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  1. Thank you for the help everyone. I didn't notice this before, thanks for pointing it out. It says "VFR750 HI 90-93" like you guessed. Your post was a big help. I'll keep this in mind. I'm located in Maryland but I'm actually from NW Indiana and I usually (barring COVID this year) get back often.
  2. I bought this for pretty cheap from a seller who told me it was for a 3rd gen. I had my doubts because I know 3rd gens take those flange-style slip ons. I figured I'd take a chance on it given how rare Staintune seems to be for 3rd gen. I used to have a 3rd gen but sold it a long time ago, so I can't test it out. I plan on getting another when one pops up around me, but until then, I could really use your guys' help. Thanks.
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