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  1. Hi VARIABLE9, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Now you just need 99F and humid conditions during a track day to verify it! Hey in all seriousness, glad you seem on the right track to have it fixed!
  3. I guess I’m thinking water passages, not the cylinder so much. Was the engine ever rebuilt? Heads off? Maybe there’s a bolt blocking coolant flow in there. Or possibly just do an engine swap on it. Find a low mile spare and swap it out.
  4. Cool, congrats and welcome. From my limited experience and reading here, later year models had fewer problems due to Honda changing some of the wiring. The post recall years. However that doesn’t mean people may not have upgraded components proactively. Always good to take a look, inspect what you expect.
  5. You’ve done so much to rectify this issue, I feel like the only thing left is to check for passage obstruction internal to the engine. However I’m not certain as to how to accomplish this.
  6. I did manage to air out the VFR today, since it was 60 and sunny. Very good feeling to get out there.
  7. I don’t know about 5G versus 6G. As for dedicated 6G I even listed a few. My point was that the higher quality ones such as LV which people generally seem to think is the better of all the offerings are no longer in production. Staintune was no longer producing but may have a limited run on offer (I thought there was a post about this recently). Arrow is no longer producing for this model. Scorpion doesn’t seem to be producing either, you can find some NOS listed in places often overseas (UK) however the ones I contacted said ‘sorry mate we no longer have that on offer’. You’re left with TBR which is not a true ‘dual’ canister set up (I’ll never understand this) and a bunch of off brands. Delkevic, Black Widow, and some eBay ones. I think some of these canisters look more Honda Civic than Honda VFR. GPR shows offerings most of which I think are garish and/or overpriced, plus I’ve never seen one mounted up in America and you’ll have to order from Italy in most cases. Used market is almost all OEM mufflers. When I was searching there was the odd TBR and Delkevic, I searched for months last year and ultimately found a used mint Arrow unit on the Japanese site Crooober, it cost a little more than a D and way less than a GPR. To the OP - Good luck!
  8. There *were* a lot of great options. However most are not in production any longer. You’d be stuck trying to find used or NOS for most of the better ones (e.g. Leo, Scorpion, Arrow). Now if you look for new systems it’s Delkevic, TBR, and a bunch of off brand eBay sellers.
  9. Won’t turn that much when riding at speed. Low speed maneuvering with your feet to back it into a spot sure. Mounting via stem stem can help to free up space at the tank for a tank bag. And places your device close to gauges so you can help keep focused on what’s ahead. Just my $0.02.
  10. A whole lot of nothing done lately. Sub freezing temps means I just get to peek under the cover every few days and dream of being somewhere else for a while. I did compound out some scratches a few weeks ago, snow ice freezing rain every few days since.
  11. Yeah man, let us know where that is located so we can buy it...
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