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  1. Figured out a work around since I couldn't machine the hardened steel linkage bushings. Bored some bronze 3/8" bearing sleeves to accept the M10 bolts and drilled out the suzuki plates to 12.5.-12.75ish mm and press fit the sleeves in and cut the excess length. Shimmed the gaps between the plates and suzuki dogbone since the suzuki dogbone is a few mm skinnier on either side. All in all productive. We'll see if the bronze holds up longterm. So only issue is lining up the chain. I have a JT 520 front sprocket and it sat inboard too much so I flipped it and it looks close. Maybe needs a 1-2
  2. Turns out I ran out of thread. It was worth a try. Need about 10-12mm more of thread. Even the second one in JZH's pic is still about 5mm short in total length. Also, I would like to keep as much thread as possible for overall strength... So I cut mine down. New spacer length 48mm total, 41mm thread, 7mm collar. Also got my new tire mounted and balanced. Michelin Power RS 180/60! It looks like it may be almost an inch taller @ 25.5" and the slightly used 180/55 @ 24.625! I was expecting .5 inch difference. It looks beefy and appears to be almost a .25 wider. Profi
  3. Here is the adjuster I just received. 39mm total (9mm of collar/30mm threading) Looks like this will work out, just hope it's got enough thread length. Air quality and weird orange glow aren't ideal but at least it's not 100+ degrees outside, thanks wild fires 😕 This is noon!
  4. Don't mean to thread jack but since we're on the subject, are the K5 1000 or K6 600/750/1000 forks longer? I'm not sure if I'll keep the suzuki frontend longterm. That all depends. Are the RC51 forks that much better than my K5 600/750 forks given both have been sprung and rebuilt for my purposes? My idea in the meantime is to change my triples to 929/954 and use the gsxr forks I have. See what kind of adjustability I have with the bike geometry and go from there. I kinda want to use as much Honda parts on my honda if I can though so may at some point go RC51 forks.
  5. Here is what I have... keep in mind, I bought the bike with this frontend. This is what I have found through some digging: 2004/05 600/750 FORKS (length ~712mm center axle to top of tube) gold/chrome legs, gold calipers300mm rotors (I made custom spacers/bearings to run the vfr wheel and stock 296mm rotors)850 springs 2005/06 1000 TRIPLES 30mm offset, 207mm spaced, 50mm top clamp and 54mm lower clamp, 28mm bore (have no idea about bearings, but I assume suzuki upper and lower) I believe I have 09-11 1000 lower clamp w/ an 06+ 600/750 top
  6. I have a K5 600/750 setup on my 4th gen. I have all the info if that's what you're looking for. On a side note, how long are the K6 600/750 or 1000 forks?
  7. Well I bet one of those would be perfect, hope the one I got from ebay is close. Funny thing is it's advertised as a 4th gen and it's obviously not so I'm just guessing it's a 3rd gen at this point. The stock unit is 66mm total. (25mm of collar/41mm threading)
  8. I found what appears to be a shorter one that I ordered on ebay that should get here next week but in case it doesn't work, here's a pic. Thanks! This is the one I ordered. Says it's from a 94 VFR but looks shorter and maybe a Third gen?
  9. Other things on the to do list: Figure out what to do with the swingarm pivot adjusting spacer. It is way too long and sticks outside the frame by an inch. I can only cut off maybe half of that. Does anyone know if the Third Gen adjuster is shorter and has the same thread and will accept the bolt? If so, does anyone have one to sell?
  10. My appologies for editing my previous post...I was in a rush last night to make some progress. Hopefully it makes more sense now. So, until I have everything I need to bolt it all together I've been chasing that droop height of 22.25 or a little higher. Well I think I got something, well sorta. If I use the dogbone and link plates from the donor shock I'm in the 23" ballpark. However, the linkage uses M12 bolts except for the lower shock mount which is M10 like the vfr. So I'll have to put some new sleeves in the swingarm mount-link plate and the frame mount-dogbone. I
  11. I decided to go ahead and take about a 1/4 inch or around 6-7mm off the right side frame pivot. Turns out this is more than enough, I didn't see the need to take off 12mm. I used a sawzaw and lopt it off. I didn't feel the need to machine it flush and clean because you don't really see it and it doesn't contact anything anyway. First glance everything lines up. I'm using the cbr900 plates and dogbone (same length as vfr). The plates are obviously different and I measured the full droop before and after. With the CBR linkag
  12. So I made my pivot nut socket and removed the swingarm, linkage and shock. The shock bumper fell apart but don't care because I may have a direct bolt in replacement shock that I don't think anyone has used that I know of. I have no idea about the rating on the spring so we'll see how it all works. Anyone want to guess make/model/year shock I'm using?
  13. While cleaning up the swingarm I noticed there is no collar inside the pivot tube. It has the bearings and dust seals on both sides but no collar inside! Looked for the part but it's discontinued and ebay comes up with nothing. I decided to roll the dice on 97 collar... different part# but hoping it's the right length. 97 uses the same axle, bearings, etc. so I guess there's a chance. If it's not a perfect fit, I just hope it's a bit longer. At least I can shorten it to work.
  14. Left the third coat on too long so it'll take a little extra elbow grease to get the blackened areas pretty again. There's at least 3-4 different alloys of aluminum and some get eaten quick while others hardly even react. Done for today, my garage is a mess, again. have to tidy up.
  15. First 2 pics before second coat of easy off. Last 3 pics after the third coat. Washed one side with soap and water with kitchen scouring pad other side just dried. Needs another pass when it's totally dry. The top support is pesky as you can see in pic 4. It's more porus and the clear coat has sunk in deep. Tomorrow.
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