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  1. Hope you liked it here. I´ve lived here all my life and i still haven´t visited the Kuressaare yet. Was hoping to go there this summer, but we´ll see. Thats one sweet looking bike. A good friend of mine owns one too (white with gold wheels) and i got to ride it once. Scared the crap out of me - the torque is insane
  2. Thats bad. Luckily, we still have the ethanol free E98E0 for sale. I use this in my bike and it has worked just fine. We also have the E95E10 too. The rescue service, military etc started to complain that the ethanol will ruin their equipment. Not to mention the motorcyclist, lawnmowers, car drivers etc. The fuel companies hated it so one of them introduced the new diesel made entirely with renewable sources (bio-methane and biowaste mostly mixed with some type of parafin-like stuff) a few months ago called nexbtl diesel. So selling this and the cng biogas, the fuel company will fulfill the required co2 emission reduction set by the government and can keep selling the regular, ethanol-free fuel too.
  3. So, i drilled out the bent pipes on my bike today. Sure was pretty pain in the a... to do it. I used a 16mm drill bit and heavy-duty drill. It now has a nice mellow growl on idle. Sounds really good. Its not any louder than the stock exhaust. It sounds similar to the arrow exhaust i had before. Im going to use a dremel later on to make the holes a bit cleaner. Just didnt have the time today. I didnt have the countersink so i left the straight pipes alone for now. And here's a video Don't know how well my S8 picks up the sound, but still. Its not a huge difference compared to the stock, but there's definitely a mellow growling on idle which wasn't there before. I didn't want really loud or throaty exhaust, just add some juice to the sound and that's exactly what i got. Firstly i'll clean up the holes and see how it sounds then. I might drill the rest of the pipes too. All in all, i'm really happy. Hope this info might help someone who's considering about doing it.
  4. I know this thread is super old, but i thought i might help someone. I did the simple drawing (using my sick paint skills, lol) showing both mods: The drilling and gutting. Please bare in mind that i haven´ t mod my exhaust yet so i can´t comment on the results. This is the stock exhaust flow: If anyone can confirm the make it growl mod - do you drill straight through the bent pipe opening it up to the third chamber and drill the back wall through the hole in the pipe? Or do you force the drill bit to bore the pipe sleightly to make it easier for the bit to follow the bend leaving the pipe walls intact? I will drill mine at some point and try to make a comparison audio clips. The ones on this thread won´t work anymore. If anyone still has them - let us know. Hope they might help someone.
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