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  1. beautiful bike, just goes to show these gems are still out there somewhere
  2. what a bunch of CNUTS for having your bike away, stunning looking bit of kit and surely going to be hard to shift, hopefully it will turn up undamaged once they realise how much of a 'one off' they have nicked
  3. replaced mine as the original went all 'mushy" and sticky maybe worth replacing anyway
  4. I have fitted this brand risers to my 750FV and they are great, easy to fit and made a surprising difference considering they are only a 20mm height increase, nicely made as well, recommended imho
  5. another "Senior moment" !
  6. cannot see anything posted
  7. Pro bolts do a kit for this model, not cheap they have some kind of Ceramic coating on them as well, I bought three fairing bolts in Stainless steel with the collars and plastic washers from a company called Speedy Fasteners, they were £2.50p each they came up nice after I polished them up with my Dremel Stainless Steel Fairing Kit Honda VFR750 FR-FV Quick Release exc VAT£127.75 inc VAT£153.30 Part Number: MFHO135QRSS
  8. thanks for the replies, only have one email account at the moment, will persevere for a while, it is strange as it shows that I am an 'insider' and how many posts etc I have
  9. just wondering if I am the only person that uses this website (probably not) but I have not been able to post anything on it recently as I keep getting a message that 'I have not been able to receive emails and to change details', I also keep being told that I do not 'have enough privileges' to be able to post anything, anyone have any ideas as I have re entered my email address a few times and no difference and also emailed the forum to ask what is the problem but not had a ny replies to my query, thanks
  10. Hello, nice looking bike, where about in the Cotswolds are you, I used to live in Witney a lovely part of the world
  11. Excellent, as previous posters have said 'thanks for posting', I wonder what he actually thought about how quick the R1 actually was for him as it is a very quick bike
  12. I used to live in Newcastle, NSW and seem to remember a truck driving mate tell that the Putty road was a dodgy road for accidents, is that right??
  13. scottbott

    Dragon 2010

    looks so different without the VFR stickers, nice looking bike
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