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  1. Might want to ride Warwoman road out of Clayton then circle back for food. the east end of it is fun.
  2. The 6th gen. VTEC engagement is an issue only if the rider makes it one. Ride one enough in the twisties and VTEC engagement in the middle of a curve can easily be dealt with, with a smooth and skilled throttle hand. It never bothered me but it does take some repetition and acceptance that with enough riding it's not an issue. That's my experience with a lot of miles on 5th, 6th, and 8th gen. ownership.
  3. How well I know Maxswell. I rode 200 miles in the twisties yesterday. Because the weather was perfect, everyone and their pet dog was out including in the middle of nowhere which is where I like to ride. Because people were everywhere on the roads it was not fun, much more tiring dealing with people that like to speed up when I come up behind them (the definition of stupidity), I was worn out when I got home and am now, the next day. It kills me how some Harley dudes speed up when I come up behind them, over-riding their abilities. I just stayed behind one on a very twisty road and let him enjoy himself. Could have passed but just let him "enjoy" his stupidity and obvious discomfort. I'll never understand why people speed up when a motorcycle that can pass them anytime they want comes up behind them. I just let them go until they get tired of over-driving their vehicle and skills, then pass. A VFR in third gear will go pass anything on four wheels.
  4. Put the bike back to stock, put the thermostat back on and you have a better starting place to solve problems. Taking the thermostat out so it will ride cooler indicates a problem that should have been fixed properly. A VFR will run cool enough in very hot weather. Sounds like you have a cluster--k to deal with as the bike is now. Put it back to stock, then solve problems right.
  5. Start the engine. If it doesn't crap out, you'll know it didn't go down a throttle body....if that's even possible.
  6. Bent

    Tires on sale??

    Murphy is alive and well. Some people say it's not necessary to "break in" new tires any longer. It may not be for them, but it is for me. I've spun a rear brand new tire badly so I'll just take the very little effort to avoid this. Glad you didn't come out worse. Maxwell.
  7. Bent

    Tires on sale??

    The "drama" is over with a new Angel GT on the rear. My LBS let me know they will deal with me well on Dunlops next time. I'm not paying a premium for Pirellis again. Breaking it in tomorrow and yes, I still believe that's a wise thing to do.
  8. Bent

    Old Tires

    Being different, I've run old tires very hard with no issues. Look for cracks first but if none, go for it. Tires are incredibly strong things.
  9. I've had a 5th gen., 6th gen., and now an 8th gen standard. The 8th gen., by far has the best low and mid-range torque provided you put a slip on on it. Better low end torque and weight is what I wanted from it and it worked. It has been problem free including no electrical problems. I have no idea what top speed is because there's nothing to do going that fast on a VFR. For me, the 5th and 6th gens. handled better. I can't feel the reduction in weight at all. I need to adjust the front suspension on the 8th gen. The Deluxe has a pitiful turn signal cancel, and dubious traction control. Only reason to get it is if you like ABS. I don't. The front can be changed on the standard in spite of wrong opinion. That sums it up. I run the shit out of mine in nothing but twisties so that's all it sees and it does well. My engine ought to be work out but never hear of that in a VFR. FWIW.
  10. Another option is to strengthen core muscles. That helps in doing anything physical and may negate the "need" for risers.
  11. Going to put a new rear tire on it then ride it this weekend. Weather is supposed to be perfect for doing anything outside.
  12. Try staying very hydrated (you will stop for breaks more often ; ), and that helps with joint pain for me. I go to my doctor next week for another back check up. One thing they have drilled into me is to not have back surgery. It is the last resort they say. I've had a somewhat bulging disc (even last time we rode together) but other things are going on. Building up core muscle has helped a lot in riding and everything else.
  13. Thanks Sweeper. You caused me to look at my calendar again and there are some things that just can't be moved. I considered selling my VFR due to back issues that have been ongoing but I rode a little yesterday and I can deal with it now I think. I might try to make it over there later in May or June. I used to go alone a few times a year. No doubt it's a great group. It has for sure been too long. I'm not older at all....maybe a little wiser and slower.....
  14. Nope, working that week. Might ride over there.the weekend of the 17th as a loner if the weather forecast is dry. I love the area and it's been too long. BTW, it ALWAYS rains during TMAC.
  15. Time to replace the OEM battery, finally after 5 years. Is it necessary to keep power to the bike to keep from losing data such as mileage, clock time etc, or just yank out the old one a put in the new one? I know on some cars, it's necessary to keep power going through the system. Thanks.
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