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  1. Come over to WA....that's Western Australia to all you foreigners!🤣 You'll soon find out what it's like to ride in a "breeze"! In this part of the world, WA = Windy Always! I read somewhere once that Perth is the 2nd windiest CAPITOL city in the world (where I live). There's lots of argument as to which is the windiest....Chicago, Wellington NZ, etc. but it doesn't matter. I've just turned 71 and I can still punt my '01 VFR around our windy traps! 😎
  2. Thanks for the reply Nat. At over AUD400 for a replacement from DSS (and that's before freight, duties etc.), I looked locally and can purchase the assembly for just over $200!! 🤔 The leak is not that bad....more a "weep", but it will need seeing to.
  3. So how did you go with the install? Re the S/S headers, did you have any issues?
  4. Hi folks, my 2nd master brake cylinder (LHS F) is leaking....not severely, but bad enough. For those of you that have experience, should I replace the piston set (4562MBG006/016) or do the joint set as well (45630MBG016/026). Another option I found is the K&L Front Brake Caliper 2nd Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 0107-099. All suggestions gratefully received, reviewed and acted upon!! 😊 (Also posted on our sister site)
  5. I may well be wrong, but according to my search on the DP Brakes site, they don't do HH+ pads for the 5th Gen.
  6. Great pic mate!👍 Curious as to your riding gear (leathers?) and also the boot model/style....Alpinestars?
  7. I can somewhat relate to your quandary Doubled. I recently let my heart rule my head (I seem to do this often 😕) and purchased a 2001 model with just 13,000klms on the clock. No proof of service etc. other than the seller's words. The bike is still a good buy, but not worth the seller's asking price (I did talk him down some). I find enjoyment in fixing other folk's lack of mechanical knowledge or enthusiasm but it's to my cost! Oh well, at nearly 71 it's not a big deal anymore. My advice would be to take the higher mileage, genuinely serviced offering. As someone e
  8. No, the DSH95 is a dark metallic grey, which matches the colour of the heat shield.
  9. Thanks guys! 👍 Lorne, that's the exact reason I want to take it off.....it has some scuffing etc. so I thought I'd remove it and repaint. EDIT: Further to the above advice, after removing the master cyl. bolts I still couldn't tease the shield out. After perusing the service manual, I loosened the pivot nut so that I could pull the footpeg holder out a tad and was then able to remove the shield. I have the required tools incl. torque wrench to tighten the pivot nut after re-installing the shield. With the help of a local Honda motorcycle restorer and long
  10. Hi folks, I need to remove the heat shield on the RHS near the foot peg ('01 Gen5). I refer to the metal shield which is held by two bolts towards the front, and another bolt holding the brake proportioning. Are there any tips/tricks with this as I'm having trouble removing it. TIA
  11. Thanks for the welcome! Only have a couple of crappy pics so far but will provide much more (including places) in the coming days/weeks/months! 😉
  12. Hi folks, have just acquired a 2001 VFR800 with just 13,000kms on the clock. Look forward to learning from all you experienced Viffer mob.🙂 Have ridden a vast array of bikes over the years. Have 2 other classic bikes in the stable....a '72 CB500K1 and a '78 Suzuki GS750E. Cheers, Himble (Andy) Perth, Western Australia. (West of Everywhere)
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