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  1. I don't know why "deer hunting" is called hunting, they're so common where I live. I call it deer shooting. They wonder around my backyard like they own the place but woe be to me if I shoot one. They've become pests AFAIC. A lot of people agree with that. Our govt. always knows what's best when it comes to "wildlife conservation" though. Don't know that I agree with the map either. It's from State Farm. An insurance company with nothing but increasing rates as their main concern. Ask me how I know.
  2. And to think that at one time deer were rare in North America until they rebounded for various reasons. At least in The South it happened..
  3. And, I for one, appreciate your efforts, HS. I know we all do.
  4. Agree with BrianF. We used to have a Miata and, IMO, they are one of the most under-estimated twisty cars out there. They will never win a drag race but when you have a 2400 pound car on pretty sticky tires, low center of gravity with a decent driver, it will do pretty well in Western NC. What I hated about it was the way other drivers tried bullying me around when I was driving it. Some warped people think they are "girls cars" and I found tailgating and aggressive driving when I was in mine was, for some unknown reason, very common. I could drive it away from or around anyone in traffic and found myself doing it when I really didn't want to have to drive that way. Anyway, getting rid of it was one of the bigger mistakes I've made. They are very fun to drive. One thing I would do when I had "fasty" cars was to take them out to very large, clean, no light pole, parking lots and find out the "lose grip point". It's good to know for any car you own. On the bike vs. car thing, it's always the rider or driver more than the vehicle.
  5. I use OEM filters because they're good, cheap and I don't worry about oil filters. I think Honda knows what filters to brand for their motorcycles. Just another opinion. Let us know what is causing your leak. That one sounds strange.
  6. Nevermind The Constitution. Amazing how quickly some people follow the herd instinct into Nazi-ism. Swain county is up for lawsuits as are many other jurisdictions. Problem is, no govt. "institution" would be like to hear any of that. Power corrupts. Motorcycles are just too much fun to allow them to operate...... Where there is a will, there is a way. Is camping on private property likely to be discovered?
  7. Enya. All of it should last you a while. She is one of the most talented people on the planet. Sings in 10 different languages, is beautiful, net worth 140 milliion, so she qualifies as my goddess to spend time with. Did I say she is rich and drop dead gorgeous? She checks all the boxes. It's a shame she doesn't know me, LOL! One of the very most talented but not the most well known composer, instrument players, and singers of all time. Did I say I'm in love with her, LOL!
  8. There are many better places to ride in the area besides Deal's Gap for challenging twistie fun. I would rather have an accident (actually better to not have one) that was my fault than the fault of some incompetent idiot on a machine that should never have been on The Gap with any kind of rider(s) on it. i. e. What's a Harley with two 350# riders doing on Deal's Gap for a common example?
  9. Bent

    Pilot Road 2 clearance

    Michelin went astray a long time ago shortly after the very successful PR2 was changed into expensive abominable tires. Michelin now sells off their name only. Their new tires are pricey failures IMO..
  10. Bent

    Pilot Road 2 clearance

    Good tires just too pricey.
  11. There is no shortage of idiots everywhere. With a "stay at home" order, I won't be going anywhere for too long.
  12. I use OEM oil filters, Honda uses them, they are easy to find, including, non Honda service and repair shops and I know what I am getting. Once again, the only serious issue I've ever heard of was from many K&N oil filters that have very suddenly "dumped" oil all over the road that the rear tire rolls right over with potential catastrophic results for the rider. If not catastrophic results, then wherever it happens, there you are. The sudden dumping is due to the faulty welded nut on the end of the filter. VFRWORLD has good pictures of it with results on the road. Seeing is believing.
  13. If you haven't read about the many near death experiences caused directly from K&N filters, you need to look it up. Not kidding on that. Hell with the oil issue. I have yet to hear of an oil related engine failure in over 20 years of reading VFR forums. Just use oil in them and change it when you feel like it. DO NOT use K&N filters. Look it up.
  14. My wife and I are the speed bleeders on our 8th gen. The job is so simple, we don't see the "why". You need a third hand anyway. DO keep brake fluid off of anything, while you're at keeping it off of paint. Bleeding clutch and brake fluid is very easy.
  15. Listen to MaxSwell. He knows of what he speaks.
  16. Get rid of the 6th gen and buy the bike. I've owned a 5th, 6th, and 8th gen. The 8th gen. has "it all together" much better than the other two gens. You won't notice the VTEC kicking in at all, it has MUCH more lower end usable torque good for twisties and just riding around in almost any gear. It doesn't care which gear it's in at all but very high speeds. Mine has had zero problems in 17+K miles. Second reason to get it,.........we would all think you're a "bad person" if you don't.......LOL! Seriously, I like my 8th better than the 6th gen. by far. I ride hard in twisties and it's a good bike for that provided you put a good slip-on, on it. Mine has a Delkevic which is cheap but nice looking and gave it even more low end torque. Don't know what's on it from your pic. Don't be a "bad person", be a man about it and let us know. BTW, asking price is asking price. Everything is negotiable. Read the book, "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss. Chris is not a "bad person"......LOL!
  17. There is one for sale in the Southeast. Mine. No supply shortage!
  18. You can buy mine. Red, standard, 17K miles, good tires, perfect condition, price to be determined.
  19. Good lord! That's a lot of VFR riding. I don't think I'd want to look at it again for a while after a ride like that!
  20. Read my mind. Get the dog sitter and stay home with her. Might be more fun...... The ride is on a bad weekend for me, again.
  21. Welcome back GG. Look forward to your good habit of posting pics. You should know that there is some "talk" of banning you for coming back with the incorrect color and talk of keeping it stock. Two mistakes in one post can get you in some real trouble. That OEM can is a sinfully heavy and ugly monster. A 14" Delkevic will cure all of that for not too much money but you know that. Also improves very low end torque for those mountain twisties in Florida. No problem really and nice to see you admit your mistake of selling your first VFR (even if it's the wrong color too). I have no room to talk. Only one trip to Western NC since you left. Not enough riding is my sin so it's all in fun....though brutal, I know, LOL! Be careful out there. We need some infrastructure.
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