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  1. Great detailed write up. Any idea why I can't see the pictures attached? Does the proportional valve unit need to be cleaned, before i have (another) go at bleeding? My calipers and master cylinders did. And back wheel break gets stuck if I step on back brake, and loose up only after opening proportional nipple. Ta, Trygve 2002, 6th gen.
  2. Ok. Thanks for answering anyhow. Think I have monitor wire and starter solenoid sorted. A few more earthing points sounds as next project. Ta, Trygve.
  3. The title was misleading. The red bit is starter solenoid. Did a botchy fix, but have located a supplier in Sydney. Part is on its way!
  4. The red connector going into green is right next to the battety. The white one is below the RR. Monitor connector(?) I think. Bike worked fine, I just decided to look around after reading vfrd. Glad I did before bad went to worse.
  5. I love this forum nearly as much as I love my vfr800 2002. I have completed quite a few mods and jobs from reading your posts. Currently I have found two of my connectors are very burnt. And I have found very good info on what to do. However there are so many posts that tell me that photobucket temporarily do not allowe third party access?!? Frustrating. Trygve in Lismore, NSW, Australia.
  6. Love to see the pictures. Not a message from photobucket. Any chance? Love the site. Trygve in Australia.
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