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  1. I agree, recently been thinking about another VFR, I have had two 800 VTEC and two 1200F. The more I look at pictures of the new bike the more I like it. I saw a red one outside a BMW dealership- beautiful, the rider was probably asked to move on as it would be distracting potential punters from their Teutonic offerings. i think Euro 5 regs and low volumes mean its uneconomic for Honda to continue with the v4 engine (for now, if ever) so they are winding down production- we aren’t getting the same stunning deals that you in the USA are but list is 10% lower. I don’t think there are many new ones on UK dealership floors. Too many people buy things on the basis of the spec sheet, then have performance reined in by electronic nannies. How many actually ride with them turned off to feel the full effect of 200bhp? Makes no sense, I find it funny that Honda added a button for traction control that appears to be an afterthought, it tells me TC isn’t necessary but their engineers were told to add it by the marketing people. I think I will have an aftermarket exhaust but don’t want to screw the performance up for the sake of extra noise so will probably go the official Akrapovic route. The only thing holding me back is negative equity on my Africa Twin which won’t disappear till next Spring. It’s going to be a long year waiting and watching whilst the last generation of VFRs disappear. Selfishly I hope that the low level exhaust and slight loss of BHP means there is one last red one leftover for me!
  2. You are a braver rider than me, too much white stuff on the road I would need both hands to 🙏
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