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  1. Officially diagnosed with MBD this week when I added my “wild card” ride: 2004 Dyna Super Glide Sport EFI aka FXDX/I Factory Showas adjustable for PL, C and R up front and PL and R in the rear. 😱 Near polar opposite to my trusty 98 VFR800:
  2. His comments about trail braking into corners using the rear brake only because using the front brake will stand up the bike. Dude has it backwards.
  3. I’m suffering a strong compulsion to add a second bike to the garage. Maybe something naked to complement my ‘98 5th Gen, or maybe something racier. I have several prospects in mind, and I have paralysis by analysis. Would you please give me your positive and negative opinions for any of these models with which you have experience? DR350SE 1994+ CB919 2004+ VTR1000F Superhawk RC51 SP2 2002+ Z900RS R Nine T Pure Wild card: HD Dyna Super Glide Sport 🤯
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