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  1. I'll have to see how this goes and go from there but right now it's pretty comfortable for me.
  2. Thank you, it worked out well for me lol. I have to look into adjusting the front forks. I don't know if I can do it with the 8th gen 800FE model. I know you can do it with the 8th gen 800 Deluxe that come with adjustable nuts right there on top
  3. Well I took apart the seat and mounting brackets.... didn't know factory torqued them with 1,000,000lbs of torque, I heard a pop as I loosened them up and thought I snapped something lmao. I put the seat brackets as low as I could get them and what a difference. I feel more centered and not like I'm going to fall over like I did before. Being 6'3" and riding, it's almost a gift and a curse hahaha. I still wouldn't mind lowering it half an inch but for now Ima ride and get used to the new adjustments.
  4. So just loosen that pre-load, and it will help soften things up?
  5. I cant tell if this is adjustable or not but this is my stock suspension that is sitting on the bike.
  6. No I didn't even know I could adjust the seat. I do believe the last owner stiffened the load by alot. I can hardly press down on the rear seat cowl and it won't decompress the rear. I have to really push down on it with two hands to get it to decompress.
  7. I was wondering if there are any ohlins suspension or any good brand that makes suspension upgrades for the 2014 VFR. And also in the market for lowering kit for the VFR. I tried looking but only seen Ebay parts and kinda iffy about Ebay parts.
  8. Hello folks, I'm new to the Honda and VFR world! At the start of March of this year I purchased my first Honda, she's a 2014 VFR800F and when I got her she only had 1700 miles. Now she has 1800(to much rain here in the northern states to ride.) So far I'm loving every minute of riding her and just sitting there starring at her after a good wash&wax job. Unfortunately a few weeks ago I had my first lay over with gravel while trying to make a low speed turn on a crappy farm back road. Needless to say the bike is fine except for road rash on the fairings and a bruised calf(and pride) But none the less she kept kicking and the small lay over hasn't effected the ride or performance. I look forward to making new friends on here!
  9. First month with my very first Honda let alone VFR. She's a 2014 VFR800F with alittle less than 1800 miles on the clock.
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