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  1. BMW Roadster

    I want another boxer. I need to get rid of some other gasoline engine powered equipment first. Anyone ever add up the number of gasoline powered equipment you own? Some of them get to be a PIA. BMW came up with a winner with their boxers design. Torque galore.
  2. Not really. I just assume they aren't good by now and adjust my riding accordingly and try not to ride after dark.
  3. I recently drove through Iowa (ugh) and on a long stretch of nearly vacant interstate, there was a run over deer about every 100 to 150 yards. I would hate to travel that road often or at night. If you don't turn off your turn signals with discipline, cars behind you will give your signaling no credibility and start assuming what you will or won't do. It's a good way to get hurt. Also, what MaxSwell said.
  4. I almost never look at my gear indicator. Just more useless complication IMO. Used to not having one. I also very seldom forget to turn off turn signals. I'm usually awake when riding.....
  5. May sell my '14

    Get the boat and keep the bike. Dutchy is right. The 8th gen. standard is the best gen. yet (arguably, and I won't) and has shown no chronic electrical problems yet. Oh, damn, it's 6 mph slower on top end......
  6. BMW Roadster

    Awesome looking specimen there. The 1150 vibrated more than the 1200's that followed it but who cares because boxers just vibrate. The boxer will probably last longer than you do if taken care. Some of them burn oil forever, some finally break in. Oil is cheap. The boxer is a torque monster that's fun to play with in the twisties or anywhere for that matter. You do need to check the valves every 6K miles as they will need adjustment if it's like the 1200's. I liked the suspension on my 1200. Regardless of what anybody thinks, BMW does make a great bike after going through two of them. They can take a beating and last forever if you keep things adjusted and do the usual things intelligent people do....like read the manual. Have fun with it. Wish I had it. Somebody has taken care of it if appearance is an indicator.
  7. Angled Valve Stems

    My local and good independent cycle shop won't sell angled valve stems or put them on a bike. I can see where they're coming from if you think about it. Angled stems don't even make my list of what to be concerned about.
  8. It's definitely worth traveling to but not by motorcycle unless you just enjoy interstate riding, which I don't....
  9. Lost the Love

    Just tripped across this thread this morning. A LOT of people have "lost the love" or moved on to other things....or just aged. Many of the posters, including me, never missed a day of not being on this forum 10-12 or more years ago. It used to be a VERY active forum with more informal mountain riding in my area, more interest in bikes, etc., more socializing, etc. TMAC's used to be bigger with us taking up the entire Franklin Motel before it was bulldozed away. Motorcycling just isn't as popular as it used to be as I see in my much less frequent trips to the Smoky's. There's new generations moving in and other's moving out. I also think "The Great Recession" affected how people spend their money and time. It is what it is.
  10. VFR 800 F - Development story

    In what context does this really matter and the numbers come from some website? How about spending the same amount of time and energy improving rider capabilities? Then the times matter even less......just sayin'........ How many people go from zero to "fast", how often and why?
  11. Get outta the horrid traffic in Atanta by going straight north to North Ga. and Western NC. Some of the best riding in the country.
  12. VFR 800 F - Development story

    LOL!!!!! Everybody knows the VFR is a drag racer......LOL!!!
  13. Tires!

    Life must be good if this is worth going ballistic over.
  14. VFR 800 F - Development story

    Why not just ride the bike? If you like it, get it, if you don't like it, don't get it. So hard......
  15. Ageing can have its rewards?

    So true but so is good body position on the bike. Pain will make one learn better body position.

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