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  1. stock setting is seven clicks in, most drop that to 3-4 for one up riding so stock setting plus 3 might be a good place to start
  2. Should also come with reflectors to mount on the sides if you want
  3. https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/meguiars-scratchx-20-g10307-7-oz-liquid
  4. copied and pasted from my US 2014 Deluxe manual Tank capacity Unleaded petrol Recommended: 91 RON or higher 21.2 litres (5.60 US gal, 4.66 Imp gal)
  5. Can’t raise it much more that 1.25”, so motopumps would be the choice I suppose
  6. I agree....I guess that’s why the baby boomers are riding cruisers instead of sport bikes...I guess people like you and I just don’t see ourselves there.....yet! Lol. I went from a 92 ST1100 because it was just to heavy, to a vintage 92 FJ1200ABS that was also a little on the heavy side and becoming outdated to the VFR..
  7. Corbin will carve out the seat to make it deeper and raise the nose to prevent you from sliding forward, helps to sit up a bit and take the pressure off wrists
  8. It’s his bike right? Is he comfortable?
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