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  1. I would need to win the lottery to be able to afford a new DCT Goldwing but it looks a fabulous thing, do not like the grey/mud whatever the hell it is called colour though
  2. interesting thread which I have bookmarked for future use, I have had my 4th gen nearly 5 years now and the previous owner "recommissioned" the bike after a long layoff and everything that I have had to do has been great as he did what he actually said he did, mine is a nice dry only bike unless I get caught out in rain so hopefully I will not have this trouble but I have not done this job yet, when I adjusted the chain it was as smooth a silk to do, again thanks to the previous owner, maybe a job for the winter, thanks to LittleBusyShop for the photo description
  3. nice looking bike you have there and it is in the "best" colour, imho
  4. have been looking for this book but it is very expensive, will still keep looking just in case I see a bargin
  5. £550 !!, blimey that was a good price, how good is the bodywork?, looks good in photo's, lucky you
  6. sounds like things have been a bit crap for you and your wife, hope it works out for you both and the bike gets finished
  7. no photo's showing for me so bit of a difficult read
  8. good news, hopefully they will keep all the workers and no redundancies
  9. looks like you got a great bike there and a very good read watching what you are doing, best of luck with it
  10. http://v4dreams.com/maintenance.html, never seen this site before and plenty of excellent reading, love the removal of the footpegs and may try and locate a second hand pair to play around with so I can keep my originals
  11. I used to live in Newcastle, NSW and seem to remember a truck driving mate tell that the Putty road was a dodgy road for accidents, is that right??
  12. scottbott

    Dragon 2010

    looks so different without the VFR stickers, nice looking bike
  13. maybe it was 'dropped' there by a previous owner and has been laying there for a while, sorry no other suggestions
  14. those wheels are stunning, excellent
  15. Hi scottbott, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  16. stunning looking, love it
  17. scottbott


    my Viffer
  18. scottbott

    the bike

    From the album: scottbott

  19. just downloaded this manual,looks pretty interesting,lots to look at,thanks for posting
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