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  1. Thanks. I believe its a 04-05 gsxr 750/1000 front end, however I can't be 100% certain since the guy I bought it from supposedly did the conversion and I have no paperwork. I'm sure there are others on this forum who have used a similar front end. I'm currently looking to replace top triple to get rid of that key switch hole. Hoping other year gsxr top will fit. Sorry that probably wasn't much help. Good luck and share your findings.
  2. Messing around waiting to get some jets and such.
  3. Sorry, I was looking over your build, VERY impressive! What forks are you running? They look similar to my suzuki forks. The yolks or triple clamps are nice and would love to get some if they fit. Where'd you get them if you don't mind me asking.
  4. Thanks, the tail is from Tyga performance. That was the initial fitting and has moved up and forward quite a bit along with the tank. Also, I'm in the process of making some cosmetic changes to fit the rc45 spirit. (mocked up in the pics) I see you've done quite a nice job on fabricating the rads, exhaust, and subframe on yours. Did you do the work yourself? Wish I had the means to weld. Anyway, here's latest pics: IMG_5642.mov
  5. Thanks luigi and BiKenG! I would love to see what you guys have done and are doing. I'll also try to post the progress with mine as well. I was kinda bad about documenting I as went but here is a list of things I have done, I can post pics if needed or answer questions if I can: Suzuki front end (swapped out the 3 spoke for the vfr750 wheel) Two brothers full exhaust Silicone radiator hoses New clutch and brake masters, braided lines, etc. Danmoto cbr900 rearsets (modified, wouldn't suggest these) Uni filter and ram air mod the airbox (emissions equip delete) Sebimoto bodywork (not the best quality but cheaper than most) Tyga tail/s subframe NC35 (modified to fit) NC30 tank cover (tail and tank joined with custom brackets) Custom fairing brackets, quik-latch fastners and endurance style headlight Rewired everything, keyed ignition delete, trailtech gauge, tail light on/off switch, fan on switch (small spal fan to fit COP's) COP mod using zx10r coils and custom harness (wired 2 in series and working on clutchless upshift) Cerakoted engine cases and valve covers (deleted PCV breather by using a front valve cover on rear cylinder) Custom Carb/airbox heatshield Custom integrated led rear brake/turn signals and bar end turn signals w/ new 3 position headlight switch (off/on/high) Working on: Cleaning/jetting carbs Finishing exhaust trimming and cleaning up bodywork/tail fitament Sorting out a quick disconnect ram air tube setup that looks clean fuel cell rear sprocket etc.
  6. I don't know what the deal is but I bought a vortex aluminum from some company like iMoto or something and it did not fit 251AK. Trying to return it still. I searched vortex site after that and the don't make a 520 steel but an aluminum 249AK. I already ordered one through spocket specialist, oh well, just tired of searching and waiting and getting the wrong part. Most of the stuff has been discontinued but these sites don't update their catalog and still list them or send you the wrong stuff!
  7. Anyway I cleared up what hose does what. A honda mechanic loosely confirmed. The large hose goes to the slides, the smaller one in the rear next to it go to the floats, and the one in the front is a vent to atmosphere. So I shouldn't run the slide to the airbox but to outside air with possibly a filter or protection of some kind. The front vent probably the same. The one from the floats should be the one that goes to the airbox "we believe" to pressurize the floats in theory. Just pulled the jets out of the carbs and they are the stock jets as expected even though the seller said it had a jet kit, hahaha. So, I can't find a jet kit that comes with needles and springs... All I can find are jets and shims. Are needles & springs necessary? If not, what size jets should I run to get in the ballpark? I'm pretty much at sea level, running a UNI foam filter and a pretty open and pressurized airbox and two brothers headers to dual 2" cans (4-2-1-2)
  8. SORRY. My bad... I meant sprocket center! I'll give sprocket specialist a try, website looks like they do quality stuff.
  9. The vendor I was speaking of is sprocket specialists also and I ordered in November and they refunded my money in January. I would prefer steel but where can you get aluminum?
  10. Anyone have a new 520 rear sprocket for a 4th gen? The only company I know that sells them have been waiting on their chinese supplier with no word on when they'll get them.
  11. Ok, thanks. I quess I won't know until I actually ride it then.
  12. Thanks for the help! I thought the big one that I routed to the airbox was the vent line. Any idea what that does or just another vent?
  13. Well, I'm about to take the carbs off to clean the jets and circuits because they are so clogged the bike can only idle. In previous posts, some members suggested to run a line for atmospheric pressure to the airbox to account for the slight ram air effect. I'm using the big line that went to the little filter outside the airbox and now rerouted that to the PCV inlet on the airbox "which is filtered by the airbox element". Pic below: Is this correct? My main question is what are these lines and what to do with them? (they have the blue painters tape on the ends) I believe they are from the air injection lines from the emissions pumps from the exhaust. Since I got the bike they have been open and the bike ran well. Should I plug both, join them by putting a union in, or put filters on them?
  14. Cool! What do you think of the quality of the Airtech fairings? Pics? I went with Sebimoto and I'm not really impressed with the quality and fitment. Nothing seems straight and very thin in some areas. I'm using quik-latch fastners for the upper that mount to the frame and Dzus style for the lower. I'm not really a fan of the dzus, they seem sloppy no matter what I do. I'm thinking of changing them to a calder pin style which I'll have to make myself.
  15. Don't mind the mismatch cans. Got another chinese one like the right coming soon. I know is just for looks but I always wanted a dual high mount for my RC51 which I never got a chance to do. Also, I decided to make the tail and tank cover a one piece deal. Comes off with no tools in a few seconds once the ram tubes are disconnected. Stripping the whole bike takes a couple minutes tops.
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