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  1. JZH thankyou, i understand. n the meantime i got some sc59 coil on plugs. I got them for a future mx-5 project but since i read on the forum they can fit the vfr i really want to try them. Any advices? Other than the rubber grommets, which i was thinking about having them 3d printed in some rubbery material.
  2. Hi Privateer, i'm sorry i can't help you, i live in Tuscany. About the city of Milan, traffic is chaotic in the center, but outside Milano there are many beautyful roads especially between Como and Lecco
  3. About the cbr i am aware of the length but, considering the compression at ride height, it should be a little shorter than the vfr so with stiffer springs to suit my weight should be good. I was trying to find sort of a "simple" solution. At first i was also thinking about an sp1 conversion, as i saw on the forum, but i can't find any to purchase. I guess i'll be continuing my research.
  4. Thankyou MaxSwell, i will be posting some shots very soon i promise.
  5. Thanks everyone. Yes i was refering to the rear shock, i was thinking about a nitron unit for that. Regarding the front swap, i was thinking about an 09-12 cbr600rr because i also want better brakes. I know it can be done almost plug and play. Regarding the fairing i will be addresing that when the swap is done if there are any interferences. In the future i am planning an rc30 replica but maintaining the rc36 color scheme, with all the weight i can possibly remove. I am now waiting to install a dynojet jet kit and air filter. I already have an aftermarket silencer i picked for cheap because i will be replacing it in the future.
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Davide and i'm from Italy, and i have my father's 1994 vfr. Initial plans with the bike are new mono and frontend swap.
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