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  1. I have bought these parts at various places online, never had to use a auto parts dealer. Here is an example: http://tyga-performance.com/product_info.php?products_id=459
  2. Just get some appropriately sized Tygon, available from McMaster Carr. I wouldn't use a reducer or shim, I would use a hose that is the appropriate size. JMO
  3. Carbon Fiber Racing https://www.carbonfiberracing.com/store/c75/VFR800_%2F_VFR1200.html Of course you cant purchase just the chain guide piece, you need to purchase a set that includes the under seat side covers as well. I’m not so keen on them, and may sell them off. I just wanted to add some panache not go over the top ‘full carbon build’ street fighter bs.
  4. Wanted to put some carbon fiber on here, thought the black plastic piece was a little unrefined looking.

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  6. Hi VARIABLE9, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Some nice reading. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Yesterday was a decent sunny day for MidAtlantic/CNJ with some wind and partly sunny 45 degrees F, so I took a nice ride on my local loop to see how the liner on my Astars Andes Drystar worked. Seems good to about 40 F no issues. I like the longer cut and coverage over the typical shorter race style jackets, and the textile ‘touring’ fit was very comfortable in the colder weather. My new Held summer gloves (Airstream II) were fine too, my hands really didn’t bother me at all after 60 miles of riding both highway and backroads in cooler weather. Also the new Shoei (RF1200 Flagger) worked great without the breathguards in place, the pinlock visor system (first I’ve owned) is worth it. I’d highly recommend any of these items for both hot summer as well as down to cooler fall riding. https://www.alpinestars.com/andes-v2-drystarr-jacket https://shop.held.de/en/men-s/gloves/touring/4304/summer-glove-air-stream-ii?number=002350-00.1.7 https://www.shoei-helmets.com/helmets/rf-1200.html
  9. I’ve been focused on selling my last moto (SV650) for the past few months, to make room for the VFR to hibernate for winter. So this week saw the SV leave and the VFR finally get some indoor storage. It hurt me to keep it outdoors just under a cover for the past few months, it was just necessity. That said the most most moto related thing I did this week was safety wire my Thanksgiving turkey.
  10. All good, I didn’t take it as personally directed towards me. Just want to move the thread forward versus a continual discussion on levers.
  11. Well I appreciate the video, but I think I’m good. Read my posts. I get it quality or OEM is recommended. The CHINESIUMs were just to check out shortys on the VFR. I determined I need a longer clip on to effectively place the controls for optimum fingering. Now I will move forward, over time, sourcing some higher quality levers and choosing longer clip ons. FYI I was in Scotland. In a car. 🤔
  12. I am considering how I can make it work. Helibars or LSL clip ons are what I’m considering. It’s a future project though. I still have the exhaust to mount. I’ve been bogged down parting out my SV. Plus I just spent a long weekend in Austin for the F1. 😁
  13. I wish I had monetized this thread! Lol Yup, the OEM are fine. I just hate the length. FWIW the adjustment range isn’t any better than a stocker, and due to where the master cylinders are located (close to end of grips due to clip on length) I can’t really move anything around to make the ‘two finger’ part of the shorty OMG THEY'RE CHINESE KNOCK OFFS levers work that great in my hand. But honestly guys they’re fine.
  14. The VFR is still waiting for me to install the Arrow exhaust. I’ve been trying to ride whenever possible, both for fun and for utility. Besides that I’ve been working on replacing a clutch unit. See photo below. 🤣 I really appreciate the ASV’s are ‘made in the USA’ but they are too Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looking for me.
  15. Spiegler has a decent looking lever, made in Germany. I’ve used some of their other products before and found them to be high quality, good customer service. Thanks for tip on grips. I’m not happy with a foam grip slip on, but they’re still working and helps reduce the fatigue on the super slab.
  16. Lol. I’ve used aftermarket in MX, roadracing, street, and even MTB. Quality is the key - like I said I usually wouldn’t go for a $25 set, but I wouldn’t have used them if they felt they would disintegrate. FYI, many knock offs / counterfeit products are actually made in the same factories using the same tools and materials by the same workers. These MZS are a solid knock off of the Pazzo levers which I’ve used in the past no problem. I ran them on a 100 mile loop over the weekend no problems. They work just like levers should. But to each their own, hey I’m still alive using the Grip Puppies too!
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