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  1. Hi Variable9, The place where I have the USB socket is now perfect if forgetting how it looks. I don’t want to compromise how the steering works.
  2. Hi TriumphTraitor, Your installation is absolutely top quality work while comparing it to my 30 minutes quick and dirty installation. My installation is not that eye catching as the photo suggests.... but let’s see, I may try to camouflage it somehow.
  3. Variable9, your installation inspired me to-do it simple. I checked the space around the forks, but I did not find suitable place there…. Anyways, here is how I did it.
  4. Hi all, I have a 2015 VFR800F and I'm planning to install 12V cigarette lighter power socket or 5V USB socket for powering my mobile phone. I will use my mobile as a navigator, and therefore the socket should be close to steering bar. I have thought two options. Option 1, on the left side of the front forks, see the Picture 1. Option2, on the left side of the tank similarly as in 2017+ models, see the Picture 2. I haven't yet opened the fairing and I don't know if there will be enough space for option 1. If anyone has done similar installation, where did you place the socket? And, other recommendations for the socket location are welcome Regards Jussi
  5. Hi Jussi, they do not have an on/off switch. Not sure why you'd want to turn it off though...? I was thinking what will happen on wet, avoiding accidental high siders etc. But budguy207's post seems to prove there is not really need to switch it off.
  6. Bazzaz has a distibutor also in Finland, in case you are going to buy... Check bazzaz.net
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