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  1. Thank you! I saw many cbr600rr front end swaps on the 4th gen and i was thinking about going that way. They say is almost "bolt on", the treeple trees should fit without any modifications, they also share the same bearings. I know i am going to reduce drastically the length of the forks but since i am going for a more "sporty" bike and riding position, i think with the right clearences where needed. Correct me if i am wrong. These are only informations i gathered on line. I know that a "bolt on" swap doesn't exhist, i am trying, knowing what i am looking for. to find a swap that requires minor modifications.
  2. Hi Monstar, i really like what you are doing. I have a 4th gen too and i always wanted to make an rc30 replica. I was wondering what front end are you using for on your bike? I read you are using some gsxr 750 s. Did you also use a suzuki triple tree?
  3. davideb23

    VFRC-750 SP-1

    Love the 2.0 version of your vfr. Can i ask what front end did you use? Thanks
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