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  1. It was windy and rained a lot in the first three hours, but the last 2 were fun. Excited for the next 2 days.
  2. Taking mine on a trip, 5 hours each way and riding in between. Pretty stoked 🙂.
  3. It shouldn’t just snap. Probably just slowly cracked from your drop or crash years ago.
  4. I’ve had very similar issues. It’s all micro issues, but it bothers me. I wish my VFR revved smoothly with throttle application throughout the rev range out of gear. Eh whatever, runs great when in gear. As for the pair snorkel etc... doesn’t make much sense to modify. For some reason my flapper is totally disabled electrically and I can’t figure out why.
  5. Mine did this when the idle was too high. Just a thought.
  6. I got 20k miles on my Versys with the BT-023's. I really liked those tires.
  7. S21's are amazingly priced right now. They are going to be on my R6 and on the VFR this year. I'm pretty excited to run them!
  8. Everything checked out today. It was a pretty great ride. That VTEC transition can be pretty rough sometimes! This week will be finishing up the wiring and then putting it all back together. Thanks for you help everybody.
  9. That’s built into the factory rear sets. Loosen the 10mm lock nut and spin up the bolt. It should lower or raise the pedal. I like mine just lower than flat.
  10. Lowered the idle today after reassembling and everything checked out. I’ll see how it does tomorrow when I take it on a mini little local trip to Pitt. I do need to find a fuse for the headlight, forgot I left that undone 🙄. So no night riding at the moment. But yeah, Honda mechanic magic made it work for now. Hopeful for the long run with this one.
  11. I put a camera in the cyl, all is well. I’ve considered taking off the header but I feel like it’s just gonna burn my eardrums the first time I pull them out.
  12. I got to ride the R1 and R6, took a day off working on the VFR. Hope to make some more progress tonight.
  13. 180/55 for the streets, 180/60 for the sheets.
  14. Nope, Trying to figure it out with my Honda buddy in our free time. The engine has great compression (within 3% of each other) and passes with flying colors on the leak down test.
  15. Sending out the Injectors for cleaning. Hoping for some bad results pre-cleaning.
  16. Wow... If you can share more about the build I would be very excited to hear what exact parts you bought. Part of me is scared to do some BFE touring on my VFR because crashing means no coolant.
  17. @BuzznerSuntrusts my dad followed me once and mentioned how he liked when the rear lit up extra bright... I had a bulb out of course. Only the highs worked.
  18. Holy hotness that LED set up is bright af! Please provide more detail on how you opened the rear taillight as I’ve looked into swapping some LED boards intothere becuse of all the lost bulbs I’ve also had. Im so impressed... love it!
  19. Seems it would suck a whole bunch extra fuel, but it would make that RPM transition way smoother.
  20. More weight, but when you add a pound to a Buffalo you still have a 5000 pound buffalo 🙂.
  21. Exactly ^. They require a special bracket to make anything modern fit. Old style stuck out mounts sideways. Modern is almost vertical.
  22. Interested to see how this works for owners, but as a street bike why would you give up the best of both worlds situation?
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