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  1. Alright, so I had a combination of issues going on! First, the biggest, was the mini-switch under the front brake lever - HS, you suggested checking it. The switch itself was fine, just unplugged. The PO had a RAM mount on the brake lever bar mount, and in pulling it off, he must have had those come loose. After plugging that back in, I had brake lights, but only from the front! (Included a picture. With the Helibars, they are pretty crammed up against the riser) The rear brake switch just needed adjusting as you had to be all the way stomped before it lit, but I think having the open circuit before may have been causing the rear brake to not flip the lights on. I ended up installing just one of the flashing LED's and left one incandescent in there. I guess I'm worried the cheap flashing unit could go out and leave me stranded! Thanks for all the help, y'all! I love when vehicles I own have active and helpful forums! Coming from a KLR and having a Jeep as well, I'm pretty set with solid forums!
  2. Couldn't find my multimeter until after dark this evening, so I couldn't chase down the issue, but I can confirm I do have just taillights, NOT brakes, it is the single, dimmer filament lighting, and I can jump the bulb and get the brighter brake lights, just not when I use a brake lever. Tomorrow I should be able to actually meter it out!
  3. That's the same diagram I'm using, and the colors at the bulb sockets match, so I'm gonna go with it being the correct diagram. One can only hope it's the right one when you're working on a vehicle that's over 20 years old That's the plan, start at the socket and work my way back.
  4. Correct, I didn't install them backwards, I was just testing the filaments. With ignition on, I am getting both bulbs to illuminate the tail lights. No blown fuses involving brake lights! According to the wiring diagram, for the 94-97's, fuse E runs the turn signals, front and rear brakes, and horns. My turn signals and horns are functional, so the fuse works. Fuse B runs the tail light - also functional. So I guess at this point I guess I need to tape the brake lever down and start probing with a multimeter to find some 12V power! Unless there are further suggestions... I just really don't want to have to strip back fairings and rip open wire looms to chase wires if I can avoid it.
  5. Correct, there are two bulbs, both are 1157 dual filament, and I have the wiring diagram for the bike. I can audibly hear the switch click when I depress the brakes, but I haven't probed it out yet to verify that the power is being sent. What is confusing to me, is that 1157's can only go in one way (in that they will only twist and lock with the bulb in the "correct" orientation, otherwise you can't twist it), and when I put them in the wrong way, the brake light illuminates.
  6. That was my initial conclusion, but the original incandescent bulbs aren't working, but I know the filament isn't blown as when I tried putting it in backwards, it illuminated the brighter filament. But they don't illuminate with either the front or rear brake.
  7. Today at Walmart I saw some 1157 LED flashing brake lights, so I figured I would give them a shot in my 97. Threw one in, and I could get running lights, but no brakes (from either front or rear). Tried flipping it around, obviously wouldn't go in, but it lit up for the brake light. Gave up and put the old bulb back in, and it does the same thing. Neither brake light comes on, from either pedal, but both bulbs will light up to the brighter filament if I put it in backwards. Any idea what's going on here? Where do I even start to chase it down, since horn and indicators work, and I can get all 3 bulbs I tried to light both brake and running lights, but not brake lights when I pull the lever...
  8. I've been looking on eBay pretty regularly for passenger grab handles for my 97, and nothing seems to ever come up for a pair. Is there a good alternative to be able to get some sort of handle back there? Can't seem to find an aftermarket alternative, wondered if y'all had any ideas? Thanks
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