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  1. My favorite cleaning products: Plexus Armor All brand microfiber towels TubO’Towels Simple Green Griots Garage car was solution& shaggy sponge Kobalt leaf blower
  2. Nice video and pictures. Kudos to you for putting a VFR on track and flogging it. Looks like the weather was great. I just bought a GoPro Mount that attaches to my RAM Mount double socket at the steering stem. Going to try to shoot some video next day trip. Re: cleaning. It’s therapeutic for me. I generally am only fair weather so the wheels are all that need the extra effort. The plastics I use Plexus and microfiber and it’s dead easy to clean the whole VFR in about 5 minutes.
  3. Today used my new TubO’Towels to clean my wheels after a 500mi trip last week. 90 towels for about $10, took 10 to clean the wheels. So I’ll get nine uses from the tub at about $1 and change each wheel cleaning. They worked well. Would recommend.
  4. So where are the pictures from your track day? Besides the high coolant temps you mentioned elsewhere how did it go?

    Engine troubles

    I'll just even swap you for mine. 🥑

    Engine troubles

    Yes, sell me your Leo Vince system and put the stock mufflers back on. 🙃

    New member in SW Ontario


    Seeking Paint Removal Advice

    I wanted to point it out because the blue in the picture looks like a matte ‘plastidip’ finish. Some of those though can be peeled right off, however I’m not sure if they all can. Either way, idk if spray paint versus plastidip finishes are removed with the same chemicals so it might be worth reading up before dousing your ride in gasoline.
  9. EBC are great products. Galfer probably has an equivalent as well. Also good.

    Seeking Paint Removal Advice

    You’re aware ‘plastidip’ can be sprayed on? It’s a manufacturer name, and commonly people say they plastidipped something even though it’s a spray on finish.
  11. Test thermostat by putting in boiling water on stove. As for being installed incorrectly, even with it being 'press fit' (just like many vehicles out there) people can and will mess it up. Personally I'd just redo all the basics two three times before worrying about a PC or new fan arrangement. If you can't get it to work as Mr. Honda designed then you're band aiding and setting up to fail even bigger down the road.
  12. Another thing, during burping with the cap off gently squeeze each hose one by one. It can help motivate air bubbles to move past problem zones.
  13. Does new thermostat work? Pull and check. Is new thermostat installed correctly? I’d verify that. Ensure it’s not stuck closed through install process. Just suggestions!
  14. I’d check the thermostat then. I just offered the ‘burp’ piece bc I didn’t see you specifically mention that step. Good luck!

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