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  1. So, I made the mistake today of getting a demo ride on a 2018 Tuono V4 1100 RR. I really want it 😶 Dealership also had a used VFR1200 that I sat on and a Motus MST-R, both of which as smaller than I figured. Going home on the VFR felt almost disappointing! This was the fastest bike I've ridden. From my short ride, Tuono ran hotter than the VFR, all the modes/settings on the dash seemed confusing, and I averaged around 30mpg. It even had a lean angle sensor! The throttle is so responsive and it sounds amazing stock. I'd always hit near the speed limit in first before I shifted. And reducing the throttle from there created these beautifully large backfires. You could definitely feel the lighter weight and all that torque on your face. In fact, combine everything together, and I felt as if I was in motorcycle nirvana. The disappointing fuel range and difficulty to use daily would be worth it imo!
  2. That's exciting! Looking forward to seeing it!
  3. Very cool!! What kind of build are you going for?
  4. Curious what their streetfighter will look like, or if they'll put it in the Monster! There's always the KTM 1190 RC8, bit of a rare bike from what I hear though.
  5. You can always wait for Ducati to put their V4 (from the Panigale) into their SuperSport! The SuperSport currently is a revvy V-twin.
  6. Haha, I appreciate it. Now I won't have to try it myself! How much did you actually fill after running to empty? This bike is amazing. It legitimately feels like I've found this missing part of me 😅 Although, as someone used to standard/naked bikes, it's a shame Honda doesn't sell the 800X in the US!
  7. Sounds good! It's a very minor naggle, if anything haha. I love the range on this thing and VTEC makes it a perfect fast commuter bike.
  8. Haha, every one loves Canada! Also, my (US) manual also says 21.2L (5.60 gal) so I think it might just be a typo on the US Honda website lol
  9. That begs the question, are the US Honda VFR website and manual wrong in giving a 5.2 gallon capacity? (5.2 gallons = 19.7 liters) Although, these are the specs listed on the Honda websites for the most recent VFR800F models: VFR 800 (US) - 5.2 gal (19.7L) VFR 800 (UK) - 21.5L VFR 800 (Australia) - 21.5L VFR 800 (Japan) - 21L Damn it, I'm going to have to run 'er dry to find out lol
  10. Right! That's the entire reason for the discrepancy then? The manual also says the E flashes with 1 gallon left and that's normally about 4.3 gallons used up for me. Would make sense for a standard 5.2 gallon fuel tank.
  11. There seem to be some differing numbers of 5.20 and 5.60 gallons (19.7 and 21.2 liters, respectively). There isn't a difference in capacity between countries is there? Searching through posts for Eighth Gen fuel ranges, some members from Spain, Australia, Germany, and UK have filled 19.7 to 20.4 liters (5.2 to 5.39 gallons). And yet, the manual I have and Honda North America's website for the VFR800F notes a 5.2 gallon fuel capacity. Some reviews on the 2014/15 mention 5.6 gallons. On my 2015, haven't ran to dry but most I've filled is 4.738 and that's 15 or so miles after the E light coming on at 216 miles on the trip odometer. Haha, it's been bothering me and I'm just really curious.
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