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  1. Rode it again. It's performing quite well now. It's an enjoyable bike to ride. It is crazy smooth. Still rides super hot for what I'd expect. My R1, R6, and Kawi 650 all stay about 170-180°F cruising. VFR sits just south of 200*F. We've been through this before, but new coolant, new coolant hoses, pressure tested, radiators back flowed and clean, new thermostat... and still seems to be "running hot." July is coming, if it's bad enough it'll show its true face.
  2. It was windy and rained a lot in the first three hours, but the last 2 were fun. Excited for the next 2 days.
  3. Taking mine on a trip, 5 hours each way and riding in between. Pretty stoked 🙂.
  4. Everything checked out today. It was a pretty great ride. That VTEC transition can be pretty rough sometimes! This week will be finishing up the wiring and then putting it all back together. Thanks for you help everybody.
  5. Lowered the idle today after reassembling and everything checked out. I’ll see how it does tomorrow when I take it on a mini little local trip to Pitt. I do need to find a fuse for the headlight, forgot I left that undone 🙄. So no night riding at the moment. But yeah, Honda mechanic magic made it work for now. Hopeful for the long run with this one.
  6. I put a camera in the cyl, all is well. I’ve considered taking off the header but I feel like it’s just gonna burn my eardrums the first time I pull them out.
  7. I got to ride the R1 and R6, took a day off working on the VFR. Hope to make some more progress tonight.
  8. Nope, Trying to figure it out with my Honda buddy in our free time. The engine has great compression (within 3% of each other) and passes with flying colors on the leak down test.
  9. Sending out the Injectors for cleaning. Hoping for some bad results pre-cleaning.
  10. Yep, but verified by the Honda Tech it was done right. Call me stupid but if he says jump I’ll say how high. It’s out of my hands now I’m tired of working on this bike. Most I’ll do when I get it back is repaint.
  11. Engine running out of time, and therefore running lean apparently. About a week out on delivery we will see!
  12. They also checked my valve clearances and it looks like I did them right. Oh bother...
  13. Wow thats some mileage! I ordered two CCT's for mine today. Honda says that is my running issue - CCT failure.
  14. I think when when I do get a dedicated track bike it will be a small one like the 650 Ninja.
  15. They make a solid bike. I sold that R6 in the spring and really wanted to try more haha. I have a track day scheduled for Saturday this week now, but I’ll need to swap out the K&N filter (oil) because these orgs don’t allow them anymore. And yeah... it’s about feeling fast and the VFR does that well. It handles great for its weight. It really is incredible how quickly you can go from the speed limit to Triple the limit though, and small culverts (raises) in the road are now a danger! Like when we crest the hills in the back roads in fourth gear i’m Lifting at 5k RPM 😱. It’s joyous as hell, but I can’t keep it or I’m losing my license lmao. Honda has this deal near me where if you go by the $75 flat rate... you are placed last on the list. Fine by me no rush.
  16. Haha. Yeah a solid deal came up and I couldn’t pass it up. It wheelies it fourth gear. Quite the joy For an enthusiast... but you can barely have legal fun. Thats why I like the VFR it feels fast at lower speeds 😎. If only whatever I screwed up got fixed.
  17. I forgot about the other fan, and disabling the stock one at speed. I’ll tell Honda to try straight water as an option for coolant as maybe the engine ice is corrupted too!
  18. Bought the VFR a buddy for winter 😁. Hopefully winter work gets the VFR fixed up and then I can resell this bad boy for a nice profit.
  19. Glad you are educated on the topic. I agree I only run 4300k which is as close to Halogen color as you can get... which is best vision. I do the rings and demon eyes and stuff for looks though I love that stuff. i also have a similar belief that the sharp cutoff is too harsh for biikes. I swap my clear lenses out for fresnel coated/lined lenses so it’s more foggy but still amazing output. It’s super nice.
  20. I spend a lot of time retrofitting different light types into headlights. LED drop in bulbs still have too much foreground, and not enough distance hot spot or width to be used for night use. Issue with LED is the same with HID in reflector housings. To be best used these need specific housings to do well. Feel free to post some wall shots, but usually LED drop ins actually reduce your night vision 😞.
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