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  1. I have bought these parts at various places online, never had to use a auto parts dealer. Here is an example: http://tyga-performance.com/product_info.php?products_id=459
  2. Just get some appropriately sized Tygon, available from McMaster Carr. I wouldn't use a reducer or shim, I would use a hose that is the appropriate size. JMO
  3. Nice to see activity in the 6th Gen thread, I suspect I’ll have some free time in the garage soon with all the pandemic issues. Maybe I’ll get some maintenance completed!
  4. Really great to see people working on their rides. I needed some motivation.
  5. I turned over the 7500 mile mark today. Riding this summer super limited due to life and the East Coast HotMidity, so a break in temps this weekend meant I finally got a chance to get out for the first time in a few weeks. Man I really like this VFR.
  6. Who is this directed at? The Honda pictured as my avatar picture thing is a RC213V-S. If that’s what you’re inquiring about. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/honda/rc213v-s/2015/
  7. Managed to get a 200 mile day in on Sunday. It was hot. But the VFR did well both in the turns and with the temps. And my posterior did well on the seat to boot. 😀
  8. Hi VARIABLE9, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Now you just need 99F and humid conditions during a track day to verify it! Hey in all seriousness, glad you seem on the right track to have it fixed!
  10. I guess I’m thinking water passages, not the cylinder so much. Was the engine ever rebuilt? Heads off? Maybe there’s a bolt blocking coolant flow in there. Or possibly just do an engine swap on it. Find a low mile spare and swap it out.
  11. You’ve done so much to rectify this issue, I feel like the only thing left is to check for passage obstruction internal to the engine. However I’m not certain as to how to accomplish this.
  12. I did manage to air out the VFR today, since it was 60 and sunny. Very good feeling to get out there.
  13. A whole lot of nothing done lately. Sub freezing temps means I just get to peek under the cover every few days and dream of being somewhere else for a while. I did compound out some scratches a few weeks ago, snow ice freezing rain every few days since.
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