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  1. who said i didnt work? i could buy a brand new bike if i wanted one ,and you know i think ill just keep to myself from now on so u dont have to worry about me spreading posts about my problems ill just keep them contained to myself d
  2. yes i found them i downloaded about ten diffrent service manuals and owners manuals lol and ty for the link illdefinatly check it out !!!
  3. what i wanna know is why the four wite coming off the rectifier are not colored right mine has a black , red , yellow , and brown then the three yellows to the altenator and they show the two of the four wires coming together like they dont go anywere im stumped anybody anybody???????
  4. Thats right i moved her in my room so i can work on her after the wife falls asleep i woulda never thought a woman could be so jealous over a bike lmao
  5. awesome ty i shoulda done had one of those lol my uncles a master electrician hes got them laying everywere at his shop i just learned about relays and how the voltage opens and closes the switch very interesting stuff and this bike is alluminum i was sanding the tank And found that out im in love with this bike i will have it forever definatly worth the $350 bucks i oayed for it.
  6. damn its a brand new battery i thought it was low voltage due to wires that was badly connected and the burnt clips
  7. ok makes since ty for your advice im so ready to ride this bike i rode it one time and it wouldnt crank because the start relay was clicking lmao
  8. ty for your help and your time its much appreciated and i cant seem to find any thing that says what the other two wires go to if i knew i could go ahead but i dont wanna fry nothing lol plus i got two relays on the side that control the fuel pump i belive it the engin stop and the one beside it i was just gonnabuse my head light relays for that and im good to ride
  9. shes a bute!!!! if you know anything about these bikes i sure could use some advise on my rectifier and the two sensors that my fuel pump runs too if so thanks in advance and welcome to the group!!!
  10. Yeah i wouldnt dream of it thats what i been doin for 3 days since i got it going over the whole bike and building it back right heres my progress thus far
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