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  1. Are you finishing it off with two of these?
  2. I turned over the 7500 mile mark today. Riding this summer super limited due to life and the East Coast HotMidity, so a break in temps this weekend meant I finally got a chance to get out for the first time in a few weeks. Man I really like this VFR.
  3. Welcome! Are you looking for something in the center to protect from zippers? Or tank pads on the sides for grip? There should be a plenitude of center pads that are generic that may work. For the sides there is StompGrip also.
  4. +1 on new tires. I wouldn’t make too many changes just yet before replacing them. Also, checking fork oil fluid levels could help down the road - no not much adjustment but oil level and weight plus new springs can be a cheap fix for tired twenty year old bikes.
  5. I’m selling my VFR and getting an Aprilia.
  6. Usually I’m very anti diy tail tidy, but this one came out nice. Good job!
  7. That’s incredible. Don’t change a single thing.
  8. Everyone knows the electrical gremlin plagued 6th Gens are the best! No seriously good luck whatever you choose but get a 6th Gen.
  9. Who is this directed at? The Honda pictured as my avatar picture thing is a RC213V-S. If that’s what you’re inquiring about. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/honda/rc213v-s/2015/
  10. Managed to get a 200 mile day in on Sunday. It was hot. But the VFR did well both in the turns and with the temps. And my posterior did well on the seat to boot. 😀
  11. I would try to get the clocks fixed to OEM and live with it. Nice looking machine. Good luck.
  12. He’s a Russian troll. 🤣
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