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  1. great looking bike and in the 'fastest' colour, not that I am biased in any way!
  2. what a shit trick, hopefully it will be found not too damaged but would you want it back after some scrote has had it away, bastards
  3. wow, sounded like a nice crackle to the exhaust on the over run
  4. what does the servicing cost on one of those?, always liked them but once had a Ducati 851 and that was expensive and could not afford something like that to chuck an expensive wobbly, great looking bit of kit though
  5. scottbott

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    I used to live in Newcastle, NSW and seem to remember a truck driving mate tell that the Putty road was a dodgy road for accidents, is that right??
  6. tinned copper is what I was thinking as well, if so it should give good anti corrosion properties, one thing less to worry about
  7. scottbott

    Dragon 2010

    looks so different without the VFR stickers, nice looking bike
  8. maybe it was 'dropped' there by a previous owner and has been laying there for a while, sorry no other suggestions
  9. I went to Le Mans on the back of a mates TDM, the earlier one and was well comfortable on it, always liked the look of the earlier model but the later one sounded better I wonder if anyone ever put the earlier bodywork onto a later model frame, would be the best of both worlds for me I reckon
  10. those wheels are stunning, excellent
  11. yes the very same, he has an excellent show room his 'older' second hand bikes are amazing god knows where he finds them, nice little cafe there as well
  12. I had some of the 'fuel rails' replaced as they had cracks in them so everything was replaced, it was done by Chris Walker Motor Cycles in Grantham, he is a Kawasaki dealer and very good as well, I went to them as I had the bike on their Dyno shortly before I had my fuel leak that alerted me to the problem
  13. had mine replaced last year but used genuine parts probably payed way too much though
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