. No aftermarket parts on the bike. Bike is in perfect shape. Chain is good, tires good. Bike DOES have a centerstand. This is basically a perfect specimen. Located in the Southeast. $5250. PM me for details. Bent. UPDATE: The bike sold this morning. Back pain was tearing me up so something had to give. Maybe there's room for a Goldwing, LOL. I'm not dead yet, just bikeless right now. Be careful out there.....Bent....the legend lives on!
  2. My 2014 is on the original Yuasa that came with the bike. That's all I need to know about batteries. It starts and runs like it was new.
  3. FOR SALE: 2014 Honda Interceptor/VFR. Standard model WITH center-stand. Color is red. The motorcycle has never been dropped or crashed. There is not a scratch or mark on it and it has 17800 miles on it. Runs like it should, chain and tires in good condition. Ready to ride anywhere with a full tank of gas. This bike has a Honda Center-stand and Delkevic 14" slip on and OEM muffler if you want it. Serious inquires only call me at: 256-655-0940 or email me at: jbrm@me.com for pictures. Price: $5500 cash or USPS money order. Located in northern Alabama
  4. A 2018 Trek Domane SL5 with disc brakes and an old Lemond Buenos Aires. I like both of them, one as much as the other.
  5. Thanks Terry Cloth. Sometimes I really wonder. I decided to have a Labor Day weekend with no pain so I took a lot of naps, LOL!
  6. Roadsmarts will be my next tire. Dunlop seems to be less costly than my fav. Angel GT's that I can never find discounted. They sure do wear great though.
  7. Anyone here ever change just the oil and leave the filter in? I generally change every 4K but have been doing it based on time because it doesn't get 4K miles on it in a year any more. Was thinking it's such a PIA changing the filter and that it holds so little oil I may just drain it and refill it. Knowing me, I would just go ahead and do the filter too but just asking if anyone else does it. When it does get ridden, it gets very hard riding in twisties at high rpms. What say others?
  8. I beat the snot out of my VFR Sunday, put her up and always wonder how they take it without blowing up. The Angel GT rear is holding up amazingly well too. Tires are better than they used to be.
  9. I too remember that one like it was yesterday too. I saw this tractor-trailer coming straight at me (us) in the middle of the sharp(ish) curve so I made more room the only way I could which was to go to the outside while in an apex. (not a natural thing to do!) which was breaking a normal line and going to the outside line. Thankfully, the truck driver cut his steering wheel right into the solid rock facing and destroyed the right side of his truck and trailer for our butts. All that when almost back to Franklin from just a quick trip to the Gap Store. I feel for the truck driver but he sa
  10. Honda Civic which I have. 40+ mpg., goes well, and while plain Jane, is the best buy I ever made in a car including a Z06 piece of garbage quality.
  11. Angel GT's. They're expensive but last a long time and the edges, after yesterday, gripped superbly. Got a Cycle Gear flyer in the mail this weekend with rear Bridgestone T30's for $99 and I'll pass on them. Bridgestones beat me up too badly. Hard sidewalls. Never will one be on my wheels again.
  12. If you look at the numbers, a VFR will outrun a lot of cars out there. That said, how much risk do you want to take? I would say I was outrun by an old but "fixed up" Mustang yesterday. I proved to him I could hang with him but the speeds got too high on a curvy road and I had no intention of doing that when I left home so I wanted to make it home. At a stop sign, I pulled up next to the car and it was beautiful sitting there with loping cam. Sometimes people make you want to play but be careful.
  13. Glad you're OK. The Blueridge is a great place to ride or drive slow. I'd like to do it again with the spousal unit. We've done it before and find it hard to drive fast the scenery is so good. It's also a great place to get a FEDERAL speeding ticket. Those boys tend to take no prisoners. Speaking of bicycles, I rode my new Trek carbon fiber hard last Saturday then rode the VFR hard Sunday and am paying for it today. Fun doesn't suck though, LOL!
  14. Yep, I remember that guy Bent. I have only been on Wayah Road once since then so don't know what condition it is in. TMAC used to be a 60 rider event that was not to be missed. The old Franklin Motel has been bulldozed. Many stories were told at that place. We used to rent the entire motel for the weekend. I remember TimC, MaxSwell, Katherine, Sweeper, and too many others to name. Sadly, the event has faded away as faces have changed through the years. I took a trip to the area two years ago and it is not nearly as infested with sport bikes as in years past. Parking Harleys at The Ga
  15. I use OEM filters because they're good, cheap and I don't worry about oil filters. I think Honda knows what filters to brand for their motorcycles. Just another opinion. Let us know what is causing your leak. That one sounds strange.
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