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  1. Usually I’m very anti diy tail tidy, but this one came out nice. Good job!
  2. That’s incredible. Don’t change a single thing.
  3. Everyone knows the electrical gremlin plagued 6th Gens are the best! No seriously good luck whatever you choose but get a 6th Gen.
  4. Who is this directed at? The Honda pictured as my avatar picture thing is a RC213V-S. If that’s what you’re inquiring about. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/honda/rc213v-s/2015/
  5. Managed to get a 200 mile day in on Sunday. It was hot. But the VFR did well both in the turns and with the temps. And my posterior did well on the seat to boot. 😀
  6. I would try to get the clocks fixed to OEM and live with it. Nice looking machine. Good luck.
  7. He’s a Russian troll. 🤣
  8. Thanks for letting us know your progress @Jussi. I definitely didn’t want to cut any fairings or trim, and the one I was wiring in was low profile enough it fit under the triple on the fork tube. Play around with it down there, how you rotate it around might help your clearance issue. E.g. mine isn’t rotated so it’s easy to use because it wouldn’t go to full lock, so I just have to accept its position as a compromise.
  9. I posted about how I mounted mine here:
  10. Carbon Fiber Racing https://www.carbonfiberracing.com/store/c75/VFR800_%2F_VFR1200.html Of course you cant purchase just the chain guide piece, you need to purchase a set that includes the under seat side covers as well. I’m not so keen on them, and may sell them off. I just wanted to add some panache not go over the top ‘full carbon build’ street fighter bs.
  11. Wanted to put some carbon fiber on here, thought the black plastic piece was a little unrefined looking.
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