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  1. dutchinterceptor

    Lee Low side

    Uhh... You're not supposed to drag a knee wearing a 'stich. On the bright side, I'm sure you'll get another cover shot!!
  2. dutchinterceptor


    Flat Black At The Track!! I loved passing 600's on mine. Shaved a ton of weight and like you I still needed to get rid of the stock cans.
  3. Is it leaking past the bolt at the pointy end of the tensioner or the two mounting bolts?
  4. dutchinterceptor

    VFR800 04

    You should send in some entries for the 2015 VFRD Calendar! Great looking bike!
  5. Tilt-Shift photography seems to be growing in popularity and sometimes is nearly impossible to tell the difference between real or model. The effects can be achieved with a tilt-shift lens or added later with photoshop or in-phone software as fonebone has done. More Information Here
  6. Been awhile since I've done any kind of ride report. Actually, this is more of a comment or sighting than it is a report. I had hoped to meet some fellow VFRD'ers in one of the greatest riding states available to us...Arkansas. Unfortunately, some last minute job details delayed my launch so I opted for plan B. A few local friends were doing a leisurely jaunt up to Oklahoma and then Arkansas for a bit of moto-camping so I decided to just tag along with them. It's probably a good thing since my riding skills are a bit rusty. Anyway, we left East Texas on Saturday with plans to run the Indian Highway and then stop in Talihina for lunch. I was thoroughly pleased to find that several roads leading to the Indian Highway are now paved and paved well I might add. The sweepers are a blast at speed but apparently they've had some problems with the tighter corners. Once over the mountain we headed for Pam's Hateful Hussy Diner in the "big metropolis" of Talihina. Good place to eat for sure with it's cowboy memorabilia on one wall and indian memorabilia on the opposite wall along with several humorous aphorisms. We eventually made our way to Magazine Mountain in Arkansas where we camped at Cove Lake Campgrounds. Six of us camped at a fairly secluded site right next to the lake for a whopping total of $10 including clean showers, level tent sites, and all the free wood we could burn. Sunday morning brought beautiful sunshine and much warmer temps. I led our group up 123 to Mt. Judea, 374 to Jasper, 74 to Ponca, and 21 back to Clarksville and eventually on back to Mena for a late lunch and then our campsite at Queen Wilhemina Lodge. This was just a small portion of the great roads that Arkansas has to offer and brings me back to the title of my report. Perhaps there was a rally from another VFR group/forum but I saw a red 5th Gen, a red 6th Gen, an 07 RWB, a grey 6th Gen and two 1200's(One of which belongs to a VFRD member) all within a couple hundred miles. Might as well add a dirty, bug covered, asphalt 04 to the list. Sure was good to get some fresh air and kill a few bugs.
  7. dutchinterceptor

    2014 VFRD Calendar

    2014 Calendar Covers
  8. Geez, that's a blast from the past.
  9. That would make a great calendar shot!
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