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  1. Bent


    Wait until you replace them with real tires and you'll see where we're coming from. I've been on The Dragon with them too and in hindsight, I was stupid to do that.
  2. Bent

    Ironbutt on my 2014 VFR 800

    Thanks. Same applies in cage driving I've noticed. It's very hard to make up time with speed. However, for some reason, I make better time on a motorcycle. I don't ride on busy roadways but rather backroads that get me to the same destination so I guess it's not having to deal with passing or slowing for cages, trucks, and the driving stupidity that goes with them ; )
  3. Bent

    Ironbutt on my 2014 VFR 800

    How much did you exceed the "suggested speeds"? I think it would be fun and the stock seat doesn't bother me at all but doing the numbers posted on those strange signs seems impractical. Just curious.
  4. Bent


    In hindsight, I would have pulled the D222's off and trashed them, then put on some real tires. They're a downright dangerous tire. It's hard to throw away a new tire but not in this case. I wouldn't even give them to anyone else to use they're such dangerous non-performers. Honda should be ashamed.
  5. Bent

    Perfect weather

    Well, boys and girls, the weather is perfect in the southern twisties. My time of year. I'm going for a local twisty ride today then wait a little longer and maybe hit western NC. After three shoulder surgeries in less than a year, that may be a challenge but it isn't a MotoGP venture. This is the time of year the Smoky Mountains really light up. Only issue is wet leaves on the roadways. They're like grease if they're there. They haven't fallen yet but soon will. I need a new rear Angel GT. Anyone know where they're on sale?
  6. Recreational mountain twisty riding only. I never ride in any city's limits that I can avoid. I can ride back county roads in the 325 miles to W. NC mountains with only 4 miles of interstate and only through tiny towns. I won't ride near cages, thus only remote county road riding. The mountains start at the bottom of my driveway.
  7. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Thank you for the information. I don't use 10W-30 oil in anything I own. I use what functions and works best in my motorcycle and other equipment with gasoline burning engines. I have to doubt that Amsoil uses Mobil 1 as it's base since Amsoil has been manufactured longer than Mobil 1 has been. It really doesn't matter. As I've stated many times, I have yet to ever see an engine fail due to oil failure when the manufacturer's recommended oil was used and changed on time. THAT's what counts. Maybe that's why I own three cages with over 500K miles on them combined (one with 253K miles that is currently on a 1500 mile round trip) and none of them consume oil and all of them run as good as the day they were new. None of them have Mobil 1 in them either. Cost is not a factor I care about either so that might be meaningful to other people. I'm glad you're happy with your oil. I'm happy with mine. Onward for a beautiful Sunday in paradise.
  8. I would never sell a bike without cash in hand. If they drop it or damage it, they bought it. Experienced riders drop and wreck bikes but some sellers are not so risk averse so it's up to you. FWIW.
  9. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I call bullshit. To say that 90% of motorcycle specific oil is like auto oil is an issue I would bet against. it's ridiculous. A few pictures of a few Japanese on motorcycles proves nothing. I use a motorcycle specific Amsoil oil and I'd like to see YOUR valid test data proving it isn't motorcycle specific. Secondly, you have no need to know what my local market is for the pricing on motorcycle oil and to question it is essentially calling me a liar when I have no reason to. You need to be more careful in how you interact with people. Nobody knows everything including experienced mechanics. I've used Amsoil in three different VFR's and two other brands of bikes requiring motorcycle specific oil with zero problems. I think I'll depend on the owner's manual instead of a couple of Honda engineers that likely have no authority You don't know who in the Honda organization specs. oil or why they specified motorcycle specific oil. Only two engineers you met don't know unless they are the only two that had anything to do with specifying Honda VFR oil. Honda employs thousands of engineers. If VFR clutches are engineered to work with auto oil, it would logically be specified that way in the owner's manual. This is an oil thread and what someone else uses might as well be respected because this is what happens when it isn't. Otherwise, I think you have a lot of good things to offer the forum but owner's manuals have a lot to do with vehicles lasting a long time and performing well, not anecdotal shallow based information used to discredit other people for no productive cause or reason other than it goes against what you believe.
  10. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I agree with you. I just look past that and use what works best in my motorcycle.
  11. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    As my post said, I use Amsoil for my reason which is not an opinion but my experience. What difference does it make to anyone else why anyone uses what they use? This and BLS's shot is why I and a lot of other people hate oil threads. They go nowhere and this one is has brought out the worst in some self proclaimed experts. It just doesn't matter how someone thinks someone else spends THEIR money on THEIR bike. Some people need to get a life. I'm happy with mine.
  12. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    No I'm not going to do that just because you think you deserve an answer to an unnecessarily useless question and yes, I can buy it cheaper than Mobil 1 motorcycle oil.. I thought you were above that. None of the oils you posted where made for motorcycles with wet clutches. You think you know more than cycle manufacturers? I don't. I just don't fall for those kind of cheap shots and yes, I can buy it cheaper in local retail establishments. Price isn't the reason I buy it anyway as stated in my post. Why don't you just call me a liar and don't be patronizing to me while you're at it, Bud. You're not going to buy oil from the Southeast anyway so why ask that kind of question? Any credibility you might have had went out the window with me. If you don't like someone's post just pass on it but don't post that kind of useless shit in a thread that started out with a good question. Your kind of antagonism has no place here.
  13. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I can buy it cheaper at 3 motorcycle shops where I live cheaper than Mobil 1 and if I want to buy Amsoil even cheaper, I can mail order it. Again, the only reason I use it is because my transmissions shift better. That is indisputable by anyone because I'm the only one that rides my bike. Over and out on this thread for me. Oil threads contain subjective information or opinions 99% of the time. My opinion for me is all I care about. I've still never have heard of an engine failure in any kind of engine that had manufacturer's recommended oil in, changed on time, so it really isn't an issue for me. It's no different than bath soap. Just take a bath!
  14. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    It can have caramel flavoring in it and I don't care. Like I said, it's a dollar a quart cheaper than Mobil 1 where I live, I've ridden three VFR's very hard for many years with Amsoil in them, I never have had a lubrication problem using it (or any other branded oil in any kind of engine in my lifetime), it is the oil that, for some reason, my bike shifts best, so that's why I use it. No, I don't like their marketing methods but I don't trust Mobil 1 any longer because they're always coming out with a special oil for every circumstance they can think of (oil for yearly changes...really?). Oil in a VFR is just not that complicated. Like a lot of people, I change mine at 4K miles instead of the recommended 8K miles and it just works with no lube issues. I think this is another dreaded oil thread......
  15. Bent

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    How does Amsoil hurt me? I think it helps me in that it helps my VFR run and shift very well compared to other oils. I don't like their marketing, it does cost a dollar LESS than other premium brands of synthetic oil, and I am not a zombie. My next of kind just doesn't care about this subject so that should save you some time. Have a nice day! ; )

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