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  1. aliexpress.com for example has a lot of them for sale.
  2. I know this thread is super old, but i thought i might help someone. I did the simple drawing (using my sick paint skills, lol) showing both mods: The drilling and gutting. Please bare in mind that i haven´ t mod my exhaust yet so i can´t comment on the results. This is the stock exhaust flow: If anyone can confirm the make it growl mod - do you drill straight through the bent pipe opening it up to the third chamber and drill the back wall through the hole in the pipe? Or do you force the drill bit to bore the pipe sleightly to make it easier for the bit to follow the bend leaving the pipe walls intact? I will drill mine at some point and try to make a comparison audio clips. The ones on this thread won´t work anymore. If anyone still has them - let us know. Hope they might help someone.
  3. Always hated the black wheels on my bike so today i bit the bullet and decided to do something about it. I took the rear wheel off, sanded it down, sprayed some filler, primer and silver paint with clear coat on it and it came out great! I'll install some white rim tape before putting it back on my bike. I think they will look great on a red bike.
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