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  1. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    As my post said, I use Amsoil for my reason which is not an opinion but my experience. What difference does it make to anyone else why anyone uses what they use? This and BLS's shot is why I and a lot of other people hate oil threads. They go nowhere and this one is has brought out the worst in some self proclaimed experts. It just doesn't matter how someone thinks someone else spends THEIR money on THEIR bike. Some people need to get a life. I'm happy with mine.
  2. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    No I'm not going to do that just because you think you deserve an answer to an unnecessarily useless question and yes, I can buy it cheaper than Mobil 1 motorcycle oil.. I thought you were above that. None of the oils you posted where made for motorcycles with wet clutches. You think you know more than cycle manufacturers? I don't. I just don't fall for those kind of cheap shots and yes, I can buy it cheaper in local retail establishments. Price isn't the reason I buy it anyway as stated in my post. Why don't you just call me a liar and don't be patronizing to me while you're at it, Bud. You're not going to buy oil from the Southeast anyway so why ask that kind of question? Any credibility you might have had went out the window with me. If you don't like someone's post just pass on it but don't post that kind of useless shit in a thread that started out with a good question. Your kind of antagonism has no place here.
  3. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I can buy it cheaper at 3 motorcycle shops where I live cheaper than Mobil 1 and if I want to buy Amsoil even cheaper, I can mail order it. Again, the only reason I use it is because my transmissions shift better. That is indisputable by anyone because I'm the only one that rides my bike. Over and out on this thread for me. Oil threads contain subjective information or opinions 99% of the time. My opinion for me is all I care about. I've still never have heard of an engine failure in any kind of engine that had manufacturer's recommended oil in, changed on time, so it really isn't an issue for me. It's no different than bath soap. Just take a bath!
  4. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    It can have caramel flavoring in it and I don't care. Like I said, it's a dollar a quart cheaper than Mobil 1 where I live, I've ridden three VFR's very hard for many years with Amsoil in them, I never have had a lubrication problem using it (or any other branded oil in any kind of engine in my lifetime), it is the oil that, for some reason, my bike shifts best, so that's why I use it. No, I don't like their marketing methods but I don't trust Mobil 1 any longer because they're always coming out with a special oil for every circumstance they can think of (oil for yearly changes...really?). Oil in a VFR is just not that complicated. Like a lot of people, I change mine at 4K miles instead of the recommended 8K miles and it just works with no lube issues. I think this is another dreaded oil thread......
  5. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    How does Amsoil hurt me? I think it helps me in that it helps my VFR run and shift very well compared to other oils. I don't like their marketing, it does cost a dollar LESS than other premium brands of synthetic oil, and I am not a zombie. My next of kind just doesn't care about this subject so that should save you some time. Have a nice day! ; )
  6. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Amsoil 10W-40 because the transmissions on every VFR I've owned (3) shifts best with that oil and I use a Honda OEM filter.
  7. Bent

    I could not ride today because ...

    I'm with you on that MaxSwell. If I ride, like thtanner said, it's early in the morning in the summer. The AC in my cages work really well ; ). Also, it's really easy to dehydrate (read dangerous) on a bike because the wind is drying off most of the sweat. I did ride a little over 200 miles early last Saturday morning but that was the limit with the healing rotator cuff. It hurt Sunday.
  8. You can have the last word. it just isn't as important to me.
  9. Bent

    I could not ride today because ...

    I dunno MaxSwell. I don't think it was my imagination riding home one day from Western NC and it seemed hot. I pushed the dash button and the temp. readout was 99 degrees. I know it wasn't hot but it sure did seem like it with my mesh riding stuff on.
  10. Bent

    I could not ride today because ...

    No, we just ride naked....
  11. Most aftermarket cans are anything but noisy. Harley has the noise market cornered.
  12. Bent

    I could not ride today because ...

    Maxwell, how long does it take to install chains on your wheels? Does that affect the ride quality much? Cornering still good?
  13. The 8th gen,. muffler itself should be illegal for being so hideous. Reminds me of one of the reasons I ditched mine. It alone makes the bike uglier than any kind of paint job.

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